DDs & Derrieres 2


Gina Lynn’s DD’s & Derrieres 2


133 Mins.

Gina Lynn Productions






STARS: Gina Lynn, Alexis Amore, Brooke Haven, Eve Laurence, Travis Knight & Erik Everhard


What can we say about Gina Lynn? She’s exceptionally hot, built for pleasure and seems to know how bring out the best in her partners. In this movie she does some camera work, some performing and generally tries to expand on her already obvious talents. As the title would imply, she has girls in the cast who fit her mold physically. That should mean that they have both killer butts and great boobs. No offense to the other women, but I seriously doubt if any of them can hold a candle to Gina in either of those areas. That makes it tough on a cast I would imagine. When the audience is looking for Gina Lynn, anything less could be a let down.

Alexis Amore & Travis Knight (And Gina Lynn)

Gina holds the camera while Travis and Alexis get better acquainted. Apparently Gina has a hard time focusing on the job at hand when there is a hard cock to suck. She dives in and helps Alexis for a hot bit of double blowjob footage. Since Alexis is the star, Gina backs off and lets Travis fill her sweet Peruvian pussy with his cock. Watching the hot doggy action heats Gina up again so she takes a quick ride. Having people in and out of the scene is a bit disorienting at first, but it gives the scene kind of a spontaneous pro-am feel without the low end look we get from such projects. Alexis breaks out the Spanish dirty when she is back in the mix. It is hard to pick a favorite because both girls are leggy, have great asses and seem to feed of each other’s energy. It just makes for a really great scene. Sticking with the title, Travis has Gina’s ass right on Alexis’ rack as he sprays his load all over both. Very nice touch.

Gina Lynn & Erik Everhard

Sometimes it is good to be the one with the camera. That works for female directors as well as males apparently. Gina invites Erik inside and can’t wait to drop to her knees to put his cock right into her mouth. Why on earth they would cut the blowjob short is beyond me. Maybe Gina was just dying to get up in the saddle for a ride. Erik rolls Gina over and she shows off her long legs throwing them back over her head. She is really enjoying what Erik is doing between her parted thighs. Very few positions show off a body like RCA though. Erik plows his hard dick up into her and works her over. This scene has a more standard feel in the way it is shot and that gives us plenty of opportunity to appreciate Gina. Erik gives her a great big load right on her face. This is a superstar pairing that lives up to our expectations in a very big way.

Brooke Haven & Travis Knight

I like the way Brook looks in her bikini, but Travis doesn’t let her stay that way for very long. He takes her inside after manhandling her big tits and shoves his cock into her mouth. They seem to be in a big hurt to start fucking .That just gets us to the ass shots in cowgirl sooner. With Gina behind the camera, she gives Travis plenty of encouragement as he slams his prick into Brooke’s tight body. It doesn’t take much prompting for him to slide his cock right up into her butt. Brooke slows down a little bit at first when the anal starts, but eventually picks it up until she is squat fucking him like a champ. The anal action here is really worth watching as Brooke shines.

Gina Lynn & Alexis Amore

Gina didn’t get enough of Alexis in that opening scene so she gets her all to herself this time. The leggy blonde spreads her legs on the counter and Alexis goes to work. Her tongue gets things started, but the toy play really shifts the scene into high gear. Alexis holds one end in her mouth for a while, fucking Gina’ pussy until she is ready to scream. Gina bends way over and gets stuffed with the toy cock for quite a while. Returning the favor, she grips the dildo like a knife and rams it into Alexis’ naughty folds. If you like great toy play and didn’t get enough of these two in the opener, then definitely stick around for this one.

Eve Laurence & Travis Knight

For the big finale, Eve and Travis do a little role playing. She is about to lose her job and turns on the charm in order to hold onto her position. Eve is highly motivated so she happily takes his cock into her mouth. I love the office setting and the way she stays dressed throughout the blowjob. There is just something sexy about that kind of action and Eve makes sure that he is quite happy. He tosses her on the desk for a while and fucks that pussy. When she takes another break, we get fantastic eye contact as she resumes the blowjob. This busty babe knows how to fuck, but also knows that if she really wants to keep her job, she better open up those cheeks. Turning her big ass to the camera, Eve drops down and rides it like she wants to feel him up in her lungs. Travis gives her a solid fuck in the as and then busts a huge nut all over her face. I really like the set up here and the action is damn fine as well.

Gina makes her presence known throughout this movie. She stars in the best scenes and basically reminds us all why she is so popular. Erik and Gina light things up in a big way, but she seems just as happy to be fucking Alexis. If Gina isn’t enough to get you going, then Alexis may be the ticket. Travis gives her a solid boff in the opener and then she heats things up with Gina later. Brooke’s scene isn’t bad and I found myself really enjoying the office romp between Travis and Eve. Someone needs to tell Travis that the Slim Shady do is out and that all of the cool porn guys are going with the Justin Timberlake look. Mr. Pete, Scott Nails, all of them are going with that one. (Somehow I know that some of you are laughing and some people just aren’t going to think I was kidding.) There are some camera issues at times, but for the most part this is a solid little movie. Hard core fans would probably rather see Gina from start to finish, but we have to give the other girls a chance too right?

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