Angels of Debauchery 6


Angels of Debauchery 6


130 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Jonni Darkko

THEMES: Anal Sex




STARS: Chelsie Rae, Jamie Elle, Lela Star, Lexi Love, Paulina James, Rebeca Linares, Mark Wood & Mark Ashley


Sometimes movies put their selling points right out there for us to see them. This DVD features Lexi Love on the cover with the word “Lexi’s First Anal” right next to her. If that isn’t enough to sell you, there are plenty of other reasons to toss this DVD into your shopping cart. Jonni Darkko has a great looking cast to work with. Jamie Elle, Chelsea Rae and Rebeca Linares are all hot girls who can fuck. Lela Star is a hot girl who can fuck and has something extra special going for her. In fact, this is a top to bottom hot cast. It would be hard to imagine Lexi’s first anal really stealing the thunder no matter how impressive it is. Then again, her ass might be so fucking good that all of the other girls just have to take a back seat to her back door action.

Lexi Love & Mark Wood

Sexy Lexi (Groan) is going to give up the ass for the first time on camera for us today. She warms up with her big glass dildo, sucking on it for a bit and then slipping it into her virgin asshole. Already busy working it in, she is happy to take Mark’s cock in her mouth at the same time. The camera goes under her chin and that really isn’t ever a good thing. Lexi doesn’t help things much by overdoing on the gagging thing. Before it can get too bad, Mark pulls her on top and pops that anal cherry. If she has any problem taking a dick in her ass, it certainly doesn’t show here. She bounces up and down on that thing like she’s been doing it forever. Mark watches her suck him again before turning to face the camera. Lexi doesn’t fuck like an anal virgin. (Not sure we should assume she is, this is just her first on-screen ass romp.) Consider this a fantastic anal debut complete with a nice shot in the mouth at the end.

Lela Star & Mark Ashley

Oh how I love this girl. Lela has a cute little body and there is something very sexy about the way she looks at the camera. The tease sequence here is really good and even when Mark Ashley shows up, he keeps showing off Lela’s body. Check out those fat pussy lips. Wow. Mark gives up showing us how hot she looks and decides to see how hot she is on the inside. He enters her from behind and works that creamy slit pretty hard. Lela screams out as he hits bottom. Already the action is intense and she hasn’t even had it in her mouth yet. When she does finally start sucking that dick, Lela uses both hands and shoves his dick to the back of her throat. All that sexual energy requires some hard cowgirl fucking. Wow, she’s wound up and ready to rock. The mish here looks good and little Lela takes it all including the big wad in her mouth at the end.

Rebeca Linares & Mark Ashley

We all know that Rebeca has a great ass, but the tease starts with her face and tits. By the time it gets around to the backside, Mark has swooped in to take advantage. He bends the pretty girl over and starts fucking her really hard. Even in standing doggy she knows how to work her hips perfectly. Check out that ass and look at the way she moves it. Mark holds her in doggy with her ass high in the air and pounds way on that tight little pussy. They take a short break so that she can suck a little cock, but then it’s right back to the fucking. More blowjob footage would be great, but listen to her go nuts riding that cock. It’s a wonder he can hold out until she is ready to eat his load.

Chelsie Rae & Mark Ashley

I’ve seen a lot of Chelsie lately, but I’ve never seen her in glasses looking so sweet and innocent. She looks at some porn and plays with her pussy. She really wants to try being a nasty girl. Mark Ashley is only too happy to help out. Chelsie does way too much gagging as she sucks, but check out how good she looks with those young thighs spread and her shaved box stuffed full of hard dick. Once that kicks in, her mouth is too busy talking dirty and letting out hot moans of pleasure while he rams her. He holds her in his lap and thrusts up as far as he can, saving up the big load for a glass she holds up to her lips as he fills it. I love the look and energy here, but he takes it a bit too far with the gagging.

Jamie Elle & Mark Ashley

Keeping up the trend of hot girls in good tease, Jamie Elle shows us all of her hot parts. When she is done with that, Jamie’s legs are spread wide open for Mark to taste. They don’t waste a lot of time on foreplay though. He wants to ram his big cock into her. Jamie loves every inch and screams out as he pushes in. Begging for anal, Jamie rolls over and shows that even a big dick fits right up into that snug shitter. The dirty talk here is pretty hot and everything looks great. Jamie keeps right on talking as she takes it from her ass and jerks it with both hands. Mark explodes in her mouth, closing out another hot little fuck.

Paulina James & Mark Ashley

Check out this hot chick as she bends over to show off her goodies. Her pussy is hot and just dying to be filled. Once again it is Mark Ashley who gets to lick up the flowing juices. She is all warmed up and ready to take his cock into her mouth. It takes both hands and her mouth, but she handles it all, drooling on it just enough to make it nice and wet. Now that he’s all lubed up, she turns around and backs into his lap. There are some great shots of her body and her tight pussy swallows up every inch. Paulina seems out of breath almost as soon as he starts to really pump her. There are some great shots here as she holds her pussy open to make sure she can handle every inch. She even opens up wide as he sprays her pretty face with hot goo.

I have really enjoyed the last couple of Darkko movies that I’ve seen. This one is kind of a step backwards to where he was a year or so ago. It isn’t horrible, but it’s got a few problems. (As well as a lot to like.) The washed out picture is really tough for me to watch on the big screen. I’m always curious about who really enjoys this style. A lot of guys employ it and it just makes me want them to shut the damn curtains. It isn’t a case of bad lighting because it’s done intentionally and looks the way it should. I just don’t like it personally and wonder how many of you feel the same way. The pace was also a bit off from the last couple of Darkko movies I loved. It’s not bad, but everyone seems like they are in a big hurry to get to the fucking. Again, it’s intentionally. He puts the blowjob stuff in the middle. While that isn’t my favorite way to see things shot, it also works from time to time. When there is genuine heat, who can blame them for rushing to get to the good stuff. The cast is as good as advertised. Lexi’s first anal is blistering. If this is how good she is on the first try, I can’t wait to see what she can do a few scenes from now. Lela, Rebeca, Chelsie, Jamie and Paulina all look great. They also show some serious sexual heat. That much should be obvious from the review above and even though there are few things I don’t love about this movie, it is still a far better stroke flick than most out there right now. This could be a movie that you look back on in six months and say “wow, all those girls in one movie, holy shit.” Then again, Darkko will have had five other movies to enjoy by then, including Boob Bangers 4 which is going into my DVD player over the weekend.

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