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Blog 7/22

Easy On a Monday Morning

Porn Valley High: Nothing like waking up on a Monday morning to find that the world of porn is still stuck in Jr. High gossip swamps. Seriously, did I step into a time machine and land back at SMHS? First it’s rumors about who is sleeping with who behind who’s back. Now today it’s a case of “did you hear what he said about you?” How bloody childish is that? Of course it could all be cleared up if certain people would actually read what is written rather than letting some instigator wind them up enough to go off on a rant that could be shot down with a simple “read the words on the page.” Rather than tearing things apart one line at a time, I’m going to head on over to the lunch room, grab some sloppy joe’s and see if someone actually shows Otto what I wrote. I’d hate to have to run around all day wondering if Jules Jordan thinks I’m cool. Oh, petty jealousy, sex rumors, misquotes, bullies and BS. Just another day at Porn Valley High. Now where the fuck are the cheerleaders?

Eye Candy: Did someone say cheerleaders? The best thing about Porn Valley High is that Chicks like Liz can be seen shaking their pom-poms for us.

Becks in LA: OK, I realize that in most of the world, soccer is King. This isn’t most of the world though. It’s America and by golly, it’s Los Angeles. This may be the most fickle sports town in the nation and I think this whole Becks hype will fade faster than the Spice Girls did. I’m sure someone out there will take the high road and discuss the impact of this move on US soccer. Me, I’m going to go for the cheap laugh. I was flipping channels the other day and saw Becks on TV talking about his injury. He said that he didn’t want to rush back because his health was “very important for the galaxy.” Hey I realize that soccer is big in the rest of the world, but doesn’t that statement just reek of a run away ego? Important to the whole galaxy? Wow. Huh? What? Ohhhhhh THAT galaxy. Nevermind. (And some people probably still don’t get it.)

Eye Candy: More Cheerleaders? Of course. How about a hot blonde cheerleader from I think that was the first pay site I ever joined years ago. Still very hot, if you like sexy girls in short skirts.

New Interview: Hard to believe, but I actually spent the weekend working on my site instead of adding fodder for others. I added my Interview with Eli Cross yesterday. This was one of the more interesting sit downs to dome from the 07 AEE show. He was just on the brink of winning a bunch of awards at the AVN show for Corruption and had some very frank things to say about the movie, his competition and touched on the state of the voting in general. Eli was a really good interview and we’re going to sit down again to his thoughts on some of the other aspects of the adult industry. Give it a read or a listen and please let me know what you think.

Eye Candy: Before she went Coo Coo for Cocoa Cocks, Spring Thomas showed off her stuff as a hot little cheerleader. Don’t you just love a girl with such potential.

Mike Vick: This Vick case just seems to get uglier every day. Just what the NFL didn’t need this off season. I know that he hasn’t been convicted of anything and let’s reserve judgment until a jury does its job one way or another. The bigger issues that the case raises are actually quite interesting. I’m not exactly in lock-step with PETA on many issues, but I can’t think of a single reason why anyone should be anything but appalled at what was going on with the dog fighting. Just because I don’t buy the PETA line doesn’t mean that I can’t see the vile nature of watching creatures kill each other for sport. If the charges against Vick are true then he’s an idiot. If the NFL comes down on him with both feet, then it’s on him. Here is a man with everything. Talent, money, fame and the love of a community and if he put all that on the line to raise, fight and then kill dogs….that’s just fucking stupid. (Somewhere Serenity is smiling at me.)

Eye Candy: Just in case you didn’t hear, Bree Olsen is now an Adam & Eve contract girl. Here’s a look at Bree from Brother Love’s POV Fantasy line. She’s a fantasy girl for sure.

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