Jack’s Leg Show



Jack’s Leg Show



117 Mins.

Digital Playground




THEMES: Legs, Foot Play




STARS: Teagan Presley, Alexis Love, Audrey Bitoni, Kapri Style, Maya Hills, Scott Nails, Chris Charming, Jerry & Marco Banderas


Like the Roman Empire, a malignant tumor both Rosie O’Donnell’s ass the depth of her stupidity, Jack’s Playground keeps expanding. (Dude you just compared one of porn’s best franchises to a collection of things that are pretty hideous.) Robby D took the Jack brand out of the music video business, out of the teen pageant world and into the realm of body part-specific porn. We’ve got Jack’s Big Ass Show, Jack’s Big Tit Show and now, Jack’s Leg Show. Can Jack’s Epiglottis Show be far behind? (Be glad I didn’t suggest Jack’s Corpus Corona Show.) Leg movies are inherently tough. I love legs, but movies that focus on this particular body part often get stuck between fetishes. It is easy to shoot feet, so leg movies often move down to that extremity. It is also easy for a leg shot to become all about the hose on said legs. Nothing wrong with either of those things of course. I’m not into feet, but a lot of people are. I’m also not big on hose, though many of you love them. In the end though, what matters about this movie is that fact that Teagan is in it. That makes me want to watch it. I’ll watch her in a leg movie, a tit movie, an ass movie, hell I’ll even watch her in an Epiglottal porn flick if Robby makes one. Dude, that joke barely has a leg to stand on. (Groan)

Audrey Bitoni & Marco Banderas

We open with some leg shots of Audrey in her special hose. Marco is happy to rub her legs, play her ass and admire her feet. It becomes kind of a foot movie in fact. Marco tears her hose and rubs lotion all over her toes. He work his way up her legs, but there really isn’t much you can do with legs. Eventually the sex kicks in and Audrey works her mouth around that cock. The POV action here is great. Audrey has been working a lot for Digital Playground lately and you can sure see why. When he bends her over to fuck Audrey from behind, we get a nice mix of tight shots of the penetration and some great leg shots. Her fine looking legs come back into play when she starts squat fucking in reverse cowgirl. There is a noticeable difference in how this scene is shot. Keeping with the theme, we get a lot of leg shots and then a cumshot on her foot.

Kapri Styles & Chris Charming

Opening with long shots of Kapri’s luscious legs, we kick off yet another stem-oriented adventure. Chris Charming helps her out of her shoes and kisses his way up her legs. The leg shots are great and Kapri knows how to stretch those babies to make them look even longer. Without a word she gets his cock out of his pants and stretches her lips around the swollen head. In the middle of the blowjob, Chris pulls out of her mouth and fucks the back of her leg. Her legs are great, but he wants her pussy as well. Chris pushes her legs up over her head, pounds that pussy and manages to give us action that is strokeable and totally title-specific. I love the way she look doing the splits over his lap. Great leg shots, great sexual energy and yet another reason to have cheerleader fantasies until you’ve rubbed yourself raw. They go back to the leg fucking to get him off all over her smooth skin. Sexy girl, good energy and another scene that works.

Alexis Love & Jerry

This is a leg movie, but Alexis shows off her ass first. The camera lingers on her legs and Jerry rubs them for a long time. I like legs, I really do. It’s just hard to shoot them in a non-fetish porn flick. There are some extreme close ups on her feet. We can even see the ridges on her big toe. I’m not sure if that is a turn on to anyone, but I don’t remember seeing anything like this before. Alexis looks a little bored as she sucks cock. Things don’t get much better in this regard when the fucking starts. She take it from behind, but never really seems to get herself out of first gear. There are some decent leg shots and he finishes off between her feet, but this scene really didn’t do it for me.

Maya Hills & Chris Charming

Chris is a lucky guy. He lives next door to Maya and can easily block her car in with his so she has to pop over whenever she wants to go somewhere. The tease here is great because Maya is just so cute and fresh. She agrees to do something nice for Chris if he will move his car. The leg worship quickly becomes a footjob from this incredibly cute young thing. With a big smile on her pretty face, Maya puts his dick into her mouth and jerks him off. Even though she says that the cock isn’t too big, Maya seems to struggle a bit when Chris has that whole thing up in her tight twat. That great smile never really leaves her face though and Maya really makes it work. She sticks her ass up in the air and smiles back at Chris while he rearranges her internal organs. It’s just a lot of fun watching this girl fuck. He leaves his load on her long slender toes. What a way to end a parking dispute.

Teagan Presley & Scott Nails

Teagan is one of those women who can star in any movie about any body part. She is perfect from head to toe. She sits on the stairs, rubbing lotion on her legs and teasing the camera perfectly. Scott Nails finally comes down the stairs and finds her waiting. He comes down and works the lotion up to her ass. (We’ve seen Teagan in ass movies, so you know how good that looks.) Speaking of looking good, it is hard to beat the sight of Teagan working the business end of a There isn’t a lot of room for leg shots here, but Teagan runs her fingernails up her thighs as she inhales Scott’s big prick. Following up the oral action is a bit of foot fucking. This kind of stuff does nothing for me, but Teagan doing anything is good porn. He bends her over and we get some great leg shots as she pushes her pussy back against him. The fucking seems to be a bit abbreviated, and he ends up leaving a big load on her soles of her feet. Not her best scene to be sure, but still pretty fucking hot.

OK leg fans, you finally get your chance to see a Jack movie the way you want it. It does kind of get stuck in between sometimes. There are great leg shots, but even as we’re looking at them, they don’t seem quite right. The best leg shots are still kind of tweeners for regular porn. Robby throws in some foot stuff and that should add to the appeal of this movie. I just like looking at beautiful women and this movie has enough of them to make it work even if legs aren’t your thing. Teagan is great looking from any angle and does a nice job with Scott’s big cock. It’s just another hot scene from one of porn’s best contract girls. Audrey, Kapri and Alexis all give nice scenes. I truly enjoy watching Audrey. She is perfect for porn. Kapri does a lot of more as well. We finish up with two really strong scenes. I’ve said enough about Teagan. We all know she’s fucking awesome. Maya’s scene really works. The set up and tease are great even if you aren’t into feet. She is so sexy and so girl next door fresh that you can’t help but love her. That great attitude carries the scene and makes is hot as any in this project. This isn’t the best Jack movie and the leg shots may seem a bit out of place at times. It’s still solid porn though with a few truly stand out moments.


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