Guest Blogger Tina Tyler: 10 Things I Hate

Tina Tyler: 10 Things I Hate

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For those of you who don’t know, Tina Tyler is an amazing example of just how far talent, brains and a great attitude can take someone. She’s an award-winning performer (And one of the early Gang Bang Girls) who was famous for a number of things including on screen BJ’s that were…well, let’s just say she could give lessons. She is also an award-winning director who has thrilled us with a number of original lines over the years including Fresh Out the Box from Mercenary Pictures. Off screen Tina is one of the brightest and most honest women in the industry. She’s outspoken, unafraid and I always enjoy hearing what she has to say. (Even when I don’t agree with it.) I am proud to have her back as a guest blogger this year. I thank her for her contributions and her friendship.

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Top Ten Things I Hate

10. Sexy shoes that give me blisters.

9. Socially castrated men.

8. Women who don’t stand up for themselves.

7. Parents who think taking their screaming babies to 5 star restaurants is a great idea.

6. Organized religion… actually anything organized is scary.

5. Being condescended to by an idiot (ie. any speech given by George W. Bush)

4. Arrogance, especially in someone who can’t back it up.

3. Crowds

2. Misogynists

1. People who hate

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