Naughty Nanny 2

Naughty Nanny 2


126 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Kevin Moore

THEMES: Nannies, Dirty Talk



STARS: Jenna Haze, Brittany O’Connell, Nicole Ray, Kiara Diane, Andi Anderson, Mark Wood, Mr. Pete, Tony De Sergio, Mark Ashley & Joey Brass


Kevin Moore is back with another uniform/costume driven vignette adventure. These women play the naughty nanny role quite well and wear clothes that are more Alice in Wonderland than Mary Poppins. That’s probably a good wardrobe choice when you think about it. Even better is the choice of women Moore has playing the nannies in question. It’s hard to go wrong with Jenna Haze playing the naughty nanny. Andi Anderson is great in any capacity and Brittany O’Connell is a guaranteed hot scene every time. The other two girls are also quite good. Nicole gets totally slammed into the mattress and is a lot of fun to watch. Kiara and Pete also give a very good scene. The three big scenes in this movie really steal the show. Brittany O’Connell shows up looking great and proves that she is as good a performer as we have in the biz. Jenna Haze is perfect as always. She is naughty and sexy as hell. If there is a weakness here it is only that her scene feels a little short. Andi Anderson‘s scene isn’t too short. In fact it’s pretty much perfect. She gets nailed on the counter and the floor and gives us all three holes before swallowing a big load. These nannies are very naughty and that makes for a hot stroke flick.

Nicole Ray & Mark Ashley

Nicole is hard at work in her cute little yellow uniform. Mark comes in and watches her crawling around on the floor. He drops some hints while complimenting her on her cute outfit. Eventually she catches on and has his tongue in her pussy before she can even stop to think about the sexual harassment laws of her state. Nicole squats by the bed and sucks his big cock looking very much like a girl who has found something she really, really likes. He pulls her onto the bed where his dick can slide easily into her tight shaved pussy. For much of the action she leaves on her little yellow dress, but eventually it comes off so we can see her whole body as she fucks in doggy. Great looking sex in this scene and Nicole moans like she has never felt anything so good in her life. He leaves a big load up inside of her and watches her squeeze it out just before his wife comes home.

Jenna Haze & Tony De Sergio

Jenna goes exploring the house when the family is away. She finds stripper shoes and a little dress that makes her feel naughty as she plays dress up. Right in the middle of some serious masturbation, Tony comes home. He doesn’t mind finding his nanny in his wife’s clothes and using her toy. Once she learns that he doesn’t mind, Jenna goes right back and finishes what she started. Eventually they get rid of the toy and work his dick into her pussy. Jenna is a great dirty talker and tailors the talk to fit her character this time. He seems ready to pop from the start and the scene definitely doesn’t feel quite long enough. It’s just too hot to end this soon.

Brittany O’Connell & Joey Brass

Joey’s parents have hired a nanny even though he’s in college. He’s pretty sure she’s nuts since she dressed like it’s Halloween and doesn’t do anything. Her crazy ways don’t seem so crazy when she drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. Brit looks great with her tits trying to bust out of her dress and his hard cock sliding to the back of her throat. Her tits finally pop out and he gets to fuck them for a while. He spreads her legs and fuck her pretty pussy while she talks dirty. Brittany has become an even more explosive performer this time around and does not disappoint with this effort. Her ass looks amazing in doggy and then takes over when she is on top. He has a big load for her and she takes it all over her face and mouth. Hot, hot, very hot.

Andi Anderson & Mark Wood

Mark has had a rough day at the office so he puts the moves on his nanny. At first Andi resists and feels weird, but this is what she has always wanted and once he starts kissing her ass she is ready to go. He puts her up on the counter and starts eating her pussy. She is actually keeping her dirty talk toned down a big in this scene but still lets us know just how much she loves his tongue. The blowjob is just way too short because there aren’t man sights hotter than watching Andi suck a dick. Once the cock is out of her mouth she kicks the dirty talk into high gear. Great looking footage as they fuck on the counter. Her tits shake with every stroke and that pussy looks good enough to eat all day. He takes her in doggy, but you know she wants it in the ass. They drop to the floor so she can ride his dick. Using her ass to jerk him off, she squat fucks on his dick and pumps it hard. Mark fills her mouth with cum and Andi plays with it for a few moments before swallowing. Best scene in the movie by far. Totally hot.

Kiara Diane & Mr. Pete

Kiara is working when Pete drops by. They can’t keep their hands off of each other and even though she is supposed to be busy he licks her pretty little box. He sucks her nipples and makes them stand up so she does the same thing to his cock. I don’t think I’ve seen this girl before, but she is very cute. Love the way her legs flail about as Pete fucks that tight pussy. As she rides hard on his dick, Pete fingers her asshole a bit. They don’t seem too worried about getting caught any more. They just fuck away o the couch at full speed. He leaves a load deep inside of her pussy and sends her back to work with cum oozing from her twat.

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