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Emily Interview 2004 -



This is great. This is your first interview, yes?

Yes it is.

Tell everyone your name.


Just Emily?

I haven't picked out a last name yet.

That is really new. I need to thank Brother Love for setting us up with Emily who is brand new and absolutely beautiful.

Thank you.

Where are you from?

Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Do you still live there?

Yes I do.

And how many movies have you done?


How many photo shoots?


You haven't done anything in the adult industry?

Not yet.

How old are you?


When did you turn eighteen?

July 18th Emily

You look like the beautiful girl next door, you're eighteen, and you're from New Mexico. What are you doing here?

(She laughs) I was on a plane and met some guy and you know how that works. Every guy is a movie producer. It didn't start out like that actually. We were just talking and then they planned a College Invasion for Albuquerque. They came out, Mr. Pete and Erik Everhard. I loved the guys, loved the atmosphere so I talked them. They told me "you love sex so much, you could make so much money." I wasn't sure at first, but here I am.

What was that about you loving sex?

I love sex. That's why I'm here.

Do we know when your first scene will be?

I am scheduled to shoot next week on Tuesday.

So in four days you will officially become a porn girl. Who are you going to shoot with?

Mr. Pete.

He will be the first guy to get you on camera. But he isn't the first guy ever is he?


You're not a virgin then?

Not quite.

What were you like growing up?

I was a Catholic school girl with a regular upbringing.

Were you a tomboy?

No. I have always been kind of a prissy girl. They used to call me a baby because I had to be taken care of.

Catholic school girl huh?

Yeah (She laughs)

How often to you get asked to drag that uniform out?

Everyone asks me if I still have it. I burned it.


Everyone else may consider it a fantasy, but for me it was awful. I had to wear that every day.

Wouldn't it be fun to wear it and just do nasty things? That's the fantasy. You have to put it on and be dirty. Emily

That's a good idea.

Do you think that the people you went to school with would be shocked to discover that you have decided to do this?

It's funny because at the College Invasion party so many people I went to school with saw me. They saw me rubbing on myself for Pete and they weren't shocked. They saw that coming. They knew that I was a freak in high school. I was the girl that everyone hated.

Wait a minute. What made you a freak in high school?

I remember getting titty fucked on the stairs in my Catholic high school. That got around.

I have been in this business ten years and that might be the hottest thing I have ever heard. Titty fucked on the stairs of your Catholic high school. Wasn't that uncomfortable?

It worked.

We're done. I can't top that.

(She laughs) No, come on. More, please.

So you were sexually active early. Is the idea having sex in front of people appealing to you?

Yes. I like being watched.

Have you ever been on video before, just for fun?


So you don't know what you look like on camera?

Not yet. Good I hope. From the reaction I'm getting, I'm thinking it might be pretty good.

Yeah I think that's a good bet. Do you watch porn or know any of the guys?

I only know the two I've met. I like doing it better than watching.

Are there any guys you want to fuck?

I am hoping that Erik Everhard will come back. I didn't get a chance to do him.

Really? Do you know who I'm having dinner with tonight?

Erik Everhard?

That's right.

I've seen him a few times since I've been here.

Emily Since I'm going to see him, I'll play this back for him. Why don't you tell us what you want to do to Erik.

I want to fuck him so bad.

Are you looking forward to having sex with Pete?

I've already had sex with Pete, just not on camera.

You must have liked it because you're coming back for more.

I loved it.

How many guys have you had sex with so far?

Since I've been in Vegas? A lot. I had to take a break last night and actually sleep. If I'm asleep then I can't fuck, but if I'm awake then I have to fuck.

Really? Do you want some coffee? Lots and lots of coffee.

(She laughs) I'm wide awake baby.

So back to your number.

Oh yes. I had a number before I got here. It was twenty six. Now I'm up to twenty eight.

When did you start?

When I was fifteen.

Twenty eight in three years isn't that many. Next year when we do another interview you will be at two hundred and twenty eight.

I know huh? It will be way more than double.

Is Pete the only porn guy you have had sex with?


Who have you had sex with since you've been here?

Am I going to get in trouble for telling you this?

Come on. What guy is going to be upset that people know that he fucked you.

I had sex with Chris Charming and Brian Surewood.

Chris has a pretty big dick.

Yes he does. Emily

Do you like big dicks?

(She smiles and nods) Brother Love always says that I was made for big dicks.

