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How are you? I’m a little nervous doing this since I don’t do this often but here it goes. I understand your away and I’m your guest blogger, lol.
I have been extremely busy as usual these past couple of months. Not only have I been releasing one new title per month but have my website to operate and I just started a new deal with California Exotic Novelties for my new toy line, which if you haven’t tried yet my vibrating ass and pussy mold is so hot if I had a dick I would have to order a case from blowing it out.
I also started Gina Lynn Motorsports, where I have my own monster truck and have been learning how to operate so this winter look for me at some pretty big venues running over cars. I am very excited about this and I know it might be hard to believe but I haven’t had this much power between my legs ever, lol. Sorry Lex!
Lets see what else is new for me, well I started distributing my own product thru Jules Jordan Video, which we all know Jules Rocks! For those interracial fans I just finished shooting Gina Lynn’s Black Attack # 2 but this time I have 3 yes 3 scenes sucking and fucking some big black dick. And for those who don’t like me on black cock I still love white meat too.
I will be releasing my very own Interactive DVD thru my company at the end of the year and I’m sure you will all want to see this.
Last week I finished shooting The Babysitter which is Digital Playgrounds big feature for the year so I was honored to do that. Shay Jordan is the star but Jesse is in it as well. I wish I could fuck her, oh well maybe next time.
Oh I took up a new hobby this week and I definitely need a lot of practice, it’s golfing. Yes I went out and bought myself a set of golf clubs and was actually at the driving range earlier tonight. I sucked pretty bad but the other golfers seemed to like my form or so they said. My goal is to have my very own Gina Lynn Golf Outing next year and part of the proceeds will go to either breast cancer or animal abuse or if I’m feeling generous I will split the whole pot and help both cause’s out. So if you have any golf pointers email me them.
I have my own guitar coming soon from a well known company but I won’t talk too much about that until its ready.
This weekend I will be in Wolcott, CT at Rockstar with my monster truck and custom motorcycle on display outside while I’m inside doing a feature act (stripping) so if you’re in the area come say hi.
August 22nd I will be in Camden, NJ at Ozzfest signing autographs and selling my calendar at the Hustler Lingerie booth and then in between sets I will be going on stage doing a lingerie fashion show for the fans, if you cannot make it you will be able to see pictures on so check them out. Maybe Ozzy himself will hold my tits for a picture.
Oh my calendar, this is my very first calendar 2008 which is available now at or any where I am appearing. I’m excited about this because I never did a calendar before on my own, I laid it out and basically did everything but the printing so I’m proud of myself. It’s a must get for your office, locker, bedroom or a gift so definitely help me out and order my 2008 calendar.
Is anyone coming to Vegas at the end of the month for the Exotic Dancer Expo? I will be there so you should come hang out with me and all the other lovely girls at the topless pool and the show. It is going to be one hell of a week.
Does anyone out there have any questions for me? Be Nice!
I just locked down a mainstream movie that we will be shooting in October for 15-20 days straight and I landed the main character so I am more than pleased about this gig. Very nervous but pleased. Has anyone checked out myspace/ginalynnxxx yet? I think it rocks. Request to be one of my friends. Oh I almost forgot I am hosting a party Sept. 14th in Winnepeg, Canada and my guest host is none other than Bam Margera, is that cool or what? I just finished playing a character in his movie Minghags which will be released next month and had such a great time we chilled out and him only living 45 minutes from my house we became friends and I think his wife is hot and I might have to seduce her one of these nights. Any way I asked him if he would come to my party and be a host and he said yes so I want to thank him and just say how nice that was. So if you’re in Canada Sept 14th come by and party hard.
Well I have to run but really enjoyed talking about myself, lol and letting you, my fans know what I have been up too and I’m waiting for your response so let me know what you want to see Gina Lynn doing for 2008. Like I said before go to and email me or chat with me during one of my live shows. Take care everyone and have a great summer, Love Gina Lynn

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