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Hillary Scott Interview 2007

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Hillary Scott 2007 (: Just moments after receiving her RogReviews.com Critic's Choice Award as Best Female Performer 2006 (and two days before getting the same award from AVN) Hillary Scott (www.ClubHillaryScott.com) sits down for a great chat. She addresses those horrible internet rumors that she just doesn't like me, talks about her starrin roles in "Corruption." and "Britney Rears 3: Britney Gets Shafted", gives us her thoughts on intteracial scenes and even lets me sample her new boobs.

Hillary Scott INTERVIEW: Hillary Scott

Hillary's Movies

Hold on, I didn't get that on tape. You're going to do what to me?

I'm going to suck your dick and gag on it and choke on it.

Maybe you can make me appreciate that in a way that I haven't before.

I'm sure that I am capable of that.

Perhaps I just haven't had the proper gagging blowjob.

I think that is your problem.

We will have to fix that later. For those people who don't know who I am talking to let's introduce you. I'm speaking with…

Hillary Scott.

The most recent winner of the RogReviews Critic's Choice Award as Best Female Performer. Congratulations.

Thank you very much.

You had a fantastic year this year.

I did all right.

You did "Corruption " which was a great movie. Are there some other titles you're proud of?

"Britney Rears 3" did all right.

That's right, you are the new Britney Rears , but you didn't give up your identity to play the character.

Fuck no. It's just a character in a movie. I'm still Hillary.

That movie also won an award from www.CAVR.com

Yes it did, movie of the year.

You're all over the place.

I'm trying to be.

Let's talk a little about "Corruption " because that movie and it really showed off your acting ability. "Britney Rears 3 " showed off your acting skills, but you were being funny and light.

I was being a dumb horny blonde.

So completely opposite from you except for the blonde part and the horny part.

Yeah. Hillary Scott

"Corruption " was a much darker movie and there was some serious acting there.


When you were approached with the role, how did you feel? Were you nervous about it at all?

No. I am probably overly confident in my acting skills. I love acting, I always have. I haven't had a lot of opportunities in porn to really be an actor. I've done well and I'm proud of myself. When I approached about this role I knew I had to read for it. I took the script home and memorized it. When it came time for my reading Bryn says that I blew him away. I knew all of my lines and all of my deliveries were right. I even did my breakdown scene for him. I went in with confidence.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, it shows you in a different light. You haven't had the chance to play anything that serious. Very few people in porn have had a chance to play anything this serious. It's a very dark movie.

It's very, very dark, but there is a rumor that there might be a sequel and that I just might get my revenge. It might be a little more light-hearted, we'll see.

Maybe Corruption 2. That would take a little work.

It would take a lot of work.

"Britney Rears 3 " is the other high profile thing you did. It's a successful series and you took over for part three. Any concerns about that.


You just took the character?

I said "give it to me, it's mine." I am Britney Rears God Damn it! (She laughs) I don't know.

Did you get to do your own singing for the movie?


Would you want to do your own singing?

No. No one would want me to sing.

Can you sing the Britney Rears theme song for us?

No. I refuse to.


I won't even hum it because it will get stuck in my head for days and I don't want that.


I don't even know the words and don't tell me.

You don't know the words to your own them song?

Come on. I am sure it's in my brain. I have blocked it out of my memory.

You are too scared. I have stumped you with a question. She can't sing her own theme song.


Did you do your own dancing?

I did that.

Hillary Scott That's good. What are some other movies people should for? Anal Princess Diaries comes to mind.

Part one and part two. What the hell else did I do? I always forget when I talk about them, I forget, but I've got hundreds out there.

Anyone reading this can look you up. You've done so many movies that it's ridiculous. Anal Princess Diaries was fun though. You looked really cute in both of them.

Thank you very much.

Writing in your diary and being a total slut. Totally against type I'm sure. More great acting.

No comment.

You won Best Female Performer on my site and will probably take home the same award at AVN this weekend in part because of these acting roles, but also because sexually you're a gonzo girl.

