Falling From Grace


Falling From Grace



106 Mins


DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong


THEMES: Hookers, Priests




STARS: Sydnee Steele, Stephanie Swift, Nicole Sheridan, Jessica Drake, Felecia, Kitten, Stormy, Brad Armstrong, Randy Spears, Dillon, Voodoo, Joey Ray.


Brad Armstrong makes a living shooting pretty, MTV style porn flicks, but he does make his share of features. This one is either a feature or a whole vid with priests as the them. I highly doubt that Wicked would green light a movie like that, but a scripted movie with such themes is OK. Religious themes aren’t touched very often in modern porn and recently it’s only been done in an over the top manner. (Nothing subtle about Tomas Zupko having nuns sodomized.) Armstrong also takes a turn in front of the camera in this movie, joining Wicked Contract Girls Sydnee Steele and Stephanie Swift in the lead roles. He also hired over-used and worn out Felecia to give her usual dreary veggie scene, but was wise enough to add Nicole Sheridan to the mix. It seems that she’s only working with Voodoo these days, but they always turn in great scenes together.

We open with Brad out for a jog while Sydnee Steel and Dillon Day (Tell me he hasn’t dropped his fucking last name like a Vivid Girl) going at it on the couch. She gives him a head and then rides his face while jerking him off. It’s a pretty unremarkable scene that feels more like filler at the end of the credits than something we’re supposed to enjoy. He just sort of pounds away until he’s worked up a full sweat and then shoots cum onto her titties.

When Brad comes home he finds Sydnee and Dillon naked and runs out. We flash ahead five years and he has dealt with her infidelity in his own way. Sydnee comes knocking on his door trying to explain. While she talks, he is getting ready for work and at the end of her little speech the bomb is dropped. He’s a priest now and he sends her away.

Elsewhere in the city, Joey Ray sits I the car having his cock sucked by Kitten. She is in a big hurry because time is money. Even though the working girl is doing her best, he holds out for a while before letting her stroke a big load into her fist and mouth. Father Brad shows up in the red light district to counsel some of the girls, but it seems that they aren’t listening to his message.

Sydnee shows up in church, still trying to explain and still on the prowl for the man she still loves. They share some pretty good dialog, but he has to take confession. First into the booth is Stephanie Swift who has to confess her wicked deeds to him. It isn’t her many sinful trysts with men that has Steph in the booth, but her current lesbian relationship that is causing her so much pain. This takes us to the aforementioned mandatory scene with Felecia. It would be bad enough for Armstrong to waste Stephanie in a veggie scene, but to totally throw her away on a scene with Felecia is more unforgivable than anything the cute brunette could do with her worn out lesbian lover. Nice toy play and a lot of eye candy when Stephanie is the focus is not enough to overcome the presence of a woman who really should turn her attentions to the feature dance circuit.

Brad is seriously considering leaving the church for Sydnee and he turns to another priest (Mike Horner) for help. As always, Horner handles his dialog brilliantly, adding some well needed acting to this feature. Needing more help, he calls his jogging buddy Randy Spears. He agrees, but decides to give his cute blonde girlfriends (Stormy) a tumble first. Sliding down between her legs, Randy gives her a good licking before seeing what she can do with that mouth of hers. She gives good hand, but her sucking is a bit shallow and not all that hot. Her body is a bit thick, but looks pretty inviting during the reverse cowgirl. They do a little spooning before he fires his load onto her backside.

Randy gives Brad some advice and though it’s different from what he got from Horner, it’s puts him no closer to an answer. He agrees to meet with Sydnee and we get another very long dialog scene. There are a few too many of these already, but it moves the plot along to the inevitable next step. Sydnee lays it on thick and he can’t stop her from going down and sucking his cock. I’m not sure, but somehow I think cumming in a woman’s mouth is just now allowed but he does it anyway. (Go ahead; insert your favorite pedo/priest joke here.)

With his life spiraling out of control, Brad turns to the people who need him most. That takes us back the dark alley where Voodoo is having his cock double teamed by a couple of hot working girls, Nicole Sheridan and Jessica Drake. These two women are the best looking chicks in the flick and they are both all tarted up and having fun passing that cock back and forth. Voodoo bends Nicole over a car, lifts her dress and takes liberties with her pussy. Jessica is next and she faces the camera while riding that big pole. Give Jessica a lot of credit for being able to stick with one the most energetic couples in all of porn. Nicole takes over, standing on one leg and getting slam fucked until it’s time for the girls to share a big load. This is easily the best sex scene of the movie.

Eventually their desire is too strong and Sydnee gets her shot at Brad. Since we’ve already seen her suck his cock once, this is a just more of the same. Syd gives decent on screen head with some nice hand action. When he’s good and wet they slip a condom on and she starts riding. Still in his full robe, Brad does a nice job of holding back. When he flips Sydnee onto her back and goes tonally naked the really hard strokes start. He pulls out and leaves his liquid love all over her belly.

Like most of Armstrong’s features this one is a little heavy on the dialog. There are some well acted scenes and some that aren’t so well done. I do give him credit for taking a potentially controversial theme and handling it really well. This isn’t a religious fetish movie, but there is some good tension created by the characters. Sexually there are just a few highlights. Nicole and Jessica turn in the best scene by a long shot. It’s the only one that rises above typical feature fodder. Sydnee does a better job with her dialog than the sex scenes. The biggest waste here is Stephanie Swift. Throwing her away on a veggie scene with Felecia may be the only unforgivable sin in Falling From Grace.


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