The 5th Horseman



The 5th Horseman


115 Mins.

Simon Wolf

DIRECTOR: Evan Stone

THEMES: Plot, Outdoor Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Avy Scott, Zana, Ashley Long, Pantera, Alexis Malone, Hunter Young, Gala Cruz, Evan Stone, Dale Dabone, Joey Ray, Randy Spears and Steve Hatcher.


So far I’ve been very impressed by the Simon Wolf features I’ve seen. They always have decent scripts and are smart enough to hire some very good sexual performers to make sure the heat is there in between dialog. For this feature., Avy Scott fits that bill perfectly. This girl is probably the hottest rookie of 2002 and is getting some high profile roles that will only help her gain the recognition she deserves. DVD fans have to be pleased by the bonus content included on their discs as well. They have taken care of the technical end of things and at least come into each movie with a better than average chance at giving us a nicely done, sexually hot feature. On the other hand, are evil spirits really the sort of thing great porn can be built upon?

Though voice over, we learn that something horrible has happened to a woman. A mysterious rider rolls down the highway towards the town of Tombstone to collect her things, avenge her death and bring her home. Meanwhile in town, Zana is trying to pay mechanic Steve Hatcher, but apparently he wants his payment in pussy because she strips down and spreads her legs on the hood for him to get a taste. Once he has completed this task, Hatch grabs a condom and slips it over his unit. She is growling like a beast as he slides into her from behind and starts pumping. There are some nice shots during the long standing doggy and some reverse cowgirl at the car door. Steve pulls her back out of the car and faces her so he can slide right up her ass. Zana does some pretty hot talk and then lets him rip his rubber off and shoot all over her face.

Hatcher is the first to buy it and as the mysterious apparition stands over the flames he things back to another time. In this memory, Evan Stone and perky breasted brunette. They go into a hacienda and fall into bed. Obviously we know that this girl is going to meet some tragic end, but for now we just get to enjoy watching him lick her little box until it’s dripping. It’s clear that they are in love by the way she sucks his cock and licks his balls. This girl is pretty cute and really works his cock with her mouth, far outshining Zana in this department and making me hope she sticks around long enough to give us a second scene. The girl is already sweaty as she starts riding his cock, but that only adds to the visual beauty as she moves into doggy. After a spirited fuck, he pulls out and she takes a wad on her smiling, sweaty face.

The next stop for the spirit is a barn where he picks up her helmet and watches Randy Spears give a pony tailed blonde a roll in the loft. This girl starts out sucking and is nearly as impressive as the last one. She has a pretty face and gives great eye contact. (I’m pretty sure this is Hunter Young by the way.) I love her little country girl outfit as well, especially the way the shorts hug her cute little butt. Randy wants to return the favor and spends a few minutes flicking his tongue over her clit before sticking his dick into her. Randy slides on a condom and they really give an enthusiastic fuck. The blonde babe moves her hips hard to meet his thrusts and takes everything he’s got. They slow down a bit when she gets on top, but quickly build the momentum up again until it is time to dribble onto her face.

In a very moody and somewhat pretentious scene, the wraith-like rider blows into a bar, takes off his helmet and downs a shot while Dale DeBone, Joey Ray and Ashley Long watch. There are a lot of clever reflection shots in this scene, but director Stone proves that too much of a good thing just doesn’t really work. When Evan finishes his drink and leaves the remaining three get down to business. The dirty blonde does a very nice job with her mouth, sucking both dicks to full mast in no time at all. She moves her head back and forth so fast that neither of them has to wait more than a few seconds before his dick is back between her hungry lips. Joey pushes her up onto a table, takes down her panties and starts licking her slit while Dale just keeps on enjoying her mouth. Her shaved pussy is really juicy and sweet looking as Joey fucks it slowly. Everyone switches places so that Dale can slam her from behind while she is bent over the table sucking Joey. The energy level builds at they pump the tall blonde. She finally mounts again and goes for a rather hard DP. Facials are the order of the day in this flick and Ashley takes a good pair.

Out in the trailer park, a couple of sexy blondes enjoy some time by a blow up pool. The scenes have sort of lost focus in terms of the plot, but if you have been waiting for some veggie action, this is your change. The girls look good and they both seem to like licking shaved girl parts so it’s nice enough scene. Either one of these girls would have looked great doing boy/girl, but we are running out of time.

Once he has all of her belongings, Evan wanders into a field and his lost love is magically resurrected. One look at Avy Scott and you can see why he would go to all this trouble. She is beautiful with an awesome body and a great rack. Evan slides into her right away and starts pumping. Her big tits shake wildly as Evan’s strokes grow quicker. For an even better look at this babe check out how hot she is when she’s on top. After a quick doggy, he leaves the load right on her pretty face. In spite the lack of oral action, this is a hot scene and Avy is such a babe that she is perfect for the finale.

There might be an interesting story here, but it gets bogged down a little by trying to say too much with too little dialog. Stone does a lot of things right here, but also misses far too often. I like some of the creative shots, but if you overuse reflections you don’t look clever, just desperate for attention. His apparition is silent and ends up looking more like the Terminator than an avenging demon. The girls in this movie are really cute. I like Avy a lot so one scene is really not enough. On the other hand it’s a pretty hot one. There are plenty of good moments to make this a decent feature, mostly for couples, but it falls short of some of the really great cross over features Simon Wolf has brought us in the past.

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