Cindi’s BB11 Update: BJ’s & Seriel Killers

Cindi’s BB 11 Update

Blowjobs & Serial Killers? I Need the Feed

With Cindi’s permission I am going to post her BB11 updates as well. Make sure to visit for her updates and lots of great news stories. (And some pretty pictures too.)

She’s watching some extra feeds and picking up on some great things. A BJ under the covers? And here I was being sarcastic when I talked about Lydia sucking bully cock. Apparently she was able to find Jessie’s tiny dong and pleasure it. (Burning Angel…perfect Cindi.) After reading Cindi’s post I read about Chima’s back story. Wow, serious stuff. And yes, given this info I will stop calling her She-Male. It just seems mean now. Speaking of mean…..

Cindy Writes on

BB11- Bye Bye Braden, a BJ and some back story-

Surfer boy with rich parents Braden is the first to get voted out because of some backstabbing, “I’ll play both sides” voting by Brainiac Ronny.
They show has only been on for a week and already there is sex going on in the house. They didn’t talk about it at all on the network show, but those of us who watch the live feeds know that the other afternoon Jesse and Lydia took a nap in the HOH bedroom. There was some under the cover action as Lydia’s head disappeared and the covers bobbed up and down over Jessie’s crotch area. From his moaning and groaning we know exactly what went on. Even though we couldn’t see the actual blow job, since there wasn’t really a clean up after ward, I’m guessing tattooed tart Lydia swallowed. ( I see Burning Angel movies in her future, are you watching Joanna?)
In 1999, Housemate Chima was a victim of a serial rapist/killer. She did get raped and beaten so badly that she required two facial surgeries, but was the only victim that escaped alive. It happened when she was in college in Texas living at a sorority house. She was sleeping when the killer broke into her room put a gun to her head and raped and sodomized her. Chima says she bit his dick so hard that the cops could identify him by the mark on his penis. She was also the one that broke the case by telling the cops that the rapist was a black man. ( The were looking for a white guy because 99% of serial killers are white) Because of Chima’s help the scumbag ( who was called the bathtub killer because he left his victims in the bathtub) was caught convicted and executed. YAH!
Chima might have a bit of an attitude, but you can certainly understand why, once you hear that back story. Chima’s speech last night on was LIVE on CBS and they had to bleep it because she told of Braden using a racial slur against other housemates and also that Braden called Show’s Host Julie Chen a whore ( he actually said Ho). The word whore didn’t make it onto the airwaves, but you could clearly read Chima’s lips.
More BB 11 to come, or cum, depending, lol…..
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