Japanese Video Magazine 39



Japanese Video Magazine 39


87 Mins.




THEMES: Asian Girls, Nurses

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Nanako, Kana, Shizuko, Ayako


Now that I’m watching more of these Asian video magazine DVDs I am really developing some strong likes and dislikes. I really like the women in the movies and have even started to enjoy some of the seemingly nonsensical aspects of these flicks. The male talent is spotty, but we can’t have everything. At least these are the un-censored flicks. (As much as I lust after Anna Ohura, I think I might scream if I see her get porked one more time with a mosaic over her sweet parts.) We don’t really know much about the women other than the very simple text introductions at the start of each scene. I will use those to set up each scene just because I feel like it today.

Nanako 19 Year Old Japanese Coed: Nanako is a very thin girl with a cute face and tiny tits. She is being examined by a doctor and a nurse who use all kinds of interesting toys on her young body. The action is a little choppy, but they get her furry slit all nice and juicy. Eventually the nurse starts sucking the doctor’s cock and shows young Nanako how to work a prick with her mouth. Eventually both women go to work, licking up either side of his shaft and really pleasing the lucky doc. The long haired doctor stops using a vibe on his balls long enough to lay some serious wood to Nanako who responds quite nicely. She is a bit thin for my taste, but I like her boobs and love the way she rides a dick. There have been a number of performers in these movies who fuck with no energy, but Nanako gives us a good performance and takes a facial from the doc without looking like she wants to throw up.

Shizuko 19 Year Old Japanese Coed: Shizuko and another girl are already fucking a guy when the scene starts. They are very cautious; using a condom even for the tit fucking that opens up the action. She has really big tits so the guy is able to fuck and then play with them for quite a while as her friend licks his balls from behind. The other girl is not as busty, but still looks pretty damn good as the guy moves from one pussy to the other. There is some good high-energy fucking here. Shizuko is very sexy and so is her friend, though the smaller girl’s pained moans don’t do it for me. Both girls seem just about fucked to death by the time he shoots his load all over one girl’s collarbone.

Kana 19 Year Old Japanese Coed: (Am I picking up a pattern here?) The picture quality for this scene is a little shaky. Everything looks washed out and there is a line across the bottom of the screen. Perhaps this is an older scene or something. At any rate, Kana is a very pretty girl who seems a little bored as the guy works on her furry box. Her pretty face makes for great eye candy during the blowjob, but this just doesn’t fit with the first two scenes in terms of enthusiasm. When he starts fucking her, she throws her head back in that mock-excitement that I never liked in Japanese porn flicks. There is some good eye candy as she rides his dick, but he has to drag her up to take a shot on the face. In a strong movie, this scene is the weakest link.

Ayako 19 Year Old Japanese Coed: Ayako actually sits on the bed for an interview. Without subtitles, this is pretty much lost footage for me, but I do like looking at the girls in their clothes for a bit. Eventually the guy comes in and takes off her top. He plays with her nipples from behind and really tries to get her worked up. Even if we can’t understand what she says, it’s pretty obvious that she is impressed with the meat this guy is packing. She stares at it for a while, eventually lowering her head to lick it tentatively. Not a great cock sucker, Ayako rolls onto her back and lies passively while he fills her with his dick. When she turns around the action gets better. Pressing her pretty ass against his hips, she rocks back and forth for some great action. He rolls her back over for a few strokes before shooting his load onto her face.

This is an interesting little movie. As is usually the case, the scenes don’t flow quite as smoothly as they do in American porn, but that isn’t enough to totally blow the flick. The girls are cute, there is better than average (With the one noted exception) lighting and the male talent manages to keep things moving. There is a doctor/nurse three-way with some toy play if that turns your crank. I like the second scene with the three-way action and the wonderfully busty babe. When you factor in the two bonus scenes, there are six on the disc and five of them are pretty damn good. If you like pretty young Asian girls and are at all into this series then you’re going to really like this volume.

There is bonus footage with Shiori who is another 19 year old Japanese girl. She is so breathless that she can barely suck cock at all. The camera pulls back a little and it looks like they might be doing some cos-play bondage stuff. I wish she would open her eyes just a little bit while sucking, but even without any eye contact, this isn’t a bad blowjob. The way she moans from just sucking his small dick is almost funny and the facial pop is pretty decent.

We get a second bonus scene with Yasuko sucking a much older man while guys walk around in the background. She is quite pretty and bobs her head on his more than modest member. Without much enthusiasm, she is bent over a booth and fingered by another man. He enters her from behind and pumps away while she stays silent. This gets him off and he leaves a really long trail of cum right up her ass crack.

There are some previews of other movies to round out the bonus material. Mostly stuff from Asian Dolls Uncut movies and a short web site ad. The real bonus here is the two additional scenes that add a whole lot of stroke value to the package.

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