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Wendy (aka Maya) Divine Interview

Wendy Divine’s Bio & Movies
July 2000

Where were you born?

I was born in Plant City, Florida, where the strawberries are from.

That would explain why you’re so sweet. When is your birthday?

I was born in November of 1971.

Did you grow up in Florida?

No, I didn’t grow up in Florida. However, I did return to Florida when I was 16 and lived there until I was 27. After that it was off to California.

So you live out here now? In Los Angeles?

I do live in California, but not exactly in LA. I live in the San Fernando Valley, but I did live downtown for a little bit.

What were you like growing up?

I was a loner to an extent. I didn’t really have a great deal of friends, at least not at the school where I was. I was definitely not popular at all. Not many people found me that attractive, or I guess worth their time. I didn’t really have the greatest school years.

Do the people you grew up with know what you’re doing now?

Some of the people that I use to date know what I do and have contacted me. it’s kind of funny. There may be a few others that have written, but for the most part I can’t really tell if anyone knows. I think I look different enough for people to feel unsure if it’s me or someone that they think might be me.

What has the reaction been from those who do know? Are they surprised?

As far as I can tell the people that do know don’t really seem surprised. They are more or less curious. That or they really don’t care.

What about your family, do they know?

As far as my side of the family, my mother is deceased and my father I just met when I turned 25. He does know what I do.

Is he supportive?

My father is happy with me and he is very supportive in my decisions. He’s proud of me.

How tall are you?

I am only 5’6″.

And what are your measurements?

My measurements are about to change. I plan on going on a really great diet and getting my breasts fixed. So the new and improved me will be out there soon.

How did you get into the adult entertainment business?

I was 19 when I first started dancing and honestly I wasn’t doing much of anything. I had gone to college off and on and just wanted to try it out. As far as the movie side of it, I was living in Florida and was ready for a change in the adult business. I decided to come out and give it a try. So far so good. I hope to keep it up. I’m having too much fun.

What was your first movie?

My very first movie? I did a small scene for Peter North for his series while I was still living in Florida. I think that was around 1998, but the first movie I did here in California was in 1999, in January.

Who directed that movie?

The movie was for Michael Raven and it was for Sin City.

Who was in the scene with you?

The scene was with Katie Gold. My first boy girl scene was with Nikki Lynn and Mark Davis.

Were you nervous?

I was a little nervous, but once we got started I had no trouble. I felt pretty good about it.

When you were done, did you know right away that you wanted to do more or did you think about it for a while?

I knew that I wanted to do more, but I still had to take my time to make sure that it was right for myself and my husband.

How many movies have you made?

I honestly have lost track of how many movies I’ve done, but I think it is somewhere between sixty and a hundred.

Do any stand out as your favorites?

I really have liked “Strange Magic.”I thought that my hair and makeup looked great for that scene. I had a great time in a few other movies like “Hardcore Hairdresser”for VCA. There are others that I am not sure of the names because they change the names sometimes. There have been a lot of fun ones and there are a lot of movies that I have just finished that I am looking forward to seeing as well.

Do you have any favorite men to work with?

I enjoy working with Eric Masterson, Evan Stone and Cheyne Collins the most. They are very happy and fun people to work with. That makes the day go by easy and makes it fun to be there. They are also some of the
sweetest people I know. They listen when you are having a bad day, try to make you look good and they do what they can to make you feel the most comfortable during a scene. Not only that, they are great looking too. We can’t forget that.

What about women, any favorites?

I love Chennin Blanc, Jessica Drake, Lola and there are more. Girls are great. I always have fun with them.

And why these girls in particular?

All these girls are fun to be with. They have a good time when they are working and are all happy to spend the time with you to make the scene look fun and good. They also do what they can to come up with things to make it look even better if given the opportunity.

Had you been with women before porn?

Oh yeah, I was with women before porn. Ever since I was very young, I’ve always liked the feel of them.

Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet, but really want to?

