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Shay Jordan

Shay Jordan, last year’s “Next Big Thing” has arrived and is one of the hottest performers in all of porn. She sits down with me one year later to discuss a whirlwind of success, stardom and sex. Shay has grown as a performer, wowing audiences in hits like Babysitters, Cheerleaders and Virtual Sex With Shay Jorda. This year she also went behind the camera, doing a lot of BTS work for Digital Playground. Learning the ropes, growing as a performer and preparing to bear my future children, Shay Jordan is as busy as she is beautiful.

INTERVIEW: Shay Jordan

We might as well talk about it while we’re going.

(she laughs)

So we’re talking about this giant picture behind me of Shay Jordan.


And you look like a lion or something.

I look like a cat, you said. Is that a good thing? Do you think that’s a good thing?

Well, it depends.

On what?

If you were going to just jump on someone and literally rip their flesh, no. But if you were just going to jump on them and attack them sexually, yes.

I did the second thing.

See, that’s a good cat look.

Yeah! I did. That was a good one. I remember that I fucked Jean Val Jean that day.

That’s either, ‘I want to fuck the person in front of me,’ guy or girl.


‘These are not my underwear in the hamper, you bastard.’

(she laughs) Yeah, exactly!

It’s one of those two things.

And you want it to be the first one.

I definitely want it to be the first one.

Shay Jordan

(she laughs)

So, anyway, for those people who missed it, this is Shay Jordan.


Some chick, I don’t know.

Some chick!

The Next Big Thing. Who is currently–

STILL the next big thing! (She laughs)

No, she is currently a big thing, she may not be THE big thing, but she’s on her way.

Yeah. (she laughs)

Awesome year this year.

Yes, very awesome.

Give us some highlights of 2007 for you.

Um, I made a whole bunch of movies. I got to work with Jesse Jane, finally. I got to work with Jana Cova. I’ve done a lot of threeways, which I love! Those are my favorite scenes, and this year, I got to go all out with it. I got to work with Hillary Scott, Gina Lynn, all those really good people, so a lot of my movies are going to be really good.

Now, Gina Lynn was in “Babysitters,” right?


Which is nominated for a bunch of awards.


Great, great scene.

It was fun.

Actually, you had two scenes in that movie really, two scenes that blend into one.

I did.

You had kind of a naughty scene where you had sex with your boyfriend. Sexy.

Yes, with my boyfriend, I was having sex with him in, what is it called? My employer’s bed. (She laughs) And I got caught!

Yes. And like with real life, they’re angry and have sex with you, instead of calling the police.

Shay Jordan

Yes! They use me instead.

Very nice. So did you like that scene?

I loved it. I loved the whole scenario. First, I was fucking my boyfriend, and then I went to fucking them. That was awesome.

Very hot. Now, you stayed right in there with Gina Lynn. She’s a pretty high energy performer.

Yeah. I tried! I pumped myself up for that day, because I knew she was a really, really good performer.

Now, you also worked with Hillary Scott, who is very high energy.

That was actually my first girl-girl-boy scene, ever.

And that was in which movie?

“Shay’s Scream.” It was with Marco, and it was awesome. I remember there was a fire place made of rocks, and Marco was hitting it with his hand because he was trying to keep from coming. By the time we were done with the scene, his whole hand was black. Black and purple and bruised!

See what performers will go through to give us entertainment? They will beat themselves bloody.

(she laughs) Yeah, so that they don’t cum yet!

Alright. Now, last year, you were very, very new, but this year, you’re nominated for AVN’s Starlet of the Year, and their Newcomer Award.

Yes, I am.

So, what do you think?

I don’t even know what to say. I’m super, super excited. But I’m also really nervous. I don’t want to get too excited, in case I don’t win it. I don’t want to get sad, because I feel like I might, because I really want it!

Now, we talked last night. You do not have a speech prepared.

I don’t have a speech prepared, because I don’t want to psych myself up for disappointment. And because I think it’s better if you just go up there with whatever you’re feeling.

Will you be taking your Next Big Thing trophy when you go up there to win it?

You should have told me to bring it!

That way, you can hold it up and I can be right.

Yeah, I should, exactly.

I’m right whether the AVN votes for you or not, but there is some tough competition. You’re up against some other very good girls.

And I do know that.

Have you worked with any of the girls you’re up against?

I don’t think so. No, I’m not not. No.

You generally work with girls who are a little more established.

Yeah. Which I like, because that gives me a little more of a challenge.

Shay Jordan

Now, one of the girls you mentioned working with is Jesse, and we’ve talked about this last night at dinner.

(She laughs)

Jesse is one of the hardest–


Right, fuckers in porn. She fucks guys.

She fucks girls, too! (She laughs)

Well, yeah. We all saw that in “Pirates.”


Now, in the last movie you two did together, you matched her pretty much stroke for stroke.

(She laughs)

Where did that come from?

I guess it came from doing BTS a few months before. While I was doing BTS, I was kind of watching all the scenes going on that day and I would see the good things that girls do and the bad things, and I just started learning more. I got a little more practice, I guess, and a little more rhythm in my hips.

Have you been practicing this at home?

No! I’m just doing it.

So there’s not like a trail of men with broken pelvises along the way?

No, no, no. The only people I have sex with are the people you all see me have sex with, which is really sad. (She laughs)

That’s just a shame.

Yeah, it’s sad. (She laughs)

Alright. Now, “Pirates 2.” You’re obviously going to be in it.

Obviously! (She laughs)

Do you feel intimidated?

Not at all!

You’re making a sequel to perhaps the most successful adult movie of all time, no?

No, not at all. I’m really excited. I feel like I have the ability to make it. I’m not nervous. (She laughs)

Shay Jordan

No? Well, good for you.

