Professor Pipe Hands Out The Homework


First let me show you some of the fan feedback we got from the Indigo letter yesterday.(And another photo of her just for fun.)

Toy Reviews by Indigo.Check out her work and support the lovely lady.

Well Indigo, you offered, the readers have spoken and now you have homework.
Indigo said I could give her a writing assignment this weekend and before I could even dish one out, the fans hit first.
Steve writes,

First, I want to say thanks for posting my e-mail to you, yesterday. Secondly, I think, as Indigo’s professor, I think you should have Indigo do an essay, perhaps on her personal experiences? It’s obvious she wants to tell as much as we want to hear. Maybe you need to tell Lex about his big fan? Also, since she likes Lex so much, has she ever seen Mandingo, or Jack Napier? Just please keep Wesley Pipes out of her mind :D

Rog Replies: Steven, you took the words right out of my mouth. Indigo, your assignement from the Professor is to write an essay for us about why IR, IR-Anal and Lex has such an appeal for you. We can call it. “Why I Crave Black Cock.” I’ll expect it in my inbox for publication on Monday. Following up on Steve’s idea, this could be something you do on a regular basis. I’m sure the readers would love to hear your point of view on a variety of issues. As for the other guys he metnioned, you really should check out Mandingo and Jack. We’re going to steer you clear of Wes unless you have a thing for trash talking guys.

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