Sean Michaels P O V 2


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Sean Michaels’ POV 2


140 Mins.

Platinum X Pictures

DIRECTOR: Sean Michaels

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Tits, Big Dicks




STARS: Gianna, Baily Bliss, Cheyanne Jacobs, Simone, Serena, Veronica Stone & Sean Michaels


Everyone in the business seems to have a POV line these days. It only makes sense that Sean Michaels would throw his hat into the ring. He’s been one of porn’s leading men for a very long time and he certainly has the size to get the tough angles. What he doesn’t have in this movie is a cast that is likely to blow anyone away. Sure he’s Gianna and she is as impressive a female as the industry has right now. From head to toe, she has a body that just screams sex. After her though, the cast is mostly unknown so we’ll have to count on Sean to get the most out of his female co-stars and bring us something as impressive as the long pole he dishes out to the ladies.

Sean chooses the perfect girl to open his movie. Gianna comes strutting in the room in bra, panties and stockings with more curves than Tom Glavine/Barry Zito match up. She bends over and hangs those down over the camera for a while before lying back to work her pussy with a pocket rocket. Sean dives in for a little taste from time to time, mostly this is a long and well done bit of solo play. He feeds her the cock and she plays with it appreciatively. We could probably have used more of this footage, but Sean is in a hurry to slide that long pole into her waiting hole. Taking full advantage of her incredible figure, he puts his big dick between her tits and fucks away. Gianna is the kind of girl who can actually be the aggressor when it comes to tit fucking. She can knead those big puppies around a piece of meat and make it look like sexual perfection. Sean lets her get on top for a bit, but has trouble with the camera angle. Gianna is just too big for us to be able to see past her big tits. He settles for a silhouette of them as they fuck in doggy. Even though it isn’t genuine POV, this is really good footage as he goes deep into her willing folds. He does finally take the camera to shoot down at her ass for a bit. They finish with some POV oral and he shoots a load all over her massive jugs. I doubt if any of the other girls in the movie can touch Gianna’s heat.

Baily Bliss is a very nice looking blonde girl who rubs her pussy while she waits for Sean to finish interviewing her. With his big cock just inches from her face, she eventually reaches out and pulls it in close to suck it. It is too big for her mouth, but she manages to work the head pretty well. You have to love the ways she works her hands up and down the shaft while nuzzling his balls. Most of this isn’t shot from the true POV angle, but it is really good blowjob footage anyway. Sean is gentle with her pussy at first, giving her just a taste of the long pole before he pulls out and gives her big, soft tits a try. This scene feels really short as she squats between his legs on the bed and helps jerk a load out into her hands.

Cheyanne Jacobs is a rather average looking girl who doesn’t seem thrilled to be here. She plays with herself for a while and then starts sucking his cock as soon as Sean whips it out. She is more alive now that before, but again this isn’t true POV footage. That may bug some people, especially when he actually does give us the good shot for a few seconds before stuffing his cock into her waiting pussy. There is a bit of an energy bump when he starts fucking her, but now the POV footage just seems shaky. After a few strokes, Simone enters the action and shares the big cock with her new friend. There is a mix of POV footage with some stationary stuff. It just isn’t very good on any level. Cheyanne takes it in the ass, but the POV shots are shaky and neither woman really lights up the screen on any level. Sean shoots his load and they share it, but this is really a disappointing tryst.

Sean watches Serena play with herself for a while and then feeds her his big cock. She’s a bit sleepy as she sucks and the overall heat is really disappointing. She is a very skinny, extremely pale girl who isn’t bad looking, but just looks kind of out of it. Sean slides his long pole into and even that doesn’t seem to light the young brunette up. Sean’s camerawork is a little shaky as he fucks her, but there isn’t a whole lot going on here anyway. He pulls out and shoots on her pussy, putting everyone out of their misery.

Veronica Stone has to bring up the rear and she has some pretty bad stuff to follow. She’s wearing glasses and thigh high stockings as Sean puts her on her knees. The specs look a bit MILF-ish, but she appears to be young and fresh. Veronica also uses both fists to help pump his big black cock up to full mast. The biggest problem with this scene is that we only get a few fleeting moments of genuine POV action. With the glasses, the huge cock and the hungry mouth, we need more of this good stuff. Veronica is a decent fuck who likes to jerk Sean’s dick with her hand whenever it pops out of her slick little slit. No one can accuse this girl of being anything but super vocal as he slams into her. He backs away and lets her play with herself for a while before stepping back up to the plate for some fierce doggy. This is the best scene since the opener and makes it worth your while to stick around (or skip to) for the finale.

The bonus scene features Victoria Sweet in a scene that looks and feels a lot like the others. It’s hotter than most of the stuff in the movie so you might want to check it out.

I want to like this movie and can see the potential in a few of the scenes. It just has too many holes. Other than Gianna, none of the women are particularly impressive. A few of them show flashes of brilliance, but not enough to overcome the downside. Sean does a good job performing, but the camerawork isn’t great. It isn’t even all pure POV stuff which makes it kind of odd. Some people are really picky about that sort of thing. Personally I didn’t mind so much. It’s more important that we get a good shot than keeping the genre totally pure. When Sean does hold the camera, he isn’t as good as some of the masters of the genre so the action actually looses steam during some of those segments. I would much rather watch him just lay the wood to some hotties. Even without these problems, the movie comes up short. The girls aren’t all the cute, most of them fuck like they are bored and that just kind of kills it. If you’re a huge Sean Michaels fan you might like it and Gianna is certainly worth watching. Beyond that it just doesn’t cut it.

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