I’m just really excited.

Is this the most dialog you’ve ever had to do?


You’ve done some dialog. You had some in “Babysitters,” some in “Scream,” but not a lot.

Right, not really.

But not a full feature, where you’re a character from beginning to end.

That’s what I’m really excited about, because I really love acting. I love the acting part of this business as much as the sex, which is really weird. It’s fun!

Well, don’t act with as much energy as you fuck, or you’re going to break sets. If you did a sword fight the way you do a sex scene, somebody would lose an ear.

(She laughs) Okay, I’ll remember that.

Be gentle! Now, guys you like working with?

I love Scott, of course, but he’s not around anymore. My favorite is Johnny Sinz. Ohhhhh. He’s, wow. I love him.

Why Johnny?

Because when we work together, he knows how to fuck me, and he looks me in my eyes. He manhandles me and he rubs me hard, like I like. He squeezes my body and he kisses me a lot.

I hear you like to kiss.

I do! I love to kiss. (She laughs) It’s hard for me to do it on movies, but somehow, Johnny always seems to be able to get in there and do it.

How about favorite girls to work with?

Of course Jesse, because we always do a good scene, no matter what. And Nautica Thorn, that’s my wifey. I love her. Every time I want to do a girl-girl-boy scene, I always request her.

Me too, and then it never happens.

Never? I’m sorry. Maybe with me? (She laughs)

Yeah, that works! Nautica‘s a lot of fun.

(She laughs) Yeah, she is.

Shay Jordan

Anybody that you haven’t gotten to work with yet that you would like to?

No, not yet.

How about the two new girls, Stoya and Adrianna Lynn?

Oh, yes! I want to fuck both of them like ten times.

You haven’t worked with them yet.

No, not yet.

Has Jesse worked with them yet?

Oh, you know what? Actually, I’m lying. We have worked together. We did a nine-girl orgy for “Cheerleaders,” a movie that’s coming out in the near future. But there were nine girls. I didn’t really get to fuck them.

Did you get a little bit of them?

A little bit. Not enough. I want more!

So, if you could only pick one to go first?


So, Adrianna to go first?

Yeah! (She laughs) I mean, look at her.

The picture of her looks a little bit like you. I mean, you could almost be related.

Yeah, I heard people say that. They think we’re cousins. But she’s not Asian at all!

Less in person than in pictures. But they kind of de-Asian you in pictures.

Yeah, they do. They do.

But in person? No. But it’s still fun to pretend you’re sisters.

Cousins at least, right?

Yeah, okay. That’d be good. Is that the next movie after “Cheerleaders?”

“Cousins?” That’d be hot. (She laughs)

Shay Jordan

Only in Alabama. So what else should we look for in 2008?

A whole bunch of movies! Other than that, all new stuff. Better fucking, more energy.

You said you were nominated for four AVN awards.


For Best New Starlet?

Best New Starlet, Best Solo Scene, Best Couples Scene with Scott Nails from “Babysitters,” and Best Virtual.

That’s right, we finally got to see “Virtual Sex with Shay Jordan.”

How was it?

It’s good! It’s weird, because you can tell it’s early.


It was released recently but done early in your career, and there’s a little less of what we see now.

It’s really hard, too, because of the way that they shoot it. You have to stay in the same position and you can’t really move because of the camera. If you move or try to put any hops in it, their cameras get all fucked up.

Was that a fun shot or was it just kind of tedious?

You know, it’s really, really funny, because it’s the first time that they ever shot a girl who was on her monthly, and it was really hard because he ejaculates into you. But somehow, we pulled it off. We were still able to end earlier than we thought, and it turned out great, and now it’s nominated.

So, there’s a secret for people watching, that they may not know.

Yeah! (She laughs)

Shay shot dirty–

And it was my first day of it.


But we got through it. Somehow, some way. I don’t know how.

You did say something last night about a special fantasy you had.

Shay Jordan


I want to hear about the special fantasy you have.

I’ve had this sexual fantasy since I was in, like, junior high. (She laughs) Since I started thinking about driving cars. I love cars, I love driving, and I always wanted to get fucked on the hood of a car. Not just on the hood, but me on top of the car, and have the guy standing up and me sucking him off. And then having goo and spit and all that stuff coming down and getting all over the windshield. I just think that’s so sexy. (She laughs) Not inside the car, outside of the car.

You said you’ve had sex inside of the car, right?

I’ve had sex inside of a car. That’s whatever. (She laughs) On the hood is hot.

Any specific kind of car?

You know what? No. (She laughs) Just a car, as long as it’s clean.

A new car, a classic car, a sports’ car, an SUV?

A sports car, maybe like a Bentley. Or something that’s really hot. I’m not into classic cars much.

So if anybody has a Bentley and is willing to loan it to us, you can have sex with a hot guy and I can watch.

Right. Totally! As long as they don’t mind their windshield getting fucked up.

Right. Okay, I’m going to take a picture while we talk. Speaking of fantasies, you’re still not doing anal, right?

No, not yet.

So there’s lot of people who want to see that happen.

(She laughs)

Are they going to see that any time soon?

I’m not saying they won’t, I have definitely been thinking about it, I’m just not sure when. Once I decide to do it, you’ll see it.

If you need any practice, just let me know.

(She laughs)

Shay Jordan

You know who to call.

I may just do one scene, just to keep everybody happy.

You shouldn’t do it until you’re ready.

I know. And I won’t. (She laughs)

The last thing we want to do is work on these soundbyte ring tones. Do you remember what you said last night at dinner?

Oh yeah! ‘I want to see it.’ (She laughs)

Awesome. And?

Shay Jordan

‘I want you to be my baby daddy.’ (She laughs)

There’s my new ring tones.


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