Thanks Gene


I want to thanks Gene Ross ( for all the mentions on his site this past week. I realize that most of them are negative, but I’ve always had a good working relationship with Gene as well as a pleasant personal relationship with him.

For those of you looking for me to respond to Otto Bauer’s lengthy rant, don’t bother. Anyone who reads it and then reads the review in question (Triple Threat) can tell that Otto hasn’t actually read it. Even so, I am not going to echo is “so uniformed” comments at this time. Otto is being wound up by someone else who has fed him a bill of goods that just isn’t very accurate. I could go through line by line and explain the many ways that he (through a third party) missed the point. I’m really not interested in talking ABOUT someone though. If Otto wants to talk TO me, then I’ll be happy to show him the massive gap between what I actually wrote and what someone told him I wrote.

I’ve got nothing against Otto and have a couple of his movies here to review. As always, it is the product I care about, not the petty Jr. High squabbles and games out there. So Otto, the door is always open. If you take issue with something I’ve written you know where to find me. I ask only that you READ what I have written and not get all wound up by someone who clearly has agenda or just doesn’t get it.

If any of the readers really think I need to explain how simply using a barstool is not what makes a work comparable to a Jules Jordan project, then I’ll write it up. Perhaps that makes his characterization of me as “so
uninformed as to imagine Jules Jordan invented sex on a barstool” more than painfully ironic.

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