To Contract or not to Contract? That is the question!


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This is a bit of a late follow-up to’s Wankus’ question. Having been intimately involved on both sides of this issue from staying in the background, doing PR, setting up interviews and negotiating contracts, I know what’s involved in both. It actually goes beyond those 2 options into 4 options. Non-contract star who wants to come in, make a boatload of money and leave. A non-contract star who wants to work her ass off and become a star. Aurora Snow is a great example of this. Man does that girl work a lot! Then there is the contract star. One who likes the reliability of a monthly check and a place to call home and a contract star who really wants to be a household name. (well, some households anyway) The first 2 are self explanatory. The contract situation is a different animal. Many on the outside think it’s easy. The contract star who wants to be a star, has to work hard, do many unpaid appearances, get on planes at a moment’s notice. Be nice to the company’s customers even though they may loath them. You get the point. Jenna did it, so did Serenity, Tera (this will be my only mention of her :-) ) Janine, Julie Ashton etc. If you don’t do those non-paid gigs, the endless hours of PR, chances are you will not be a superstar of adult. Serenity was actually first brought into Wicked to be able to do the gigs, i.e. distributor shows, conventions etc that Jenna simply couldn’t do. Jenna was at the height of her career thanks to the marketing genius of Brad and Cynthia Willis, Wicked’s graphic arts and campaign design team. Serenity’s star rose when she filled in for E! on a gig Jenna couldn’t make. The Howard Stern Birthday bash. Over 25 E! Shows later and, in Serenity’s case, the rest was history. That’s how it happens. Right time, Right place. Hard work. The downside is everybody wants you for every event which, of course, you can’t do and thus piss some people off. It’s the old “be careful what you wish for” adage. There are pros and cons to everything. Every girl I mentioned above has had, at one point, gotten burned out. It’s a demanding climb. With that said, I wouldn’t have traded Serenity’s time at Wicked. Well, maybe the last 6 months but that was really because of 2 people. Serenity, in reality, had it the hardest of any contract girl in history in that she had to attempt to succeed coming in after Jenna. How’s that for a shadow. Maybe that was the challenge that pushed her. I doubt a Jenna thing will happen ever again. There are TONS of new girls everyday coming in to this industry. You barely have enough time to develop a superstar before the “next big thing” comes walking through the modeling door. It takes at least a year and half to truly achieve this and frankly very few want to do what’s needed. So now that I’ve confused the question by adding to it, you can digest and make your decision. To be or not to be? I’m sure Shakespeare wouldn’t care either way.

Special thanks to Rog for the invite. Hope he enjoys his vacation. He’s one of my favorite people in the industry. No nonsense, no BS. Thanks to all that continue to support Las Vegas Novelties. Please ask for our stuff by name, you won’t be disappointed. Sex toys that feel better…and isn’t that the point!?

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