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Monday: Long weekend of fun and work. Lots of new reviews up on the site with more going up as soon as I finish this. In addition to all this, Mrs. Rog and I actually got out to the movies for a few hours on Saturday. I think it was our first trip to the theater together since we saw “Invincible” in Sedona back in August. This time we cruised around the corner (Where they actually only charge four bucks before noon.) and saw “Zodiac.” It’s a fucking great film with incredible performances across the board. I have a feeling there is an even longer cut in the works for DVD and I can’t wait. I wanted to see it again right away. They also have a great web site ( Just make sure you have some time to really enjoy the great timeline they lay out. You can thank me later.

Eye Candy: Speaking of thanking me…(What, did you think I was going to fine a serial killer related photo gallery?) Here is some Poolside Boy/Girl action from the Charmane Star. How fucking hot is she?

Richard Jeni: Very sad news about Richard Jeni. His death, apparently by suicide is a loss to the comedic community. I always really liked this stand up act. I even liked that show he did for a while. What was that called? Was it “Platypus Man”? At any rate, I like this stuff enough to actually be one of five people who tuned in for that one. For those who haven’t read the story, the details are on You can also try to visit Richard Jeni’s Official Web Site if you can get through. (It was jammed when I went to sign the guest book.) Thoughts and prayers to his family and loved ones.

Eye Candy: Oh great, eye candy to follow a suicide story. That’s a tough act to follow. How about the object of my current unhealthy obsession, Whitney Stevens. If you haven’s seen this girl yet, DO. Right away.

Celebrity Porn: We all know big celebriporn (tm Rog) is these days. That Kim Kardahian DVD is flying off the shelves like crazy. (Review coming as soon as the copy I ordered gets here.) How big is this sub-genre of porn? Well, the Kim movie was reportedly sold for a cool million. When rumors of a Brit/K Fed tape were swirling, there were people estimating that it could be worth twenty times that much. In a world where everyone in the world is looking for the next celebriporn movie, it should come as no shock that freshly-ousted American Idol hottie Antonella Bara would be a subject of great interest. By now we have all seen the sexy pictures of the Jersey Girl, but some people want to see more. Usually Playboy jumps in on these things first, but this time others beat Heff to the punch. No doubt a fat check from Playboy will be offered, but now Antonella will have to ‘settle’ for the quarter of a million dollars that Girls Gone Wild reportedly offered her to host one of their DVDs. (Seriously? A quarter mill just to host? Antonella baby, jump on that.) She may also want to jump on the reported half a million that has put on the table for a full-fledged fuck flick. Maybe Simon wishes that Antonella were a better singer, but I think that most of us out here in Pornland are really glad that her pop star prospects aren’t nearly as good as her prick pleasing porn potential. And hey Antonella, if you need a guy for you vid, call me. You can keep the half million, I’ll just break you in.

Eye Candy: Allison looking sexy in anction from Worth every penny.

New Web Site Review: I know you already know who Kat Young is. We’ve had tons of eye candy from this ultra-cute young babe. I finally got around to giving her site a full review. If you like really sexy young girls masturbating and playing with other girls, then give her a look.

Eye Candy: Speaking of Kat, here she is stripping out of a very skimpy outfit. Could she be any tastier?

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