I think that's kind of what sets me apart, my versatility. This year I've done everything. I've covered all of the bases in porn. I've done hard core gonzo, I've done the young girl stuff, I've done the features, I've done everything. What else could I do?

You haven't done MILF porn yet.

You know I think there is one out there and I'm even on the box cover. So I've done that too.

What are you, twenty two?

I'm twenty-three.

How long have you been in the business?

Two years.

And is it true that you just don't like me?

Why do you think that?

That rumor has been out there forever.

No. If I didn't like you, you would be well aware of it. You would know.

People think you don't like me.

People just don't get my sense of humor. I write comments once in a while about what you say about my blowjobs. I think it's funny because you're so convinced that it's a fake noise and that I'm doing it on purpose. You say that I do it when the penis isn't even at the back of my throat. I don't even think about it. I just suck a dick and that's what happens. Come on.

Sometimes you make that noise when there is not even a dick in your mouth.

I don't know how it is when you're sucking cock, but when I'm sucking cock and it's hitting the back of my throat and I'm swallowing and spitting all over it, I make noises, I'm not thinking about it. There is nothing I do in my scenes that I put any thought into. It is whatever I am in the mood for in that moment, whatever comes naturally.

So everyone else is just copying what you do naturally?

That's right. They're posers man.

That's a fair answer. Hillary Scott

(She laughs) Everyone wants to be an anal princess.

Let's see if you have selective porn-girl memory. What else do I always say in addition to commenting on the noise thing?

That I'm really hot and could be even hotter if I stop the fake gagging.

At least you remember the good things too.

Of course I do.

Most people only remember the bad things.

It's funny because you know this about me. When I read your reviews it's almost like you emphasize that part just a little bit more to make sure I understand. I do, I don't take offense to it. I think it's funny.

It's not you, it's the hundreds of people who email me nasty things every time. "How can you not think she's beautiful?" Did you not read the other two thousand words? I have to wonder how many times I have to say that Hillary Scott is so fucking hot. They don't get it.

It's not even anything against me. It's your preference and your taste.

If you are the originator then I apologize, but all those posers have to go.

It just comes with the gonzo genre and the hardcore sex it requires. Some girls think that they have to fake those noises. There are fake noises. There is a difference. I will acknowledge that.

There is male talent out there that you can hear on set telling them to make the noises.

Yeah. I do acknowledge that. I'm saying that I'm different.

Hillary says that with her it's real and I'm not going to call her a liar. She can show me later.


If you can gag on this, then I'll know.

We'll see.

You also did a Brady Bunch movie.

Yes I did.

You got to play Marcia.

Yes I did.

Alana Evans plays your mom. She's like what, seven years older than you?

Not much older. It was kind of weird.

It was you and Aurora Snow and Leah Luv.

Aurora was Jan and Leah played Cindy.

That should be out soon I believe. I was supposed to go to the set that day, but I couldn't I was very sad.

You missed out. Hillary Scott

I loved the Brady Bunch as a kid and you guys look so great in the production stills.

It's really fun, a lot of the sets look just like the real Brady sets. They were really simple so it wasn't that hard to imitate. It was really kind of creepy almost.

I saw some pictures of Aurora. She looked great.

Yeah she did. There is a trailer over at the Hustler booth.

I hear you directed a movie. Tell us about that.

It's for Sex Z Pictures. It will be out in March of this year and it is called "Extreme Asshole Makeover." (She laughs) I love everyone's reaction to it.

Is it an asshole getting an extreme makeover or a makeover of an extreme asshole?

It is the extreme makeover an asshole.

So the makeover itself is extreme not the asshole. You haven't taken a nasty asshole and made it over.

(She laughs) No, that's not it.

I'm just over-examining the grammar of your movie title. What exactly do you do in the movie?

In this movie, unlike Anal Princess Diaries I am only in one scene. I stay behind the camera so that I can actually direct. I am in it and get my asshole made over by Sledgehammer. We also have Marie Luv, Sierra Sinn, Sammie Rhodes and Sandra Romain in a girl/girl which was the most crazy scene of the movie, Nadia Styles and Aaralyn Barra.