And how does he know?

I'll never tell.

Pete isn't a small guy either.

I know. I love it.

Who is the biggest guy you've been with?

Biggest person or biggest dick?


I don't know.

Have you had bigger than Chris?

I can't say. Chris is pretty huge.

Wouldn't you know if you had had bigger?

I don't know.

What about girls?

I think that girls are gorgeous, but I like cocks better.

Are you going to girls on screen anyway?

I will probably do them. It's not that I don't like girls, I just really need a man sexually, you know?

Sorry, can't relate.

(She laughs) I hope you can't relate.

Are there any girls in porn who you would really like to do?

There is one girl I am in love with. Her name is Sativa Rose and she is so beautiful.

How about a three-way with Erik and Sativa. Emily

That would work.

You guys can come to my room and I'll just watch so I can review your work.

Just watch? No way. If you're there I want that cock.

Are you an anal girl?

Not really, no.

Not even in private?

I did it once. I haven't been able to get myself there yet.

How tall are you?

Five, five.

And your measurements?


Natural or implants?



I swear. Feel them. Come on, feel them.

(Rog feels them.) Wow, they really are natural.

See, totally real.

When did those start to grown?

I've had them since I was around ten.

Were they a pain or did you always like them?

I've always loved my breasts and the guys loved them even more.

You were titty fucking in high school. Do you think that guy knew what a lucky bastard he was?

I don't think so. I think he just took it for granted. Emily

Was he a nice guy or was he a dick.

I think he was kind of a dick as a person, but not to me. No guy is a dick to me. (She laughs.) To everyone else he was a typical high school jock.

He is going to eat his heart out when he sees you on screen and then call all of his friends to tell them that he fucked your boobies. Is that all he got?

Yeah. He didn't fuck my pussy.

Your tits are not a bad consolation prize.

(She laughs) Thank you.

I won't ask you if you like sucking dick because everyone says yes. Do you swallow?

With people I know I feel more comfortable doing that. I like swallowing, but it helps if it's with someone I know.

Where do you like a guy to cum?

Everywhere. They can cum wherever they want. If they like it, I like it.

If you could choose though.

All over my breasts. I love cum on my breasts.

Give me two minutes and I'll take care you and that's only because my belt is hard to get off.

(She laughs) I'd like to see that.

Have you ever had two guys at once?

Not at the same time, but I was doing two guys in the same room.

Was one a boyfriend?

No, this just happened yesterday.

Was it Brian and Chris?

No, it was Chris and another guy.

So that makes three guys in Vegas.

Yes, but Pete was a guy I did before so he counted in the original twenty six.

Would you like to go for another?

Emily Are you propositioning me?

I would be stupid not to.

(At the worst possible time, Brother Love comes over and sits down.)

Thank you.

Brother Love: Isn't she great?

He thinks my breasts are fake.

BL: Show him.

I let him touch them.

BL: You need to take him into the room and really show him.

Remember at lunch when you asked me if I saw anyone special this year? Well this girl is it.

Thank you.

Two years ago it was Teagan, last year it was Keri Sable and I'm going to end your interview exactly like I did theirs.

Oh really?

Don't worry, it's nothing dirty.


Is your family aware of your new career choice?

No. My parents think I'm going to LA and that's it.

You realize that someone is going to send them a tape.

I know that, but what are they going to say?

They are your parents. They will probably say "don't do it."

OK, but what are they going to do? They can't do anything.

But they would probably rather hear it from you than to get a tape on the doorstep. It will probably be from the guy from the stairs. He'll attach a note that says "By the way, I fucked her tits."

(She laughs) That would be horrible.

Did you have sex with any of the priests from school? Emily


Sorry, dumb question. You're a girl. Of course you didn't.

(She laughs) Stop it.

Are you going to go to confession after the scene?

I was thinking about that. I don't know what I'm going to do.

Are you all booked up for your first week?

Yeah. I have two with Pete and I'm supposed to talk to Erik about doing something. I just have to get Erik to lighten his schedule enough to fuck me.

If he doesn't….

You'll step in?

Well yeah, but I was going to say that I would hunt him down and kill him. Any man that stupid doesn't deserve to live.

Well thank you.

What were you doing when you made the decision to get into porn?

