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Nautica Thorn Interview 2007

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This is my third interview with Nautica Thorn. Instead of doing it on the floor of the Adult Expo this year, I joined her on the set of Robby D’s “CockAsian 2” for this interview. After watching her go through make up and helping her come up with a scenario to play out for her scene, I sat outside with Nautica and got caught up on her busy life and career. After leaving her contract earlier in the year, Nautica has formed Nautica Thorn Productions and has been hard at work making movies and working on her web site www.EnterNautica.com. While we talked we explored her dance career, her appearance on the reality TV show “My Bare Lady” and her ability to stretch as an actress. Would he be able to pull off the difficult character called for in “CockAsian 2?” Could you possibly pull off a role that required her to be both a babysitter and Asian? Listen in to find out!

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We're on the set of Robby D 's 'CockAsian 2' with some girl. I don't know who she is.

Yeah, bitch. I'm Nautica Thorn .

You're Nautica Thorn ?

I'm Nautica Thorn .

I heard you were dead.

Why do people think that? I'm not dead!

So she's not dead. Just horribly, horribly old.

I'm so old at 22. (She laughs)

You've been doing this for how long now? Three years, right?


Time for a comeback?

Yeah! I need to come back and do some anal.

I think that's a good idea. Let's go practice.

Yeah, let's go practice because the last one was horrible. (She laughs)

Well, you should have called me. It would have been much better.

I know.

Nautica Thorn Seriously, what are you doing these days?

I am working on my production company, which is Nautica Thorn Productions, and I'm concentrating on my new website, www.EnterNautica.com.

I love the new website.

Thank you.

It really cuts through all the BS. Everybody can now enter Nautica, just not in the way they were hoping.

Exactly! (She laughs)

So, www.EnterNautica.com is your website?


You were under contract for a while-not anymore?

No. I got out of that contract in March of last year.

What were you doing at the time?

It's funny, because at the time I got out of my contract, I got a deal maybe ten minutes after that with Tera Patrick. She's my really good friend, and getting to work with people that I haven't really gotten to work with, so that was nice.

Now, you're working for Robby D ?


He's shot you before.

Nautica Thorn He has. He's great!

Now, for those that are looking on the box of CockAsian 1, you're on the box and you're in the movie, but no sex.

No, I don't understand that. Robby D does weird stuff. But the tease and the solo things are hot, so maybe that's why.

He likes to put you in movies with tease.

Yeah, I tease.

A little bit, just a little bit.

(She laughs)

But today, you actually get to have sex.

I'm actually going to be having sex!

Do you know who you're going to be having sex with?

Some guy I've never had sex with before.

So you're going to have sex with a new guy in a few minutes.

Yes, I'm going to have new dick. I love new dick!


Yes. I love new dick.

You haven't had sex with me. That makes me new dick.

Yeah, but you're not talent.

I see.

And you haven't taken a test.

Nautica Thorn Well, I don't have sex, so...

(She laughs)

So you like new dick. We don't even know the guy's name yet?

Oh, what is it? It's a long, cool name.

I was hoping while you tried to figure it out, I would run down the street and get a test.

(She laughs)

Are you looking forward to the scene? Do you know what you're going to do yet?

I'm going to play a baby-sitter looking at a porn saying, 'I could be a porn star.'

Have you ever been a baby-sitter?

No. Yeah, I have actually! For my cousin one year. I got really fucked up and that kind of ended my baby-sitting streak.

So those of you out there with children, don't hire Nautica to baby-sit for you.


Nautica Thorn If you were baby-sitting, would you go looking for the secret porn collection stashed in the house?

I really would! See, that's the main reason people shouldn't hire me, because I'll go through all your things. And if I see something that your wife probably doesn't know about, I'll leave it out so she will.

So playing a bitch in a few minutes isn't going to be too hard for you, is it?

Nope! (She laughs)

Now, we saw you recently on TV. You were a TV star in 'My Bare Lady.' How was that?

It was really fun! There were a lot of cute guys in there, I just have to put that out there. I was there for three weeks. We had a great place and I had some awesome roommates. It was a really good experience.

And there was some drama, but not with you.

I was the referee, and it was kind of funny because I could watch everyone else squabble and I could just laugh to myself.

How do you think you did?

I did pretty good. I mean, come on! Who do you know that can swear in Shakespeare and get away with it?

I think that may be a first.

Yeah! I was pretty proud of myself. (She laughs)

Do you think you should have won?

No, I didn't really want to. I wasn't really disappointed because I told them the first week there that I didn't want to win, interesting how that didn't make the final cut. (She laughs)

Well, they want to make it seem like everybody is trying.


Do you think Sasha should have won? Because she thought she should have.

Sasha thought she should have won? To be honest, both girls really did their homework on the part. Kirsten did come back to LA to shoot for Playboy but she was still working on it, she was a trooper. Either girl would have been good, I didn't have a favorite.

I'm running out of things to say.

I'm smoking, so I'm fine.

So we don't know who we're working with, does that excite you at all?

Nautica Thorn It does! Because I usually get the same guys and the same guys are cool, but then sometimes you just want some new dick so you can get different energy.

Are you going to just destroy this guy?

I'm going to see what he's all about and then if I need to take over and be dominate, I will.

Well, you're supposed to be a new porn girl, so you'll have to impress the director.

Yeah, I'll be all up in his shit.

So, I hear that Robby has sex with all the girls on set.

