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Police Concert It’s been a few weeks since the Police show. I wanted to write a long write up of the show, but things just keep popping up. (Imagine that) Instead I outlined the overall feeling in an email to a friend and I’ll just go with that as my official review of the Police how at Dodger Stadium last month.

I was a HUGE Police fan as a kid. Seriously huge. From about 1980 through 1986. I read everything about them, had every recording they ever did and knew the history as well as the music inside and out. Yes, the band meant way too much to me, but whatever. I couldn’t watch porn. I missed their one San Diego show thanks to some parental issues that are still a sore spot between my mother and I. (Kidding of course, but I still remind her that she robbed me of my chance to see the band in 1984)

Their music changed drastically with the Synchronicity album and while I still like that one, it changed things. It was more pop, softer, less punk, less reggae, less energetic. Sting took that path when he went solo. We’ve heard his versions of Police songs over the years and I like them. They are beautiful and his voice is amazing, but they aren’t Police songs. There is no urgency in his versions. (Like the remix of Don’t Stand So Close to Me that they did for the greatest hits package.) I’ve seen Sting live and enjoyed him both times, but have still been waiting to see a Police show for twenty five years. That is what I was looking for from this concert.

Since the Police haven’t recorded a new song in over 20 years, everyone knew that they would be playing the old stuff. We know the songs and came expecting to hear the hits. (Though I have some deep cuts that I really wanted to hear.) What happened at the show was that better than half of the songs were done with different arrangements. Every single one of them was a Sting-afied version of the song. They were slower, more melodic and just not The Police!

Some of this makes sense of course. They stripped down the live show to just the three of them. No keyboards, no horns, no piano, just three dudes on stage for two hours. Many of my favorite Police tunes come from Ghost in the Machine which was a lot more complex than a three man band. The songs they played from that album (Invisible Sun, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic etc) were slowed down and all sounded a bit like the Sting version of Roxanne that they play live. You just can’t play them the way we are used to without the additional instruments.

I love Sting for what he is, but I waited 25 years to see the band that meant the most to me when music was everything. I wanted to the Police. I wanted to hear the energy and feel what it should have been like for me when I was 16. What I got was a band that played their greatest hits the way Sting likes them, slower, older and more like the Police 2007 than the Police 1983. So it was probably as good as we could expect from a three-man show of old hits. I loved it from that perspective, but can’t help feeling that I left Dodger Stadium wanting a lot more.

Eye Candy: Cute little Faith Belle wasn’t even born when the Police were huge. That thought should probably make us feel old, but how can anyone feel anything but great when looking at Faith in her cute bra and panties.

Bree Olson: The story broke first on a few days ago, but Adam & Eve made it official today. They have signed suepr cute Bree Olson to be their new contract star. If you haven’t seen Bree, take a look at the little hottie in action here. There is still no official word about the second half of that rumor; that A&E contract star Carmen Luvana may be ready to hang up her garters and fuck me pumps by year’s end. The Bree signing is a great one for Adam & Eve. This pretty blonde gives great scenes and has enough gonzo buzz to help make her a household name so now is the time pounce on her. For raincoaters out there, there should still be enough hardcore Bree movies in the pipeline to keep everyone stroking for a while.

Eye Candy: Just in case you haven’t seen enough of Bree, here she is getting her mouth loaded up on Brandon Iron’s

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