Nice. So the male talent alters assholes in a way that would be considered a makeover.

Yes they do.

You worked with Sledge. That is a very large penis.

Yes it is. To be honest, I've been doing these features lately instead of gonzo. I have a like a born again virgin asshole. It takes so long to get anything up there. I can't believe it's still this tight after all I've done to it. I'm grateful.

I'm afraid I can't take your word for it. I'm going to have to try it out later.

Sure, you can sample it.

You're up for pretty much every award possible. You do interracial scenes.


There are those who say that it hurts a career if you do interracial.

Hillary Scott I think it's just the opposite. It hurts your career if you don't. You're isolating an entire audience. Plus you pretty much make yourself look like a racist bitch. What "I'm not going to do black guys because it's bad for my career"? How do you say that in public and not feel like an asshole? I don't discriminate. I love all penis. All penis is welcome in the holes.

If you see Hillary on the street please don't take this as an open invitation. All penis is welcome with an invitation.

(She laughs) Yes, at least wait for the invitation.

It would be safe to say that you definitely disagree with the idea that interracial is bad for careers.

I think that it's absurd. Come on, you've got girls like Janine doing interracial.

It took her fifteen years, but it took her fourteen years to do guys.

She's cool.

Who are your favorites to work with?

Out of the boys I would have to say pretty much all of the European guys because they're freaky and they don't speak much English. For me that is great for random sex on set. If you get to know them too well on a personal level, it takes away from the excitement. They almost become like a second boyfriend. It's just supposed to be casual sex.

So you don't want to know your co-stars too well.


You just want them to do their job and be gone?


See, I'm perfect. I won't even tell you anything about me. I'll get in there, be done in three seconds and go home.

There you go.

How about girls?

I like Sandra Romain, Sammie Rhodes, Sierra Sinn. I put them all in my movie because they are my favorites. I have worked with a lot of Vivid Girls lately. I worked with Lanny Barbie and she totally worked me over more than most gonzo girls do. Sunrise or Sunset, I forget which.

Sunrise. Sunset is her aunt.

I get them mixed up. I've been doing a lot of girl/girl lately.

So the Vivid Girls gave you a run for your money?

Oh yeah. And Sunny, she is like the horniest lezbo ever. Any time I'm in her presence I am constantly getting molested. I don't know what everyone is talking about. Vivid Girls are nasty.

Maybe it's the company that holds them back.

I think it's the editors. Hardcore sex does happen on Vivid sets I swear. It just doesn't find its way to the movie.

Hillary may have uncovered the conspiracy behind Vivid Video. It is the editors' fault that we see only softness.


Anyone you would like to work with but haven't yet? Hillary Scott

Stormy Daniels. She is my porn idol. A lot of girls like Jenna, but Stormy is my idol.

Stormy is doing great work behind the camera. You're following in her footsteps.

She is all over the place. It would be awesome to be Stormy, but I'm too crazy and dirty.

Too crazy and dirty?

Yeah, she is like the politically correct porn star. She is perfect for mainstream.

Any guys you haven't worked with yet?

Are you a performer?

I can be.

Well come on.

I'm just waiting for someone to give me my big break.

I actually have a video camera in my room. Do you want to do a little POV scene?

Why not?


I was just told that William H is shooting a POV male masturbation line for Elegant Angel. It's the last uncharted sea for porn.

Is he doing the soundtrack too?

I think so. So other than me, anyone else you want to fuck?

Rocco, Nacho, those guys. I think I've worked with everyone else.

You worked with Sledge. Is he the biggest guy you've worked with?

No. I've worked with Mandingo, Jack Napier, Shane Diesel.

You are just a little slut for big dicks and a big slut for little dicks.

I'm pretty much a big slut all the way around.

I know. That is why we love and it's why you're winning awards. You are a beautiful slut who can act.

Thank you very much.

Do you have a web site?


Are there dancing dates there? Do we dance?

I haven't yet, but I probably will in the future.

Do you karaoke Britney Rears songs?

I do not. Hillary Scott

I want you to sing for me.

