Lex the Impaler 4

Lex the Impaler 4


210 Mins.

Jules Jordan Video


DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Dicks




STARS: Jenny Hendrix, Gianna, Lisa Ann, Kelly Divine, Tiffany Mynx, Raven Black & Lexington Steele



Jules and Lex have teamed up for a second time this year for another brilliant bit of porn. This fourth volume of the Impaler series is so good that is should probably be on everyone’s must-see list. The weakest scenes of the movie are still better than just about anything on the market. Each disc has two home runs, two near home runs and a couple of solid doubles. That’s a pretty good day by anyone’s standards. We get to see Lisa Ann gets her mature curvy body slammed full of Lex‘s meat. Jenny Hendrix puts her sweet young flesh to the test with the big meat deep in her folds. Raven Black and Kelly Divine prove that they are as hungry for dick as anyone. Best of all we get a pair of scenes that are white hot. Tiffany Mynx hooks up with a Lex in a hall of fame battle. Tiff proves ready for the challenge and lets her ass get stretched and wrecked in the movie’s opening volley. Gianna brings her beyond perfect tits and wild sexual energy to a scene that will have everyone reaching for the lube from start to finish. This is one of the best DVDs of 2008 and proves that both Jules and Lex are still at the top of their games. It also proves that Tiffany Mynx can still fuck with the best of them and that Gianna Michaels is still the most underrated performer in the industry.

Tiffany Mynx

Here’s a superstar match up for the ages. Tiffany has her hall of fame body in a sexy little outfit and is just purring in anticipation for what is in store for her. Before she gets any dick, Jules lets her strut around the house showing off her ass on the stairs, on the floor and anywhere she feels like. By the time Lex shows up Tiffany is so hot that she forgets the little scenario and just takes his cock out. Tiffany has long been one of the best cock suckers in the business and she has her hands (and mouth) full here. Working as much of his meat into her mouth as she can, Ms. Mynx delivers a stellar suck job. She also spends time licking and sucking those balls before finally turning him loose on her pussy. He gives her a few strokes there but wants more head before he fucks her properly. She gets in his lap and rides his pole like she’s fucking and lapdancing at the same time. Taking a short break, she shimmies out of her outfit and backs her ass up on his lap. Lex fucks her cheeks, sliding that dick into her crack before pushing it back into Tiff’s pussy. It’s her ass he wants though and that is a real challenge. They get into some standing face to face anal that is just white hot. The RCA here is spectacular and by the time Tiffany drains that big cock into her mouth I’m already hoping that this scene is eligible for top honors in 2008. It’s just fucking perfect from start to finish.

Kelly Divine

Kelly is in a tough spot after that last scene. She has a sexy bubble butt though and swings it around like she is ready to play with the big boys. There is a dildo attached to a glass wall so she starts warming up a little bit. Lex replaces the fake dick with the real thing and Kelly gets to work. She does a nice job, but after Tiffany this scene is a big step down heat wise. Lex fucks that big ass hard for a long time, bending her over the kitchen counter and really putting her to the test. This is a good scene for sure and impressive in that she takes on the big cock with her butt. It just suffers a bit by being surrounded by incredible scenes. Kelly takes that load on her face and should be quite proud of the work she has done.

Jenny Hendrix

Having already fucked on of the all time ass queens of porn, Lex gets to nail one of the current ass queens in the same movie. Jenny looks beautiful and has an ass that you just can’t miss. Lex jiggles it for the camera while he kisses Jenny and enjoys the charms on the other side of her pretty body. Can she take it? As she sits on his lap stroking his dick between her legs it looks like it might come all the way up to her tits if she were to ride it balls deep. It doesn’t quite go that far, but she clearly is being filled like never before when Lex starts pumping away. Once she gets used to it, Jenny just bounces away like she has never had so much fun in her life. We get some killer ass bounce footage as she rides his lap and then doggy shots on the stairs. By now Jenny is used to that big thing and totally in her element. If there was any doubt that she would be able to handle Lex, Jenny leaves that in the rear view mirror during this brilliant fuck scene. She begs for his cum on her face and then plays with the big load. This scene isn’t quite as hot as Tiffany’s, but it is damn close.


Just as Disc 1 opened with a hall of fame match up, disc two features a clash of the sexual titans. Gianna Michaels is a sexual dynamo with the biggest and best natural tits in the biz. Lex matches that with the biggest cock in the land and the result is magic. She has her dangerous curves packed into a too tight dress that shows off everything beautifully. Jules lets her know that it’s going to a meeting of the 9th Wonders of the World and Gianna knows just who he is talking about. It’s no secret that Lex likes working with Gianna almost as much as she loves working with him. Their chemistry is always good and that makes for one hell of a fine scene. He feeds her the meat and Gianna attacks it with her usual vigor. When it is wet enough Lex slides that big cock between her tits for the perfect meeting of the wonders. Lex lifts her onto the couch and slowly works his long rod deep into her pussy. It doesn’t take long for him to reach full ramming speed though. This might break some girls in half, but Gianna loves every hard stroke. Gianna gets on top and squat fucks him, dangling her huge tits in his face while she jerks him off with her twat. This kind of energy translates well to any position, but with Gianna on top, her big tits steal the show and we get another reason this movie should be on your must-own list. Capping off this stellar scene, Gianna sucks his load right out of his dick and wears it on her face. As good as Tiffany’s? Better? You decide.

Lisa Ann

We’ve seen Jules shoot the “appraiser” set up before. Lisa Ann is there to check out the house, but what she really wants is to check out Lex‘s big dick. They don’t waste much time before getting busy in the kitchen. She leaves her glasses on and stays dressed a while to play up the older, experience businesswoman thing. He lifts her up onto the counter, spreads those long legs and starts fucking her hot twat. I really like this footage. Lisa’s got that full curvy figure and shows great energy as Lex pounds into her from behind. They move to the bedroom with a lot of ass tease as she goes up the stairs. Lex gets her in bed and lets Lisa ride his prick while her tits bounce in his face. Lisa is ready to fuck and jerks him off with her pussy during some standing reverse cowgirl. She wraps her big tits around his dick and pumps them up and down until he is ready to unload all over her face. I’m hit and miss on Lisa Ann, but this one is definitely a big, big hit.

Raven Black

Hot swinger and confirmed BBC slut Raven Black is ready to take on the very best. She is ready to open her mouth and take his cock while she plays with her tits. Her enthusiasm is fantastic and it is nice to see Jules pulling talent from the internet and giving them a shot at something this high profile. Lex works the dick up into her. This is another example of a good scene that suffers because it is surrounded by sheer greatness. Raven rides his lap, fucking every inch of that dick. She is so good that she gets one load from him in the middle of the scene and then a second round of fucking. He pulls her on top and lets her ride that big thing until she can hardly take any more. Lex unloads with another wad for her face. Good scene, but it doesn’t quite hold up to the best of the best in this brilliant effort.

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