Babes Going Crazy: Crazy in the Keys

Babes Going Crazy: Crazy in the Keys
56 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Montel Bradford
THEMES: Flashing, Public Nudity, Body Painting


This is a really simple flashing flick. I’m not exactly sure how it ended up in my pile to review actually. I like the genre, but this is a cheap little DVD that is rather a sad excuse for the best in flashing. I guess it’s a poor man’s version of Girls Gone Wild stuff or Dream Girls DVDs. There are some cute girls on occasion, but also a lot of over the hill chicks who aren’t worth the beads they get for stripping down. There is also this really annoying voice over that doesn’t seem to make any sense. This just doesn’t really have much to offer. Save your money and grab a GGW movie if you want to see hot flashing footage.

Opening Night

I don’t know what’s up with the horrible voice over stuff, but there are girls dancing together and showing off their tits while the guy throws out nonsense. How about we don’t worry about what he’s trying to rhyme and just enjoy the hot girls as they flash and lick nipples. Hey, is that Porno Dan getting into the shots every once in a while? There are plenty of flash shots from girls ranging from super hot to pretty scary. The beads and the body paint shots are pretty fun, but some of the just plain old drunk chicks are even hotter.

Beach Time

Some girls really love letting their hooters out to play at the beach. There is some footage of regular beach girls and then some shots of babe floating in the water. It’s just not very interesting. At least the long segment of women on the street with body paint shows some creativity. Not on the part of the people who slapped this thing together, but from the artists who have transformed boobs into all sorts of animals and cute designs.

Dudes and Chicks Kissing

It’s not just the girls who get crazy. The boys play for a minute and then we go back to some crazy chicks kissing and more general party stuff. By now the best thing this movie has to offer is some occasionally cute girls whipping out tits. Nothing wrong with that of course, but there are better DVDs on the market that offer the same type of action. There is one cute blonde who looks like she might fall over from so many beads around her neck. She can barely lift them up, but when she does we see why. What a great set she’s sporting. =

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