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Prime Time Live: ABC’s Prime Time Live did a piece on the porn industry earlier in the week. The focus this time was on Sunny Lane and Sophia Lynn. I watched the whole thing last night and then read the early reaction from industry insiders and fans. There is a striking contrast between the two. Most of the fans seem to think that Sunny came off pretty well, but the insiders mostly disagree. Perhaps we have all been burned so often that everything seems like a hatchet job waiting to happen. I don’t know though. I think that Sunny came off as a positive person who is working hard to make her dreams come true. That the piece focused so much on her parents’ unwavering support and involvement in their daughter’s career may give away the overall intent on ABC’s end. Clearly the Lanes don’t have what any of us would call a ‘normal’ relationship. More on that and the industry reaction later. My thoughts were that Sunny came off great and Sophia Lynn came off as expected. I don’t know Sophia, have never met her and wouldn’t want to speculate as to what her issues might be. We may not like it, and the media certainly loves to harp on it, but there are a lot of girls in this industry with drug problems. Clearly she was not cut out for this business. I’m not going to break out the hanky and blame the porn world, but we all need to face one simple fact. Porn can be a very, very ugly business where ruthless people take advantage of every flaw in one’s character. It can be a meat grinder that chews people up, spits them out and strips them of everything the machine finds worthy. That doesn’t mean that everyone in the industry is a horrible person. I have met some wonderful folks who I feel I can trust. It also doesn’t mean that every girl who comes into the business has a bad experience, is exploited or a victim. There are some very strong young women in this industry who have positive experiences and know exactly what they are doing. But to ignore the realities that are staring us in the face would make us as short-sighted as the folks in the media (and across mainstream) who think that every porn girl is a drug addict and every one of who watches is guilty of somehow destroying these poor girls lives.

Eye Candy: Miss Mia Smiles on She looks really good.

Celebrity Silliness #1: So Isaiah Washington has apparently recovered from his whole “f” word problem. Just a few weeks ago he was offending everyone with his gay slurs and now he’s winning image awards. Wow, that’s quite a transformation. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think that homophobic outbursts might make one a less than ideal as a role model. Maybe I’m crazy though. It makes me wonder if Ann Coulter will be next? Speaking of Ann, did anyone actually watch the video clip of her making that bad John Edwards joke? It’s pretty clear that she gets her comedic timing form Al Gore. It was painful watching her wait for laughs that just weren’t coming. Sweetie, that is a joke that one tells a roast when people are expecting that sort of thing. Stupid and really, really bad form. On that note, since we all agree that it was a horrible and offensive thing to say, can we also agree that perhaps…just perhaps Edwards shouldn’t have plastered it all over his web site to be played and played and played? And is it me, or are the same people who fought so hard to make sure that everyone forgave Eminem for using that word the very same people who are slamming Ann Coulter. It’s a word people. And it was a joke. An offensive word and a bad joke, but don’t we have more important things to worry about? Like why on earth Ryan Seacrest would ever and I mean EVER make closet jokes.

Eye Candy: Just heard that Shane’s World has some new Casey Parker. Aren’t you glad summer’s coming back? I hope you guys like her because I might just flood the page with this hottie.

New Superheroine Review: Just in time for the street date (Ain’t that good timing?) I did a review of Steve Steele’s Sexed Up Super Heroines 5. It’s a great addition to the line and features Daisy Marie in some sexy tigress body make up. If you haven’t seen any of these, then check them out. They are probably the best comic book themed porn flicks on the market. Come on though. We NEED Gianna as Wonder Babe. It’s a moral imperitive.

Eye Candy: Spring break is coming, so here are some video clips of a big tit contest. I want to judge something like this.

New Girl for New Sensations: New Sensations has themselves a new contract girl. Her name is Ashlynn Brooke and she’s a gorgeous blonde with a hot body. She’s done some flicks for some other companies, but will now be focusing on starring in NS projects. If you want to see the goods, you can check out this gallery of Ashlynn. She looks like someone I should check out, but until I can figure out who to bug at New Sensations about getting back on the screener list

Eye Candy: In case that wasn’t enough of Ashlynn for you, here is another gallery featuring her beauty.

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