Sunny Lane on Prime Time Live Tonight


Check out Sunny around for six months, capturing her daily life both on and off set. They also accompanied her to industry events like the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas and the Vince Neil’s “Off the Strip Poker Tournament.” Prime Time shot over 30 hours of material, including extensive interviews with Sunny, her parents, co-stars and important people in her life.
“It was interesting having the Prime Time cameras following me. I’m a natural born performer so that part was easy. I wanted to show them the positive side to this industry. I have had such great experiences and I think that if you give off positive vibes, you get them back. In the interviews, I was honest and upfront. I’m hopeful that will come across in the finished product” said the vivacious Sunny‘s appearance will help shed light on an industry many people frown upon. “Industry insiders are always wary of mainstream news programs. Porn is a volatile issue in America and some in the press are not above taking shots at the industry. One of Sunny did this in a very responsible, respectable and professional way. She always had a lawyer and publicist by her side. We’re not sure how they’re going to show all of the footage, but we can say that Sunny fulfilled her obligation and was true to herself and the industry that she loves.”
“They shot so much footage of me. I don’t know how much they are going to use. Everyone who knows me knows that once I get going, there better be plenty of tape in the camera. I had a lot to say, so many great experiences to share and so much positive energy to let flow.” Said Lane “I just hope that some of the positive light I try to shine comes through in the finished project.”

Prime Time Live airs Tuesday, March 13th at 9:00pm (Pacific) on ABC. (Please check your local listing)

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