Rog Blog: More Reader Email, New Photo Galleries and a thought or two about Neu Wave Hookers


Rog Blog 12/30

Reader Email & New Photo Galleries

The year is winding down. It’s time to look back on 2006, make a bunch of lists and get ourselves ready to put up new calendars. Well, maybe not. I don’t think I’ll be making a whole lot of lists, but I suppose anything is possible. I’m still waiting for my 2007 Tera Patrick calendar to go up on the wall over my desk. There will be plenty of contemplation about the new year of course as well as a healthy dose of reflection on a 2006 that brought me a new nephew, new challenges at work and of course, the near loss (and eventual full recovery) of my mother. It was, and I cringe at the use of this cliché given what I do for a living, an “up and down” year to say the least. I welcome 2007 with open arms, an open heart and compete dedication to making this site better each and every day. To that end, I appreciate your support and value your input more than ever. Thank you all and Happy New Year.

Eye Candy: Let’s ring in the new year with a little bit of Sunny Lane.

RRCC Nominations: I’ve been hard at work letting all of the nominees know about their inclusion in this year’s RogReviews Critic’s Choice Awards. I’m working on a page for the nominees and will be including their reactions, if any. This came about because someone asked me not ago if the stars and directors I give trophies to are appreciative of the recognition. Many are and hopefully the page will help everyone see that. And we can also hope that some of them will even snap a few pictures for the page. (Hint, hint.)

Eye Candy: One performer who has always been quite appreciative is Teagan Pressley. Enjoy this gallery of her. I know I did.

New Photo Gallery #1: As some of you may have noticed, I have added two new Photo Galleries to the site this week. (After two new ones last week, we’re on a roll.) The first comes from our friend Brandon Iron. It’s not actually a new gallery, but I did add sixteen new shots to the Brandon Iron: Rog Rules Gallery. He has some shots of brand new girls as always, but also send us some great shots of some bigger names. Check out Kimberly Kane, Eva Angelina and Sativa Rose in the gallery. These shots are all from Brandon’s recent internet shoots for his new site It looks to be just the sort of thing we expect from Brandon and he’s shooting some very hot women. If these pictures that he sent over are any indication, then will be a very hot site indeed.

Eye Candy: Speaking of Brandon’s site, here is some hard core eye candy from

Reader Email #1: About the RRCC Nominations, a reader asks…

MelloFello420 Writes

Hey Rog. I was checking out the new nominations and noticed that there are different numbers in each category. What gives? Also what happened to the worst movie of the year award? That was one of my favorites. Keep up the good work and have a happy new year.

Rog Replies:

Thanks for writing. You aren’t the first person to notice this. The RRCC Nominations grew this year to be sure. I used to nominate six people/movies in every category. This year I decided to go with an even dozen for the performers. I stuck with ten guy, but did 12 Newbie and 12 Best Female. (OK, I did 13 because Aurora Snow has a lifetime exemption. She gets nominated every year. I may have to name the award after her eventually. She’s won it all but one year.) I stuck with ten for both Best Feature and Best All-Sex. That seems to work. If I opened it up to 12 then a few really borderline features would get it. As we discussed yesterday, this wasn’t a banner year for those. I hope that clears it up. Next year I think I’ll stick with ten for each or maybe even cut it back to eight. As for the Worst Movie of the Year award goes, it’s kind of in retirement. I told Lizzy Border a few years ago that I would retire the award when she stopped making movies. Even though she is back behind the camera, I’m not getting Extreme product so I don’t think it’s fair to have the Worst Movie Award without Lizzy’s participation. On the other hand, does anyone really think that anything Lizzy could come up with could possibly suck as much fucking, smelly armadillo ass as Eon McKai’s epic piece of shit Neu Wave Hookers? (Yeah Rog, but what do you REALLY think?)

Eye Candy: Here is another gallery for us to enjoy.

Photo Gallery #2: In addition to the Brandon Gallery update, I have a new Rog Rules Gallery for everyone to enjoy. This one comes from a cute little thing from North Carolina who is My Very Own Southern Belle. I hope you all enjoy this and if you have time, shoot me over some comments. I know she would appreciate them. Come to think of it, we aren’t hearing from many of you regarding the new eye candy shots. Come on people, let’s go. The ladies would love to hear what you think of the shots.

Eye Candy: Am I the only one who misses Miko Lee?

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