Reader Email: Military Dad Responds to Ron’s Blast

Reader Email: Reply to Ron Riggins

Proud Military Parent Takes Issue with Ron’s “no life, no family” Comments

A week ago I posted some stuff from a fantasy football board that got a number of you fired up. (Post Here). First I want to apologize for even printing it. Looking back it was something that I should have filed in the “too pointless to bother with” file. I posted the “Let’s Say Thanks” message on this site and got great responses. I also posted it over on the FFB board because I think it’s worth a few seconds to say thanks. I should have known better because this guy is the sort who has to piss on everything. I’m not entirely sure why, but I am starting to think it was a mistake to give his petty little snipes the attention that I did.
I have more to say, but I think that Sherm probably says it much better than I could. He read Ron Riggins’ comments about how those who serve in the military are fools, didn’t take kindly to Ron’s implications that only those with no loved ones or friends should serve and has plenty to say about the rest of Ron’s blast. Reading Sherm’s email I realized that I should have let Ron’s BS rot on a board where only a few people could see it. His words were mean spirited, petty and hurtful to people who matter. He likes taking shots at me, but that’s fine. I’ve head much worse over the years, from people I actually give a shit about. To those who were offended, I apologize. Thank you Sherm, for your family’s sacrifice and for helping me to see the error of my ways. I only hope Ron can see the error of his.

Sherm Writes

Hey Rog,

Great stuff as usual, even shows you have an ever-forgiving soul to even print that asshole’s e-mail.

It is only through the military that we continue to be able to be free and have the right, yes even assholes like Ron, to express our thoughts and opinions, no matter how far off base they may be.

As you probably figured I would, I take great offense to the way Ron speaks about our troops and the men and women that make up the military. So he is saying that my son, who has served four tours of duty in Iraq, went there because he has no family and no one cares about him?? Let me tell you something Ron, my boy has had so much love and support and respect from people he doesn’t even know, just because they respect what he does for us. Ron, obviously you are in rarefied air when it comes to ignorant assholes, but you do need to be corrected, as most of the men and women who serve this great country have families. They have mothers, father, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and so on, and yes they have a life. Some have joined to make a better life and what better way to make a better life for yourself, then to serve the millions of Americans who count on you to keep them safe. Maybe the Revolutionary War WON us our freedom, but the military is the ones who continue to make sure that we have the freedom those soldiers fought for.

I would only ask Ron that if you are allowed to write such selfishness and hatred, aren’t you thankful that you can? In many countries if you had run your mouth or keyboard off like that, you’d be dragged off to a prison and never heard from again. Not that it would be a bad thing in your case, but that is why this country is so great. Assholes like you actually count here! Yes, you have right no matter how stupid and ignorant you may be, the military is making sure that you have those rights. If the military was non-existent, then you’d probably have written that bullshit in German or Japanese, and you’d be on your way to that lovely prison. Or maybe you’d rather be speaking Arabic and sending your children out to “do God’s work” and blow themselves up in response to something?

Rog, you deserve a lot of credit for even allowing this moron time and space, especially after the things he wrote. I just happen to know a few of “The Few, The Proud, The Marines” down there in SD, and I’m sure they would love the opportunity to listen to Ron’s rants in person, they may disagree a bit, but that’s why they are the military and Ron is not, and I’m thankful for that.

Feel free to print any or all of that one. I feel a little better now that I got that off my chest!

Proud Parent of a Marine!

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