Hollywood Spa



Hollywood Spa


84 Mins.


DIRECTOR: F.J. Lincoln

THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Lesbian Sex

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Serenity, Asia Carrera, Jill Kelly Felecia, Ruby, Jacklyn Lick, Papillion, Colt Steele, John Decker, Alex Sanders & Emmanuelle


I thought that Wicked had already released all of the Serenity movies, but here comes this one. It was originally shot back in 96 and a number of the women in the cast have gone on to bigger things. Serenity has her own toy company, Jill Kelly has her own video company and Ruby is doing quite well at the Bunny Ranch. The same can’t really be said about the guys in the cast, but that’s just the way porn works, isn’t it? Serenity is the star of this simple little feature, playing a big time actress who is burned out and in need of a rest. Her agent, John Decker suggests she visit the Hollywood Sap to unwind. There is more to his recommendation than just her well being, but that will be revealed to us in good time.

Papillion is another of Decker’s clients and she has paid him to set Serenity up. To seal the deal, they clear off a spot on his desk and into some serious fun. He starts her out with a dildo and then sits back stroking his dick until she is ready to join him. Papillion teases at first, holding just the head in her mouth. She eventually gives it a cursory suck before getting back on the desk. The toy is still in her pussy so John has to go up her ass. It’s a quick fuck that ends with a shot all over her tits.

Serenity arrives at the spa and hangs out at the juice bar with Ruby. They are being checked out by Colt Steele who is an ass aficionado. He’s also the club masseuse so Ruby ends up on his table with a few fingers tickling her slit. Colt slides under her body, feeds her his cock and holds her pussy over his face. Ruby is a world class cock sucker, but too quickly she is on top, grinding her hips to take him deep into her body. He moves her back onto the table with her curvy buns in the air to pump her from behind. His load ends up all over her cheeks.

Serenity spends her time sitting by the pool watching other chicks in bikinis. Colt puts the moves on her, but all she wants to do is watch the veggie show. She sees Jill Kelly, Felecia and Emmanuelle and just has to join in. There is a lot of female flesh that I just don’t care about in this scene, but Serenity looks good and she has quite a hankering for some JK pussy. Since the girls all like each other, there is some genuine heat if you’re looking for girl on girl action.

Now that she is relaxed, Serenity is able to request something special. She asks Colt to suck her toes and he hesitates for about a tenth of a second before removing her shoes and slipping that foot into his mouth. He moves up quickly to give her a quick lick. As they stand at center court, the beautiful blonde drops to her knees and delivers the best looking blowjob of the movie. They lean against one of the net poles so Colt can slide up inside of her. Serenity stands on her toes to let him take her from behind, showing off the best legs in all of porn. After getting her blonde pussy stuffed, she spins around to take a dribble of cum on her cheek. Colt kind of lets us down at the end, but the rest of the scene was hot.

When she gets home, Serenity finds Alex Sanders fucking Jacklyn Lick from behind. She seems a bit upset, but we don’t get to find out why just yet. Jacklyn stops long enough to get a taste of herself on Alex’s rod. That gets them warmed up for some even harder strokes when she gets on her back. Alex fucks her ass hard from behind and then shoot his cum all over Jacklyn’s breasts. Only after he busts his nut do we find out that he is Serenity’s guy and he’s been nailed for cheating.

That leaves us with a final scene between Serenity and Asia Carrera. While the first veggie scene left me a little cool, this one is hot. They dance together, sharing a pole and turning up both the eye candy factor and the heat. After a long kiss and a lot of teasing, Asia gets down and licks Serenity’s pussy like she really means it. With the gorgeous blonde standing, Asia uses a couple of fingers from behind to make her scream while we get to watch that world class ass wiggle. There is some toy play near the end, finishing off a very hot looking finale.

I wouldn’t list this as the best Serenity movie ever, but there are a few very good moments. Her standing scene at the net with Colt is pretty damn hot. Even the veggie pairing with Asia has plenty to enjoy. The rest of the movie is pretty standard, though Ruby and Jacklyn do some good boy/girl action. From a DVD standpoint, the picture quality is excellent and it’s hard to beat this one for star power.

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