Black Owned 2

Black Owned 2


196 Mins.

Jules Jordan Video

DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Cheating.




STARS: Leah Luv, Cris Taliana, Lela Star, August, Velicity Von, Gina Lynn, Sean Michaels, Mr. Marcus & Brian Pumper


When Jules Jordan puts a title on a movie, he sticks with it almost to a fault. He doesn’t just shoot scenes to fill up a movie like this. How do we know? Take a look at who is in the cast. The last time I talked to Cris Taliana it was a few years ago and she was way out of the business. That means that Jules has probably been holding onto this scene until he found enough high-quality IR scenes to build a whole movie. I would say that we may have our hopes up too high, but this Jules Jordan we’re talking about and he’s got a great cast to work with. In addition to the always-cute Cris he has little Leah Luv and Lena Star. If you like girls with curves, he has Velicity Von and August. And hey, if you’re looking to watch a superstar get plowed, Jules has Gina Lynn on hand as well. If this is as good as it looks, then we’d better start up the pre-nom machine before this movie is over.

Gina Lynn & Sean Michaels

Gina drives up to a house and leaves Jules in the car to “handle the calls” while she visits her black boyfriend. Sean Michaels is the boyfriend and apparently his job is just to stand here silently while Gina gets breathless and drops to her knees. (Hey, great job if you can get it.) Gina pulls it out and looks up into the camera as she tries to swallow all of San. She gets a little more than half of it into her throat before the gag reflex kicks in. The blowjob footage here is very good and she keeps her clothes on throughout. Sean helps her out of the clothes though when it’s time to fuck. They move to the stars where the leggy blonde can get slammed from behind. The mixture of tight and long shots is very good here as Gina gets what she needs from her well hung friend. To make sure we also get to check out her ass, they move to a couch where she can ride in cowgirl. Gina shows off her ass for a while and then just seems to really get lost in the moment, jerking Sean’s cock off in her tight pussy with some skilled cowgirl. Gina bends over and pushes back on his big cock, giving us some great ass shots and plenty to jerk to. They finish off with a big shot on her pretty face and then it’s back to the car where “hubby” is waiting.

Lela Star & Mr. Marcus

Little Lela has a new job as a nurse and a sexy new uniform to go with it. She looks great in that short little skirt and can’t wait to take care of her first patient, Mr. Marcus. He needs a check up and in porn land that means his cock has to probe the back of her throat. Working slowly, she gets is hard and gives him a fantastic looking blowjob. Marcus carries her upstairs and the fucking starts. From the start this is a high-energy pairing. Lela arches her back, slams her pussy around his rod and screams out for more. Marcus is vocally pleased by the way her hot hole is working his pole. Every once in a while you have a scene that just clicks. This one does that and then some. Marcus and Lela just work together and the action looks too fucking hot for words. Marcus has her bent over and in ecstasy as he pounds away on that pretty pussy. They finish off with an awesome facial. Lela is great looking and this scene is going to be tough to beat.

August & Mr. Marcus

Jules loves shooting August and it is easy to understand why. She gives us some tease outside that is just fantastic. That ass is good enough to eat off of, but Marcus has other plans. He admires it first, checks it for firmness and slides a finger down her cheeks to her wet little pussy. Since she is already nice and wet, August keeps rubbing her slit while she sucks that fat dick. Jules suggests that they go inside, but they can’t make it. August stops in the doorway, bends over and takes a few deep strokes before continuing into the house. They continue with the doggy. I love the way she spanks her ass in this position. It almost ends up looking like an Ass Worship scene, because the butt shots are so good. August bends way over on the couch and works her ass back hard to meet Marcus’ thrusts. Matching these two performers was a great idea and Jules just has to sit back and capture the fantastic action. (All of you directors ripping Jules off, kindly take note that he isn’t saying much from behind the camera and is using camera movement sparingly. Thank you, lesson over. Resume copying.) August really appreciates the way Marcus swings the meat and gets down to suck his load out as a nice thank you. She takes the load in her mouth and on her hands and cleans him up with the goo drips off her chin and arm. Scenes don’t get much better than this.

