Guest Blogger: Sophia Santi


Rog Note: This is Sophia’s first ever blog. I want to thank her for breaking her cherry right here for us.

ok! so i have never blogged in my life. in fact I’ve never even read a blog so i don’t even know if i’m doing it right..

whatever. anyway this is Sophia Santi coming to you from my computer at home. i happen to be typing with one hand since I’m trying to eat watermelon with the other, trying not to drip juice on the keyboard.

I love summertime. I don’t even care that my place doesn’t have air-conditioning. I just lay around naked all day anyway. I really only leave my house to go to the bookstore or the airport. actually today it was the mailbox to pick up books i
ordered on-line. When i was a kid my favorite thing to do would be to climb a tree and sit at the top with a good book.. ok who am i kidding? I still climb trees
too. and it’s a beautiful day so i think i’ll take my new book out to the tree in front of my house;-)

ciao, sophia

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