2002 Empire Awards



The time has come for our third annual awards show, and we want you to be a part of it!

We are asking each reviewer to send in the names of no more than three titles for each of our categories listed below. To be eligible for a nomination, the rules are simple: The title must have been released on DVD between December 1st, 2001 and December 1st, 2002. The deadline for getting to us the names of titles which you would like to have considered for nomination is December 31st, 2002. Simply e-mail us at shannonn@dvdempire.com before that date and the title will be considered in the nomination process. No entries after December 31st will be accepted.

Shortly after December 31st (Date TBA) the nominees for the awards will be announced. The nominees for each category will be selected from a combination of studio suggested titles and votes from our Adult Empire Awards voting staff, made up of the top Empire Reviewers from our site and other top adult reviewers on the internet. Once the nominations have been made, award ballots will be sent out to the Empire Awards voting staff and the votes will be returned for tabulation by our in-house staff.

A short definition of each category has been provided to help guide reviewers in the kind of nominations we are looking for. Should you have any further questions about a category, feel free to e-mail me.

The winners of the 2002 Adult DVD Empire Awards will be announced at a location and date TBA in Early 2003, and of course, here on the ADE website.

The categories for 2002 are as follows:

Adult DVD Empire Awards

2002 Category Listing

Best Overall DVD – The best overall DVD, taking into account the actual movie, the video and audio quality and the amount and quality of the bonus features.

Viewer’s Choice Award -Determined by our customers…do not submit nominees for this category.

Best Feature DVD – The best overall DVD Feature, using the criteria from the overall category.

Best All-Sex DVD – The best overall All-Sex DVD, using the criteria from the overall category.

Best Interactive DVD – The DVD that provides the most interactivity for the viewer…should provide both a wealth of options, and be easy to use.

Best Gonzo DVD – The best overall gonzo DVD, using the criteria from the overall category.

Best Foreign DVD* – The best overall foreign DVD, using the criteria from the overall category.

Best Classic DVD – The best overall classic DVD, using the criteria from the overall category. A Classic should be designated as such on the box, or be classified as such on our site…generally a Classic is a movie that was made prior to 1990, with a few notable exceptions from the early 90’s.

Best Fetish DVD – The best overall Fetish DVD, using the criteria from the overall category. Fetish range anywhere from bondage to transsexual DVDs, and everything in between…check out the fetish section of our site to see what titles qualify.

Best Gay DVD – The best overall Gay DVD, using the criteria from the overall category.

Best DVD Extras – The DVD that has the best extras, not only extras that are numerous, but those that are relevant to the film in question.

Best DVD Video Quality – This is for the quality of the TRANSFER…not the film-style of the director.

Best DVD Studio – The studio that is providing the best quality DVDs…emphasizing the quality of the discs, not necessarily the quality of the movies that are on the discs!

Best Selling DVD (between Dec.1st 2001 – Dec. 1st 2002) – Determined by ADE sales…do not submit nominations for this category.

Best DVD Menu Design – Your chance to vote for those DVDs that have a really cool menu that is also easy to navigate.

Best Audio Quality DVD – Like the video quality category, this is for the audio transfer to DVD…NOT for the music contained in the movie, or the choices made by the director.

Best DVD Commentary – The best commentary track on an adult DVD.

Editor’s Choice Award – This winner will be one DVD selected from our “Editor’s Picks” for the year – do not submit nominations for this category.

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