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Bunny Luv Interview - Bunny's Bio & Movies

After being blow off for three days were are finally sitting down with Pocahontas.

Oh my God, no. Shut up. Bunny Luv

Tell everyone who you are.


Is that what you're calling yourself now?

No, I'm Bunny Luv.

L-U-V, and how are you today?

I'm very spiffy, thank you.

And you look great.

You think so? That rocks.

You look much peppier than you did the other day.

I was so tired that day. It was the drive over and the three hour martini break that did me in.

You're signing with Sineplex.

Yes, they are a new company, but they are starting out the right way. They have Belladonna and Nacho who is a wildcat.

Which movies have you made for Sineplex?

I have done "Bella's Perversions."

That looks like an all-girl movie.

It's all-girl. I only do the lezzie stuff.

You like the pussy huh?

I like a little pussy yeah.

Only little pussies?

No, I like all kinds of pussy, little, big, inside-out, it doesn't matter I'll lick them all.

Inside-out pussy?

I guess that would be a penis huh?

That's where I was going with that.

Hey, I lick penis too, just not on camera. That's for after hours.

No cameras to get in the way.

No stop and go, when I want to get dicked down, I want to get dicked down without a C Light burning the guy's ball hairs.

But that keeps them nice and warm. Bunny Luv

I guess that's true.

In "Bella's Perversions" did you get to work with Bella?

Yes I did. We did a hot, heavy, hard-core girl/girl scene.

She didn't break you in half though?

No, I can take it.

Is that the only movie you have made for Sineplex?

So far yes it is.

Will there be more.


Let's cover the rest of your career. How long have been making movies?

Almost four years now.

About how many movies?

Not very many. Most girls have done five hundred movies in the amount of time I've been in. I've done more magazine work.

Is that what you wanted to do when you started?

Oh yeah.

You did boys for a while…

When I started out...

That wasn't a question. You didn't let me finish.

Doh. I'm a retard, please continue.

You did start out doing boys, but you switched to chicks-only.

Yes, I did boy/girl for about six months with breaks in between. I never did a lot of boy/girl.

How come?

I just wasn't into it.

You don't like guys do you?

I do like them, but off camera. I don't like porn guys. For example me and you could get together later and tear it up.

That's because I am very much not a porn guy.

Exactly. I want a guy that when I'm done boning him, you can ask him if he wants a sandwich and he can actually say yes.

Porn guys don't eat sandwiches? Bunny Luv

No. They are just lacking intelligence. Their whole function is to be a cock, a life-support system for a penis.

Normal guys aren't like that? We have to be more?

Yeah, because when the dick stops working you have to be able to hold a conversation.

Who are some of your favorite women to work with?

Bella and Justine from the Andrew Blake movies.

Do you prefer pretty girls or nasty girls?

I like pretty, nasty girls.

If you could only have one, which would you chose?


Because you can turn a pretty girl nasty, but you can't always make a nasty girl look pretty.

Exactly. How about yourself, which do you prefer.

That's a tough choice.

But see you could just put a bag over her head and do it to her doggy style.

That's it. I actually prefer really ugly women who aren't nasty at all and just lie there.

Like cattle. Do you like them large and in charge?

Actually I like them exactly like you.

Are you saying that I just lay there looking ugly?

Yes, because you are so very homely.

That's me.

I like all kinds of girls, but pretty girls who are boring are no fun to watch.

That's when you have to take their panties off, stuff them in their mouths and slap the shit out of them.

I'll have to try that next time.

You do that.

When you were doing guys did you have any favorites?

TT Boy.

Why him?

He fucking rocks man. He's like a machine.

Is that what you like? Bunny Luv

I like someone with a raging fucking hard-on.

Don't all guys have that when they are around you.

No, there was this gay guy once who didn't have one.

But all straight guys must. I have one right now.

I don't think you do.

Hey, just because it's small, doesn't mean it isn't there.

Is that it right there?

Hey, hand's off.

That isn't it, is it?


Damn, go, go Inspector Gadget huge cock. That is so fucking big it needs a joint in the middle.

I usually just fold it up like a Swiss Army Knife.

That works.

For anyone who hasn't seen you in action, what are some of your best movies?

"Barely Legal 1." I was the first box cover girl for that line. Most of the Hustler movies turned out really good. Andrew Blake's "Vanilla" is another good one.

Do you do a lot of feature work?

I've been doing more of it. I've been doing non-sex roles lately.

Do you like that?

Sure. They pay me good money to walk around with boobs flopping around.

Do you have a web site?


Why not?

Because I suck. Period.

Is that something y you're planning?

If the cards fall into place, but it's not something I am in a hurry to do.

Where did you grow up?


What were you like growing up?

Fucking weird.

Were you a smart ass like now?

Not really.

Do you think people you grew up with would be surprised if they found out what you're doing?

Most of them already know.

They probably remember wanting you back then.

No way. I was flat chested until I was 17 and I was a total pain in the ass.

Like now. Bunny Luv

You mean flat chested?

No, a pain in the ass. You aren't flat chested anymore.

I'm still growing.

How tall are you?

I'm 5'4"



Not a lot of tattoos.

I'm actually covered from head to toe with tattoos, but they are invisible.

How many do you actually have.

One on the back of my neck, one on my ass and one on my ankle.

Do you have plans for any more?

No, I'm done.

What about implants?

No way. I would rather have my tits sag to the floor than get implants. I don't want to be fifty with my body all wrinkly and still have my tits up under my chin. Or like some of the girls where the nipples are pointing every which way. Dude, you know who I'm talking about with the inbred yokel nipples.

Well you have nothing to worry about. Women pay money to have breasts like yours.

They actually take pictures of mine to show their surgeons.

The girls only thing, is that permanent?

Yeah, all of my guys are off screen now.

And you like girls off screen.

Oh yeah. When this is over, I'm heading the bar.

Why the bar?

Alcohol makes women gay. A chick who is drunk will pretend she has never done it before.

So basically men in bars buying girls drinks are just getting other chicks laid?

That's right.

That explains a lot.

What else do you want to talk about?

I don't know.

What do you like to do other than give people a hard time?

I don't know. I'm just a dick dude.

Are you really hard to work with?

Sometimes. A lot of directors get really tense and worry if I am going to show up or if I'm going to walk off their set.

How many times have you walked off a set?

A lot.


Because they treat you like shit.

So when a director treats you like shit, you just leave?

If they try and tell me who I have to work with or change them at the last minute.

Do you always have control over who you work with ahead of time?

Yes. If they change, I will leave.

Are you picky about the girls you work with?

Yeah, I don't want to work with stinky mega-whores.

Like who? Name names.

Are you trying to start some war or something. OK baby Luke Ford.

Why wouldn't I want to know that?

You know what it is? I don't feel like getting some STD from some whore who fucks guys on and off camera without condoms. I've gotten shit from tainted meat.

Don't eat tainted meat.

If some girl is doing gang bangs on the her off time, I don't want to be messing around down there. Would you?


Because it's really bad going to a doctor and trying to explain how you got STD down your throat.

Just bring a fire-hose on set and wash it down.

No, because some of the pussies are so damn toxic that the runoff could pollute the oceans.

(Rog can't seem to stop staring at Bunny's legs or laughing.)

You're entertained aren't you?

I am. Everyone tries so hard to be nice and here you are. Since you won't name bad names, how about some women you really want to fuck.

I don't know. I have fucked so many. I do want to fuck Jenna again. I would love to fuck Janine, but I think she's retired. She is so hot.

That would work. Anything else you want to say?

Fuck you, good night, viva Las Vegas.

I think that about covers it.

Bunny's Bio & Movies