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Rebecca Anderson Weighs in on Fan Faves

Round 2 Thoughts from My Good Friend

As most of you already know the 2008 RRFF have entered round two. I did a write up on the first round a few days ago but left it open to others to comment. My good friend Rebecca Anderson from took a look at the voting and had the following thoughts. I invite anyone who wants to comment to comment. Fans, industry folk, whoever. Let’s just keep it positive OK? And if you’re in the running and want to post a note to the voters, go for it. We are also not above a little eye candy bribery so photos with signs, campaign videos or just pictures of boobies will do.

Rebeca Anderson Writes

Just a few thoughts from your mild mannered friend in SF…
Happy to see Dana and Bella racking up such impressive numbers. Ammmazing ladies, both. I’m shocked – shocked! to see such low totals for Katsuni and Sunny Lane though. Also, where is Kylie Ireland, one of the most awesomest chicks to ever fuck on camera?
In terms of best male, Sean Micheals-of course. I have incurred permanent finger and wrist damage due to that man. My other favorite toys (Mark Davis, Steven St.Croix) are needing more love. The whole section makes me realize how remiss I have been in my porn watching, better remedy that…
Newbie? How do you define newbie? Love seeing Adrenalynn in there – that girl kicks ASS – but newbie?
Among the directors…great to see Manuel Ferrara, Robby D, Jake Malone and Belladonna in there. Wonderful work by all and well deserved. Max Hardcore is getting some sympathy votes, which is appropriate. No matter what you think of his work, he’s taking a bullet for us right now and we need to show we care as a community. Brandon Iron deserves more though…I’ve been on his set before, and could not be more impressed with the way he took care of the scene.
It’s nice to at least see KINK. com in the list of studios…there are more kinky people out there, and you know who you are. Fess up! Fetish porn is growing and growing, someone must be watching it. Besides me. I sure would have like to see PUNX productions up there…they do amazing, unique stuff. Texas Vibrator Massacre got 4 stars from AVN and in nominated for some awards. It’s good, check it out and support your local Rob Rotten!
Evil Angel does deserve their 52%, they have a really good operation going. I have a soft spot for Digital Playground, they’re awesome.
The celebrity section is funny…Sarah Silverman? See, confirms my hypothesis that people are wayyy more freaky than they are letting on. Of course, you also know I honorarily nominate my favorite carnival rides, Ed Norton and Gina Gershon. On that note, I’m going to go, er, take care of something…
Rebecca Anderson
Editor, San Francisco Division
Adult Industry News

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