You have to love a website with a question right in the URL. Yes indeed. Who IS Katie X? It is also a lot more than just a clever title. You see, we don’t really get to see Katie X on WhoIsKatieX.com. Well, we get to see her from the neck down, but her face and ultimately her identity remain a mystery. It’s a very unusual hook for a web site and it ends up playing into a very specific fetish. To keep her face covered, Katie ends up wearing a number of masks. From plain white masks to Star Wars masks to end of the world gas masks, Katie puts on several different masks. That’s a really specific niche that doesn’t often get covered. They also do a clever job with some of the updates that just keep her head hidden. It’s kind of like a XXX version of the Home Improvement if Wilson were a hot young chick sucking dick instead of an old dude dispensing advice. Updates feature Katie alone or with a guy. Some of the updates are pure hot porn while others really play up a more artsy angle. Most of the updates are photos with just a hanful of videos. (All the videos are solo so if you want to see her with a dick it has to be in still image only.) The limited appeal of seeing a girl from the neck down is hard to ignore, but WhoIsKatieX.com is part of a bigger network of sites that provides plenty of additional material. Membership to this site gives you access to the AltPornNetwork.com group of sites. It provides tons of material featuring all kinds of hot young girls. I will review the entire network over the next few weeks, but this was a really interesting start. If you like cute girls with hot, tight bodies then you’re going to have fun with this. If you like masks then this is a site you won’t want to miss. In the end, I am still very interested in finding out just who Katie X is. Whoever she is, she’s got us all wondering and loving what she has to offer.

Home: Navigation on WhoIsKatieX.com is really simple. There a search bar at the top that can be used to search updates on this site only or throughout the entire network. Beneath that are text links to divide updates by photos, videos, models, bonus videos, other sites and audio files. The latest updates are shown below with good sized thumbnails, add date, number of photos and/or running time for video. It is a very easy to use navigation system that keeps it simple and gets you to the action as quickly as possible.

Photo update pages feature short descriptions and then galleries displayed 20 pictures at a time. The photos are high-quality shots (1,024px × 680px) and feature Katie by herself, with toys and with dudes. The action focuses on this sexy young girl and her collection of masks that keep her identity nicely hidden.

Movie update pages feature multiple download and streaming options. Files are available in FLV, MOV, MP4, MPG and WMV formats. Updates are available to viewed as a whole or in smaller chunks for faster downloads.

As of today (2/23/12) there are 20 updates on WhoIsKatieX.com. There two updates last month so there seems to be new material being added to the site at a fairly regular basis.

Bonus Sites

: Membership in WhoIsKatieX.com includes access to the other sites in theAltPornNetwork.com network.



There are three membership options for WhoIsKatieX.com and a trial.

3 Day Trial Membership: $4.95
30 Day Membership : $24.95
90 Day Membership: $49.95
1 YEAR Membership: $95.40

OVERALL: 83 of 100.


Models: 16 of 20 (Nice Body)
Quality of Content: 15 of 20 (Interesting Mask Fetish Stuff)
Quantity of Content: 12 of 20 (20+ Updates)
Ease of Use: 16 of 20 (Easy to use.)
Niche Appeal: 20 of 20 (Mask Fetish, Faceless Girl)
Bonus: +4 Network Access.


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  1. DiGiT says:

    Actually all I get to see is a GoDaddy domain parking site because the domain has expired last week… :-(

    Why do you get more?

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