The FSC, Extreme And Ashcroft

Welcome to lunch at Rog Reviews. With the war over, N. Korea slowly backing down and no terrorist attacks recently, The Bush administration will get back to those deep religious roots and re-invigorate the Bedroom Police. Santorum jokes aside, it’s just a reality of the adult industry. Like a fireman going into a burning house or a cop running into a drug house, the adult industry has the religious right to worry about. Just imagine if this was the Bush from a few years back, womanizing, drinking etc. He’d pull a Clinton and say, “It’s none of our business in consenting adult’s bedrooms.” If that was the case Bush would win re-election in a landslide. If the economy improves, he’ll win anyway. So how do we prepare? The assault has begun with the Extreme raid. Now we don’t really know what it’s all about but it came federally. Now my personal feelings. I don’t particular care for or get many Extreme vids. I don’t like Rob Black but, it’s more on a personal level anyway as I have never really met the man other than when he called Serenity a cunt and gave Ron Jeremy a “What the fuck did you do that for” look at last years ANME show when Ron told him he’d signed on with Las Vegas Novelties. Be that as it may. If consenting adults made these videos and consenting adults buy these videos, then are we hypocrites for not defending his right to make those videos? Was it Larry Flynt that said bad taste wasn’t against the law, or something like that. So we can say, “I can’t believe in our first test, we have to defend this stuff” or do we say “Well, I guess we are going in feet first.” Think about it. If Extreme beats this, what can they go after? With that said, Ashcroft is still pissed about losing to a dead guy. Elections are on the way and the evil pornographers make for a good target. You know the whole “Save the children” mantra. So where do we go from here. With all it’s flaws and continued disassociation from the talent, the FSC could be it. Warts and all, the FSC with a few band-aids, some more involvement from talent, myself included, and maybe a better use of funds i.e. lower salaries and pro-bono work from some lawyers could have the strength. You can sit and bitch until they come for you or you can do something about it. For the past month or so, I’ve talked with the FSC people and also people that I would like to see involved in FSC should some changes be made. We may all not like each other, heck CES wouldn’t be CES if a fight didn’t break out, but it’s clear we need a more united front. I don’t know what it is but I’m personally trying to find out. No one in mainstream porn is any different, Extreme and Vivid or Doc Johnson and Las Vegas Novelties. We all make pornography. So whatever your taste is, you must learn the word “Tolerance.” Even for the most Extreme. More later.

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