There will always be people coming in or already here that I may not have gotten to yet, but so far, I’ve been lucky. I’ve gotten to work with the ones that I really like.

If you could pick anyone on earth to do a scene with, who would it be?

Ryan Phillipe.

Why him?

He has a great body, a cute face and he doesn’t seem to be afraid to show it. I think he would do a great scene and it would definitely be hot.

Are there any directors you really like working for?

Ren Sevant, Freddie Lincoln and Michael Raven are all directors that I think allow me to do my best work. I have a lot of fun working with them.

Is there anything you don’t do on camera?

There are a few things I won’t do on screen at the moment. I’m not sure if things will change, but, if things do change you will know.

How is your on screen personality the same or different from the off screen you?

I think that on screen I am very similar to how I am off screen. Not always, of course, but often. There are times on screen that I am more vocal or more ditzy than I actually am, but it depends. I am also really shy off screen and can be really silly too. As of yet, I haven’t been given the opportunity to show the range of my personality on screen. There is a lot that is still here that hasn’t made it to the screen.

Are you doing any feature dancing?

I do feature dancing when I can. I really love it.

What about a web site, fan club or a way for fans to get in touch with you?

I do have a web site and an email address. People can get in touch with me a number of different ways. My website is and my email is You can find my fan club page on the site with another address for writing to me through snail mail.

Were you sexually adventurous before you got into the business?

I was very sexually adventurous before I got into the business, but I’ve gotten even more so since I’ve been in.

When did you lose your virginity?

My first time is mine. I keep that to myself.

What do you like to do when you’re not making movies?

I love to go to movies, talk online, read, play adventure role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and Palladium Fantasy. I tan, workout and spend time with my husband and my friends.

What are you goals within the business?

My goals? I have lots of them, but for now all I can say is that I am hoping to be successful. As far as details,  trying to stay on the down low for right now.

What about after the business?

After this, building a house back home and probably trying to work in photography or maybe makeup. Either way I plan to have fun.

Would you say your experiences in the business have been positive?

So far my experiences have been up and down, but I have had a lot of great times. I am very happy to have done some of the things I have, as well as met some of the people that I have met. It’s been really great.

Do you think the industry is doing enough to protect performers from HIV?

I think that the a lot of the companies in the industry do what they can to help prevent AIDs, but I think that it is honestly up to the talent to make sure that they protect themselves, not only at work but, also in their private lives.

Do you work with condoms?

Yes, I do work with condoms.

And you do have implants?

Yes, I do have implants.

Do you think there is pressure on women in this industry to get implants?

I think that the only pressure for women to get implants comes form themselves. Unless a company has asked them to do so for a contract maybe. There are plenty of women in the business that don’t have large breasts who are working a great deal of the time and that are very successful.

Have you felt any pressure from anyone in this industry?

I’ve never felt pressure from the industry, just from myself to work harder and do better.

Do you get recognized?

I don’t usually get recognized when I am out and about. I’ve only been recognized a few times and that wasn’t for the movies I had been in but, for a show I did on HBO.

Are there any changes you would make in your career?

If there are any changes I would like to make, then I have already set about making them happen. All I can hope for is that I do the best that I can I’m pretty happy.

Who is sexier, Ricky Martin or Britney Spears?

Britney Spears is sexier.

Is that the worst question you’ve ever been asked?

No, believe it or not, I’ve been asked worse.

Anything you like to add?

I really am enjoying my work and I just hope to keep going, work harder and do better. All around, I have fun with the people that I work with. I look forward to the future. Also, for anyone out there, my last name is spelled with two I’s, not with an E. DIVINE. It is always misspelled.

Anything you would like to say the fans before we wrap this up?

For my fans, I love ya. I would love to hear from you. You can always write to me and I will answer my mail personally. That’s why it takes forever for a response. Sorry. Please say hi if you ever see me out. I love to meet the people that enjoy my work. I hope that I can see you all out there on the road one day. Love hugs and kisses. Maya

Thank you Maya, keep up the good work.

Thank you Roger.

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