I wasn't doing anything. I was going to UNM and I dropped out. I was making straight A's, but it wasn't something I wanted to be doing. I had quit my job before college. People ask what I was doing and I was just fucking around. I was a princess. I was a professional princess. It was pretty sweet.

What do you want to do some day?

I have no idea. Everything changes for me day to day.

Since you don't have a last name I assume you don't have a web site.

Not yet.

How about www.emilysomething.com

That could work.

Or EmilyTheHottestGirlinVegasThisYear.com

That's a little long.

How did the Shane's World thing come about?

I met that guy on the plane and they came out to see me. Emily

That should tell you something.

I don't know.

Oh come on. How hot do you think you are?

I honestly don't know.

On a scale of 1 to 10, who is a 10?

Angelina Jollee.

OK so where are you?

A six.

Come on.

Nothing below a five.

You know you're hot though?

OK yeah.

Tell me something nobody knows about you.

I'm pretty open so that's a hard on. I can't think of anything. My favorite color is turquoise.

There we go. Now I've done my job as a journalist and got deep with you.

Oh yeah.

What is the dirtiest thing you have ever done?

I have done some raunchy things.

We can make it a top ten if you like.

I remember going through high school and having sex wherever. It didn't matter who was watching. I remember screwing my boyfriend in my friend's pool when her parents were out of town. His friends were on the roof looking down on us. People were on the porch.

The first time you had sex, was that with a steady boyfriend?

No. The first time I had sex I had just met the guy that day. I wasn't drunk or anything. We were at a party, I met him and I fucked him.

How was it?

Emily It wasn't great. It's amazing how much I love sex now.

Was that the only time you had sex with him?

I think I had sex with him one other time.

Who was the first guy who ever made it good for you?

My first steady boyfriend just blew my mind and that's why I stayed with him so long. But there was this guy I was screwing on the side at the same time that was amazing. To this day he gives me wet dreams. He became a fireman and one day my mom brought home this calendar and he was in the calendar. I lost track of him, but to this day just thinking about him makes me wet.

What is the shortest amount of time you have known a guy before having sex with him? Keep in mind the fact that we have been talking for twenty three minutes. If your answer is anything more than twenty five minutes then we are going to have to back into that room and do some record breaking.

(She laughs) Can we do that back there?

Can WE do it, like you and I?

Yeah, can we?

We aren't supposed to, but sure.

I don't want to get in trouble.

So what is the shortest amount of time.

I can't say for sure. There have been quite a few that I fucked on the same day.

But none any shorter than this interview?


So you aren't THAT easy?

No, not quite.

What really gets you off?

People kissing on my neck while they are pounding me.

So if we see that on camera, we know that it's real.

Oh yeah.

Is there anything that you hate?

I'm still experimenting so I can't say that anything really turns me off.

Emily Has anyone done anything that shocked you?

I got slapped in the face recently. It knocked me off guard. I didn't dislike it, but I'm still trying to figure out if I like it or not.

Any tattoos?

I am tattooed up. I broke my mother's heart. I have "Beauty" written on my ass in Greek and I have a fairy on my lower stomach. I year later I got a mermaid on my back. On my eighteenths birthday I got "Elephant" written in Chinese on my wrist. I am pretty tattooed up for an eighteen year old girl.

But nothing on the breasts?

Oh no. I won't touch my boobs.

Please don't.

But you can touch them again.

Thank you….oh man. This is a good day.

Can you ask questions and still feel me up?

Let's see. Any plans for more tattoos?

I'm done for now.

For those who can't see you. You have brown hair and eyes. What is your ethnic background?

Spanish with a little bit of Cherokee and a little bit of Irish.

Beautiful skin, great smile, eighteen years old and just hot.

That was really good doing that with my tits in your hands.

Thank you. I am a professional after all. So, what do you say we go make the record twenty seven minutes.

I'm scared. I don't want to get in trouble.

That's very nice of you to say. I'm sure that's the reason.

It is. I know you think I'm just saying that, but I'm serious. I just don't want to get in trouble. I'm trying to rest my pussy, but setting the record might be fun.

Was this a horrible interview?

Not at all. I've never been interviewed before. I feel special.

Well get ready because you will have many more.

Thank you.

Now I'm going to end this interview like I did Teagan's and Keri's. You are going to be huge. If you stay in this business and you want it, you are going to be huge. By this time next year you are going to have to admit to me that I was right.

Oh my. I don't know what to say to that. Thank you and I hope I can prove you right.