Velicity Von & Brian Pumper

Brian shows up at Jules‘ place looking to hide out from his parole officer. Hot on his heels is curvy babe Velicity Von. Jules lets her into the house and then follows her around, admiring her curvy ass in the super short skirt. As punishment, Velicity cuffs Brian into a chair and starts to strip. (Ain’t porn grand?) We get to watch a big-ass lap dance that is so hot it’s almost criminal. I love the tease here. Velicity has a very hot bod and is ready to fuck by the time she turns Brian loose. She strips down and starts sucking his cock. The blowjob footage is really good. Velicity loves that big black cock and treats it with loving adoration. Jules is talking a lot more behind the camera this time, but he just can’t help himself. That fantastic ass takes center stage as she stretches her pussy out on every stroke. I wouldn’t say that this scene is as hot as what we saw from Marcus and August, but it is bound to blow the doors off of almost anything you’ll find on your store shelve this week. Brian paints her face with a big load. This is a great scene with a hot set up and Velicity proving she can fuck was well as anyone out there.

Cris Taliana & Mr. Marcus

Old or new, Cris Taliana looks great. (If this is post-baby then she is really looking fantastic.) The tease here if fantastic. Cris has a great body, a cute face and she is happy to ask Jules to give her some black dick. As luck would have it, Mr. Marcus must be on speed dial because he is there in a flash. This horny teen is hungry for cock and wraps her tiny fingers around Marcus’ meat like she can’t wait to feel it ramming the back of her throat. You can tell this is an older scene because she hesitates during the blowjob, afraid she will gag. (Ah the good ole days.) Turning her fine ass around, Cris opens up and lets Marcus do his thing. She arches her back and looks like a prom queen getting railed. Her tight pussy works out a load from his dick. She swallows it quickly and is ready for round two. Watching her ride his hard dick just makes me miss her all the more. Cris did some good scenes and this one ranks up there with some of her best.

Leah Luv & Mandingo

Little Leah is just hanging out in the back yard in her little bikini. Her fingers are gently rubbing her pussy and that just won’t do. She runs into the house and gives Mandingo a call. He shows up when her head is thrown back in ecstasy so ‘Dingo just drops his meat right onto her face. Leah goes to work on his balls while he just strokes it over her face. Begging for that dick, the naughty little blonde turns around and asks him to stuff her pussy. If he really rammed it in there he would literally tear her in two, but Mandingo still manages to get a considerable amount of meat into her. If you like watching Mandingo lay tiny girls to waste, then this is your scene. He has a dick as big as her forearm, but she takes as much of it as she can with a big smile on her face. By the time she ends up with most of it in there, this scene is already another classic. Only a big shot in her mouth can finish this one off properly. Nice going everyone.

I like this movie a lot. (Duh, it got an A+) There is something to absolutely love in every scene. I realize that some of this stuff may have been sitting around for a while so perhaps that is why it feels like a bit of a throwback. We don’t have girls gagging all over the place, there are not blowbangs, no mopes, very little behind the camera talking and camerawork that is smooth and never gets in the way of the strokeability. Gina Lynn starts the movie off with a great scene. The set up and tease are flawless, she looks great and Sean handles his end wonderfully. Lela Star is working her way up my favorites list quickly and her scene here only pads that impressive resume of hers. August always works well with Jules and is stunning here. Disc two kicks off with Velicity Von. She looks fantastic here and is curvy perfection. She’s also filthy and the added kink of Pumper drilling his PO is bound to please a lot of people. I love Cris’ scene here. She is just so cute and works well with Marcus. I really miss her. Leah’s finale is nothing sort of brilliant. We have seen her do good work, but Jules brings out something great in her here. She isn’t gagging and slobbering even though she’s fucking a monster cock. We get genuine heat and that is something that not everyone gets from this sexy little thing. Is this the strongest movie Jules has hot in a long time? Absolutely. It’s got great tease, good sets up, hot sex, great lighting, good camera work and a little nod to the kinky side. Mike John got the first two A+ reviews of the year, now Jules has his. The race is on.

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