Virgin Snow




83 Mins.



THEMES: Gonzo Sex, Anal Sex.

CONDOMS: None Noted

2000 (2/00)

STARS: Shelbee Myne, Gen-X, Vivian Valentine, Phyllisha Anne.


In an effort to aim porn at an younger audience, the powers that be in smut have tried a number of different angles. It’s been going on for a long time. (Hell, anyone else think that New Wave Hookers was just a clever marketing idea?) Since Mark Zane IS younger than your average smut maker, it makes sense that he would help spearhead Zane’s efforts to bring in the younger-than-yours-truly crowd. This movie looks like one of those X-rated travel logs where we join a group of porn performers on a weekend get away.

Before he head for the snow, we see young Gen-X masturbating on the lawn. It would be nice to enjoy her body, but the wrist to shoulder tats have me totally freaked. As people start to arrive, Zane moves her inside and I think this guy digs her art more than I do. Maybe he just digs her bit tits and shaved pookie. Gen really isn’t my type all, but she has nice looking legs and a do-anything attitude that just has to be admired. She just opens up and lets this guy fuck her on the bar. It’s strange that she only has tats on her arms. Even though I applaud how eager she is to get down and dirty, I just can’t get into a scene with a woman who isn’t attractive to me. Her legs are great and she takes a facial nicely, but too many tats and too harsh a face for me.

As the trip is about to begin, we get to see what porn stars look like before the sun comes up. (Groggy and pissed off to be there like the rest of us.) When they finally arrive in Tahoe, it isn’t long before the action starts. Vivian Valentine gets herself in the middle of a three way with Pat Myne and Tye. They cover her in whipped cream and then ravage her young body. She is a pretty damn good cocksucker and has a nice looking pookie as well. The background music is a little much for me, but mostly because I would rather hear that actual sex sounds. As it is, this is cut like a music video. As such, it’s nicely cut, but Viv is doing too good a job as a porn slut to overshadow her with quick cuts and a hard bass line. Great DP action here and Viv takes a nice facial.

Shelbee Myne and Mickey G take advantage of time away from the slopes by heating it up on the couch. Shelbee looks to be carrying a few extra pounds. (Not that I mind, but I know how every little pound effects some people.) We get the original sound in this scene which makes it better in my book. Actually, now that I watch her get fucked from behind, Shelbee has that nice Ruby-like bod that is just made for hard pounding. Pat Myne comes in, throws snow on the couple, then fucks his wife right in the ass. This is the best scene of the movie, with Shelbee taking a double shot of cum on her face. She’s quite the curvy, cum craving slut.

Phyllisha Anne is the next to try her luck sexually. She keeps her ski boots on as Mickey sprays her with cold beer. (What’s up with that, isn’t this more of a summer thing to do.) What better way to thank him for the beer than with a deep blowjob. (That was always the rule at the frat house when I was in school.) She takes his cock to the root with no effort at all. Phyllisha is looking really thin here, but her skin looks smooth and her pussy is nice and tight. Mickey really works her ass over hard on the table. Great shots of her ass gripping his shaft on each deep stroke. Mickey drops a nice load in her mouth to close things out.

I was expecting a gonzo ski trip movie in the vein of a Shane’s World movie. That’s not what we have here at all. The footage between the sex scenes is somewhat interesting, but there just isn’t enough of it to really consider it a factor. On the negative side, the cast isn’t exceptional looking. On the other hand, the sex is a lot better than I would have thought. Shelbee, Vivian and Phyllisha all turn in hot scenes. Some of the fast cutting and heavy background music doesn’t really work for me, but if you like that kind of MTV look mixed with hard anal sex, you’ve found a movie for you.

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