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Video on Demand, Free Porn & the Next Wave of Smut

Last week, I made an appearance on Naked New York with Bob Berkowitz. For years, Bob had me on his radio show to discuss adult videos, so I was pleased when he asked me to come on the TV show and talk about the latest trends in porn. We revisited an idea that we often talked about; that the internet would indeed change porn forever once people could easily and cheaply download movies into their home computer. That day is upon us and it has truly changed the adult video business forever.

Online adult retailers like and have added video on demand features to their sites. Customers who once had to surf around, find their selections and wait for the plain brown wrapped package to arrive can now simply download movies, view them once and not have to worry about the cleaning lady finding them in the closet. There are sites devoted entirely to on-line pay per view porn. Last month, I reviewed where customers can purchase blocks of time and enjoy all or parts of their favorite X-rated titles. Other sites are popping up that serve as veritable havens for porn loving web surfers who want a quick fix.

Even with all of this porn available on the net, some people can’t stop searching for porn that is not only easy to get, but cheap or better yet, free. To that end, there are several newsgroups that offer video clips. While virtually hundreds of groups contain some video clips along with pictures, messages and thousands of spam adds, there are two that special in X-rated videos. Both alt.inaries.multimedia.erotica and alt.binaries.movies.erotica offer hundreds of clips from a variety of sources. The clips are small and often feature amateur performers trying to promote their own web sites, but you can find mainstream porn movies as well. Most of these are copies by other fans and posted without permission, causing more than a few groans from the adult industry. There is plenty of free porn out there on the net, but it might take you a while to find the stuff you like best. Because of the random nature of newsgroup postings, there is no guarantee that on a given day, you will find the clip you are looking for. For that type of selection, you are going to have to pay for your downloadable clips.

The pay sites devoted to pay per view vary greatly in price and selection. The aforementioned offers hundreds of titles for download for around five dollars an hour.

offers two downloadable video options. You may purchase the streaming video version and view it one time. (Your download code allows you to stop the movie and then restart at a later time if you don’t wish to view the entire movie in one sitting.) These run anywhere from six to twelve dollars. They can be cheaper per hour than the hotmovies option, but you only get the one movie per purchase. The second option offered it the downloadable version of the movie. This uses DIVX technology and allows the viewer a 30 day period in which to watch the movie. Downloading is more expensive (As much as fifteen dollars per title), but is perfect for smut fans who really don’t want to buy movies and have them lying around the house. offers a seven day viewing period of most titles for $9.95, making them a good option for those who a little more time, but who don’t need a whole month to enjoy their favorite movies over and over.

Finding smut on the internet is like falling out of a boat in the middle of the ocean and landing in water. It’s hard to miss, and these days finding what you want is only slightly more challenging. Whether you go the cheap route with newsgroups or free samples, or pay the price to download your favorite porn, there is no doubt that streaming video is revolutionizing the way we watch adult material.

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