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Rog Blog 12/29

More Reader Email, Award Question #1

Happy New Year As we enter the final weekend of 2006, I hope you all have something fun planned. Be safe, be with the people you care about and remember to make the most of the last few days. 2007 is waiting and I’m hoping for big things.

Eye Candy: And Speaking of Big Things, here is Mr. Biggz with Kacee Dean

Reader Email: The undisputed King of internet reviews, Den from had the following question about the 2006 RRCC Nominations

Den from writes:

Most of your Movie nominations got an A review, but some got an A-, B, B-

Seems to me that they should all be A’s.

Rog Replies:

Excellent points Den. The fact is, there weren’t many A features this year. I had
to pick some “flawed” (in my view) movies for my list of nominees. There were some good ones of course, but nothing quite like Priates or Fashionistas. I’m pretty sure most of the all-sex movies on the nomination list were A’s or A-‘ and not many A’s missed the cut. (There were only 2 A+’s all year and they both made it.). Thanks for the question and I hope that clears it up a little.

Eye Candy: I still love Tabitha Stern quite a bit.

Digital Playground New Girls: I don’t know how many of you caught these stories, but Digital Playground has added two new contract girls to their team this week. First they landed Katsumi and then today added former Vivid Girl Lacie Heart to the team. The Lacie signing makes perfect sense. She’s perfect for DP and should do very well there. Nothing against Vivid, but they have so many girls over there that most of them get overlooked. DP does a nice job of promoting the girls. The Katsumi sign is interesting. She’s very popular and has been one of the more dynamic performers for a few years now. Katsumi certainly is beautiful enough to make her a great cover girl. She just tends to do scenes that are a little bit harder than one would normally associate with Digital Playground. I think it will be a good move for both of them, but one has to wonder if DP will continue to sharpen their edge a bit or if Katsumi is looking to cool herself down. (Let’s hope for the former.) I’m not sure if these two women are on the signing schedule for the booth, but if they are, I will try to get interviews with them when I do the rest of the DP crew.

Eye Candy: Speaking of Lacie Heart, here is a very hot POV Fantasy Gallery of the newest Digital Playground Girl.

Reader Email #2: R S writes in with a general question.

R S Writes:

hello roger, is there a way to see only the reviews of the films you consider as a+?

Rog Replies:

Thanks for writing. Yes, there is a way and it’s pretty simple. (Thanks to my talented web designer.) In the left toolbar under “Reviews”, choose “DVD.” That will give you a list of all of the DVD reviews. They are arranged in chronological order with the newest on top. Just above the titles you can change how the movies are ordered. If you choose “Re-Sort by Rating” you will get all of the A+ movies right at the very top of the list. I hope that helps.

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