Rog Blog: 11/21


Rog Blog 11/21

Big Weekend of Football & the first AVN Nom Breakdown

Football: Old: (NOTE: I never got around to posting my predictions last Friday, but here they are.) I’m not going out on a limb too far by picking the Buckeyes. They look unstoppable right now. OSU 27 MI 10. Out here on the west coast, the Trojans face another must-win game against those “dirty hippies” from Cal. Both teams have lost games they shouldn’t have so it isn’t as big as it might have been. With USC sitting right behind Michigan and OSU, this game could make or break their shot at another title. A loss knocks USC out of their title shot so look for Cal to come out fired up. I’m going for a shootout, with USC taking it 37-31. Bring on the Domers. Looks like I got the right winners, but was WAY off on the scores. OSU 42 Michigan 39 and USC 24 Cal 9.

Eye Candy: Jules Jordan Eye Candy Today. First some McKenzie Lee

Football: New: Predictions aside, it really was a great weekend. That OSC/UM game was a classic. I was on campus at USC so I only got to see little bits. (I was too busy looking at the incredible eye candy that only a 75 degree day can provide.) It certainly set the gar high for the game out here. USC struggled for a bit in the first half, but finished off the game with a defense that looks ready to make a run at the title. Each week gets tougher and Notre Dame on Saturday is going to a monster of a game. Now let’s get to the important stuff though. The denim minis were out in full force again on Saturday. This is one fashion trend that I applaud completely. There is nothing quite like a bunch of lovely young women running around with their legs naked to the mid-thigh. One question though…why is this look more in fashion with Asian girls than with any other group? And why specifically are the thicker Asian girls more likely to wear them even in the cold weather? Anyone care to offer on that one?

Eye Candy: Jules Jordan Eye Candy Today. How about some Sativa Rose to get us to the next story.

Care Package: Here’s the latest on the porn care package we’ve been putting together for a military unit. I sent the first huge box of shirts, hats, DVDs and various items to the young man’s father. We have determined that the DVDs are going to have to wait since such material is strictly against the rules. We don’t want to get anyone into trouble. So the hats and shirts are on their way. We should have some photos of the brave men and women donning their Red Light and Platinum X stuff soon. The DVDs and some other items are being prepared as individual care packages for the guys when they return home. Huge thank yous are in order for Brandon Iron and all of the people at Red Light/Platinum X for the DVDs and gear as well as the folks from X-Play for the Britney Rears package. Those of you still interested in adding to our thank you packages for the servicemen, anything is welcome. As we figured, the hard core stuff has to be held until they get home, but that should make for a nice Yellow Ribbon gift. For now, signed 8×10’s of a PG nature would probably be the best. Anyone interested? Drop me a line.

Eye Candy: Jules Jordan Eye Candy Today. Jessica Darlins knows that Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back.

AVN Noms: Overview: So many nominees to go over. I figured I would just throw out some of the notes that I’ve been jotting down. First of all, these breakdowns are going to be mostly positive. Any list of this size is going to be open to all kinds of “they missed this one” and “that one sucks” talk. For the most part, I’m going to focus on the positive aspects and the fact that with a monumental task in front of them, the guys (and ladies) at AVN did one hell of a good job. They added a number of new categories this year. Some of them continue the trend towards hyper-nichezation (I know, that ain’t even a word.) but a few of them are really excellent. They have also done away with the Best DVD Award. I have done the same thing with the RRCC Awards. The days of diving VHS and DVD are over and there is just not need for an award that is already covered in other categories. More tomorrow.

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