(She laughs)

Are you prepared to have sex with Robby?

I had sex with Robby's head!

Robby's head?

I love Robby's head. I love petting it.

How about Robby's wife?(Director Celeste/Former Performer Bunny Luv)

I love Robby's wife! Oh my God. She's gorgeous. The first time I saw her, I was like, 'Those eyes, those lips, that rack!' I love her to death.

She can also put on the bitchy.

I've never seen her bitchy. I can't see it.

I interviewed her three or four years ago, and oh boy, could she turn the bitchy on.


Really. If you could be half as bitchy as that, you'll be fine doing the movie today.

I wonder why she was bitchy.

You know, she was doing it on purpose. She was being funny, because she kept laughing through the whole thing. She was very convincing.

(She laughs)

She was very scary.

She is not scary!

She was! She was very convincing. Anyway, what do people see on www.EnterNautica.com besides lots and lots of pictures of you?

Lots of photos of me. I'm more active with this website. I'm doing the webcam thing, I'm doing the live chat. I update almost daily talking about what happened on set, I have random pictures like of me at home. I'm going to be doing a lot of swallowing and play with toys, which is definitely something you can't see anywhere else. Just lots of stuff you can't otherwise see.

Nautica Thorn Cool. Now, I read somewhere that you might try anal thing again?

I'm going to try the anal thing again, but I'm going to do it right. Because I wasn't really practicing it, and I'm going to at home. I have to pick the right guy, and Chris was a great guy to try it with but I just wasn't practicing.

So, practice makes perfect when it comes to anal sex?

Practice makes perfect. Especially if you're scared. And I'm scared of big cocks going into my tiny, Asian ass.

Could you say that again for me?

I'm scared of big cocks going into my tiny, Asian ass.

You have everybody listening for a few minutes now.

They all just nutted. (She laughs)

So did I. I just need a moment...(he sighs)

(She laughs)

Okay, I need a cigarette, and I don't even smoke.

(She laughs) Okay, I have a question. Why do guys' balls move?


Like, I see them move. Is it because they're producing cum again? It's cool to watch. It's like a slug.

They retract when they're all done.

Well, it moves. It like slowly moves. Have you ever noticed that? Have you ever looked after cumming?

No, it's kind of a bad angle for me.

Well, you should. It's cool.

Next time we talk, we're probably going to have a doctor write in, 'It's because...'

(She laughs)

Maybe the temperature. When it's colder, they pull back in.

Well, no. I know what you're talking about, but I'm saying that they're moving around and stays level. Maybe it was just the guy I was with at the time.

Maybe you were so good, you just got a huge nut out of him.

Maybe! (She laughs)

We're looking at this new girl over here. She's kind of cute. I got to watch her scene, sort of. She's got big titties.

She's got big titties, a nice ass. She's bending over for us.

Putting stuff away in her car, unaware we're perving on her.

We are so perving on her.

You more so than me.

Nautica Thorn I love girls. (She laughs)

So, you're doing a lot of work on your website.


And you dance a lot, right?

Yes! I'm doing a lot of feature dancing this year. I just signed up with Lee Network so he's got me doing a lot of work.

We should probably wrap up, because you have to go in and have sex soon.

That sucks.

Now, Reign of Tera 2 just came out, that was the new movie that came out. You played a hooker. You actually played an Asian hooker.

I played an Asian hooker. And Reign of Tera 3, I think she's going to start booking that.

Now, playing a hooker or playing an Asian, which was harder?

I think playing an Asian, because I'm only half. I have to put another half in there.

And you have to pretend to be smart, too.

Exactly, fuck!

That's good acting right there.

It really is! I mean, I was watching Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? And let me just tell you, I wasn't winning. (She laughs)

We should do Are You Smarter Than a Porn Girl?

We really should! That'd be funny. (She laughs) So I have that coming out, and I just shot the Da Vinci Load 2 for Hustler. And my movie, All Access, is coming out April 10.

And CockAsian 2, whenever it comes out, you'll be in it and you'll actually be having sex. They had you on a control box(Control 2) and that didn't work so well.

But wasn't it a cute box?

I told Robby that if they ever make a poster out of it, I want it for my office.

Me too!

Nautica Thorn It is one of my two favorite shots of porn, ever. There's a shot of Teagan that's really good, too. But that box cover is so sexy, so beautiful. It shows your breasts too. I think it's control too.

When I go on the road, I get a lot of those too.

And the tease in there is really good. You've always been a really good tease.

Well, thank you!

You've always been a good tease, ever since the first time I met you and you made me feel your breasts.

Oh yeah, I totally made you. (She laughs)

No, you did, it's on tape. Because I'm shy and don't like to do that.

Well, I've got bigger ones.

Do you? Here, we'll take pictures if I can turn the camera on. I'm too busy staring. I don't know if they're bigger but they're still really nice. Those are them, I remember them. So, all those movies are coming out, we've got www.EnterNautica.com. Anything you want people to know that they don't already know?

I'd really like to know who in the hell is faking MySpaces of me, because I think that's really gay. (She laughs)

Nautica Thorn What is the real one of you?

MySpace.com/NauticaThornXXX. There is even one that has four xs, so make sure you only type in three because all those people are really gay.

Why do you think they do that? Do they want your fans to write in?

I think it's really old fat guys jerking off to all these guys writing in.

Okay, so we'll look for you at MySpace.

Yeah, so don't be gay.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

And I like puzzles!

And she likes puzzles.



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