Shay Jordan: The Next Big Thing


Shay Jordan: The Next Big Thing

Brand New RogReviews Critic’s Choice Award for 2007

Three years ago, as I was doing my usual interview round-robin inside of the www.Anabolic/Diabolic booth, I got to speak with a number of hot young girls. Only one stayed with me, a sweet little teen princess with a great ass and a strong Britney Spears vibe named Teagan. I was blown away by her looks and her interview prowess. Even though I hadn’t seen her in a movie yet, I went around predicting to everyone that she was the “next big thing.” I continued calling her that through out 2004, and the phrase sort of stuck. Not long after ringing in the following year, readers began asking me who the new “next big thing” was going to be. I picked Keri Sable mostly so I had an answer for inquiring minds. Ever since then, readers have told me that I should make it part of the awards. I let the idea simmer for a while, and in mid-2006, I decided that I would add it to the RogReviews Critic’s Choice awards this year. Coming up with a criteria was pretty tough. Do I pick the winner before the show? Do I choose someone who is totally new or wasn’t in enough movies to make it as Best Newbie? Do I go with an established star ready to blow up? Answering these questions and narrowing done the possibilities took a while, but I finally established some criteria–at least for this year.

To start off with, I decided that I would name a “Next Big Thing” winner at the end of the AEE show, rather than before it started, to give me a chance to really see who might be the next rising star. I also decided that she needed to be at least eligible for the Best Newbie award, to avoid handing a trophy off to an established star. Beyond that, I was open to whoever impressed me the most. My job was made pretty easy despite the fact that I met several dozen new girls this year. After interviewing quite a few of them, I found them to be a potentially impressive crop of new talent. Still, I have to say “potentially” because the girl I picked as the “Next Big Thing” last year (Emily) vanished, and we have never heard from her.
It isn’t a big mystery who I picked (since I put her name in the headline) and it also wasn’t really a close race. There were some girls that I genuinely liked. I’ve seen enough of Miko Sinz to know that she can put on one hell of a show, even in her present line of doing just girls and solo. Despite how super-sexy I think she is, it’s hard for me to imagine her really taking off. Another sexy find was Whitney Stevens, who looks like that cover shot of Lacy Chabert on Stuff this month, but with even bigger and all natural boobs. She also had a great story about a five-way where she and her sister took on three guys. Impressive and definitely hot, but not quite explosion-worthy. In the end, there was only one real choice for the first official “The Next Big Thing” (TNBT) award.
The choice is of course Shay Jordan. Many of you have already had a chance to see this gorgeous Digital Playground star in movies like Control 4, Jack’s Asian Adventure and Sexual Freak 3: Shay Jordan. She was nominated for Best Newbie in the RogReviews Critic’s Choice and she was definitely in the mix for the final vote. Ultimately Naomi won, but if Shay had a full year in the business prior to being nominated, she very likely might have walked away with that award. Despite the reality that the AVN didn’t nominate her, I think she will be on everyone’s radar by next year. That’s a big part of why she won this award. Shay is the easy choice for TNBT.
In addition to being a darling of all the best critics, Shay has the right chemistry to be the Next Big Thing. She has great looks (seriously, if you ever meet her in person, she’s even more stunning that on film), solid performances (that I imagine will get even better) and she handled herself perfectly on the floor. I watched her tame lines of fans with a beautiful smile and a charm that I haven’t seen in a while. And of course, when it came to doing an interview with me, she had all of the moves and presence of a well-experienced pro. I’m sure you will hear it when I post it, but this young woman has as much poise as she has beauty. Shay Jordan has super-star written all over her, and I think it’s safe to say we can all expect great things from her in the upcoming year. That, in a nutshell, is why she is the first official “The Next Big Thing” winner.
Congratulations Shay Jordan, you are The Next Big Thing.

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