Jacks Playground 24


Jack’s Playground 24



110 Mins.

Digital Playground



THEMES: Natural Tits

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Jennifer Luv, Jazmin, Sabina, Sarah Blake, Reina Leone, Evan, Eric, Lee & Tommy


I realize that we’re going back a while for this movie, but I have a good reason for popping it out. It’s been sitting on my desk for a long time because I kept pretty much everything Jennifer Luv ever did. She is super hot looking and always gave great scenes. I’m not sure what happened to her, but this DVD has been on my shelf because of her. There are some other girls in this volume that have come and gone. Reina Leone was fresh off her sex tape cop scandal. The others weren’t even that famous. Are they hot enough to get a part in Jack’s music video? Well, assuming there ever will be one, they just might be.

Eric is hanging out with Robby D when Celeste shows up. As usual she brings a hot chick with her. Reina Leone is right in the middle of that whole “cop in porn” scandal, but she just wants a part in Jack’s music video today. She does what she does best to get the part, dropping right to her knees to suck Eric’s dick. Jack shoots most of the blowjob from under her chin and that is never very attractive. There aren’t enough shots of her tit to make it good. The action is better when he fucks her. Reina is soft around the middle so her tummy is moving as much This isn’t her best scene, but she does take a nice shot right on her piereced tongue.

Tommy Gunn pops by with Sabina who has her tits already hanging out. This intro is intercut with Eric showing up with LeLani. It’s a little odd at first, but then you can just laugh at Robby D making fun of the repetitive nature of his own series. Once the sex starts, it’s all Sabina and her cute ass on display. The blowjob is over in the blink of any eye, but we get a lot of nice ass shots as she grinds in Tommy’s lap. That puts us in the mood for some anal action and after popping her popper with a purple pseudo-penis, she lets Tommy do some digging of his own. He fucks the hell out of her ass and leaves a big load deep inside.

Things get kind of silly when Eric thinks that everyone is playing strip Clue. Sarah Blake doesn’t seem amused, but also doesn’t object when he suggests that they try something a little more intimate. They race through some oral sex and Sarah isn’t exactly lighting things up. Some of the fucking is hot with Eric pounding her face down on the couch for a while. The facial is pretty good, but this one kind of falls flat.

Jennifer Luv gets a look at Evan Stone who is playing around in the back yard. They are introduced and Evan fumbles his way into her pants. Not that it takes much for Jennifer to be ready to suck his cock of course. She ends the teasing by putting that big thing into her pretty mouth and sucking away. This is a very messy blowjob with lots of drool and plenty of eye candy. All that spit really helps when it is time to put his long cock into her tight little body. Jennifer puts a leg up high and invites him to nail her hot little slit. There are some lighting issues that take away from the picture quality, but the heat in this scene is easily the best of the flick. They give us some fantastic doggy and Evan leaves a huge load all over her chin. I really miss this girl.

Jasmin finishes things off by dancing for Lee Stone. The dancing ends after a short demonstration. Her mouth fits nicely over his big cock and she stares right into the lens to make sure we see her pretty eyes. This young girl is quite pretty and has the sort of exotic looks that we don’t see nearly enough in porn. She responds well to Lee’s long strokes and loves being held in the air while her body pushes down around him. Jasmin seems almost overwhelmed by the super deep strokes, but also seems to enjoy the challenge. I love her energy and the great shots of her ass during cowgirl should be enough to keep everyone stroking to a big finish. She wears a load very nicely. Where did this chick disappear to? She’s a hottie.

There are a few good scenes in this movie, but is far from the best Jack’s Playground ever. Jennifer Luv is awesome and her scene is fantastic from start to finish. Reina is pretty good, even if the editors have a bit of mean-spirited fun at her expense. I don’t know where Jasmin and Sabina disappeared to, but they really show some promise here. There aren’t any solo-only scenes here so all of the girls fuck except for Celeste who just pops by to drop chicks off. There is some good stuff here, mostly sexual, but we get a couple of laughs. I think that Robby’s scenes have gotten better and that’s a good thing. Check this out if you want to remember Jennifer Luv for the super hottie that she is here. Come baby, come back.


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