No you don't.

Sing something for me.

Why would you want to do that to yourself?

Because you're a pop star.

I'm a horrible singer. I'm a fake pop star.

Some of us still believe in the power of Britney Rears .

Britney Rears isn't real.

We just can't figure out why you look different now.

Because I don't have the lollipop.

Speaking of different. About a year ago you altered or enhanced, depending on your point of view a certain area of your body.


Why did you do that?

I wanted big beautiful tits so I went out and bought them.

You had beautiful tits already.

They weren't big. I wanted to have nice cleavage.

You have that now. (Rog sticks his finger into Hillary's cleavage.)

Have you felt my boobs yet?

I have not.

Feel my boobs. Hillary Scott

(Rog feels her boobs) Wow.

Squish them.

Those are really, wow. I'm just going to stay here all day.

Aren't they great?

Oh my God, they really are amazing. I'll bet those would feel really good right…well later, during our POV scene.

(She laughs)

Is there anything else you want to talk about?

I think we covered it all.

Is there anyone you would never want to work with?

I'm not answering that.

Fair enough. Is there anything you would not do?

I won't do anything that is illegal.

So no children, no animals. What about double anal?

I've done it.

Would you do it again?


How about a gang bang?

I will eventually, but so far I've only done about five guys and I'm happy with that number.

At what point does a group of guys become a gang bang?

I think a gang bang is about ten guys.

So when you do your gang bang, you're going for the full dozen.

For me, as a porn fan when there are that many guys it becomes a gay porno. You see more guys than girls. Even when I'm directing DP's it's like the man ass, eww.

Man ass is not a good thing. We don't want to see the man ass.

It's about the dick in those movies and I need to be worshipped.

Are you an attention whore?

I am and I'm not. No. I am, but it's not because I think I deserve it. It's just funny. Like calling myself an anal princess and being Britney Rears is just fucking hilarious to me. I don't take it seriously.

How does it feel knowing that most everyone walking by you today has at one time or another jacked off to you? Some of us more than a thousand times in the last week.

It's good for my ego I guess.

Hillary Scott Is that something you even though about before porn?


You know that there were guys long before porn who were going home and spanking it.

Right. I didn't think about a lot of things until I got into porn.

How did you get into porn?

Totally random. I fantasized about it when I was really young like eleven. I never really though of pursuing it until I was working in a bank. I was selling mortgages. I got bored and I got fired. At that point I met a guy who knew agents. It sounded interesting.

It was probably really tough to get you work, looking the way you do.

I started doing anal right away. My first scene was anal.

Did you have any clue that you could have gone the other way from the start?

Yeah, but I didn't care. I didn't think I was that cute. I wasn't. It took a while to know what was good on camera.

If you say so.

I didn't know what kind of work I was going to get. I didn't know if I was going to like it, so I decided to just do what I like and see what happens. I didn't have a plan. I still don't have a plan. I don't think of this as a career. I'm fucking and people are paying me and it's fun. There you go.

Anything else we should know about you? When did you first have anal sex?


Was it a good experience?

I was slightly intoxicated.

Which is probably the best way to have anal sex.

It was feeling pretty good, but I think it got a little messy.

As it will do in real life.

Usually I get lucky, but I think I was so intoxicated that I didn't notice.

And you're so hot that the guy didn't care.

At least he didn't say anything.

Hillary Scott We will finish this with a final question. What is something that no one knows about Hillary Scott?

I don't know. I'm such an honest person that I don't keep any secrets.

I stumped you with the question.

That no one knows about me? That I am really not slutty in my personal life. I pretty much get all of my causal sex out of the way in porn. I'm such a prude. When I decide to sleep with you, then it's just as crazy, but I am a lot more selective in my personal life.

That doesn't bode well for me.

I already made a promise to you and it will be on camera so we're set.

All right. Everyone visit www.ClubHillaryScott.com and we'll be looking for you movies including Britney Rears 3 , Corruption and Extreme Asshole Makeover.

Thank you Rog.

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NEW: Audio Inerview With Hillary Scott now available! Listen to interview