Internal Affairs: From the Files of Valley 911



Internal Affairs: From the Files of Valley 911


82 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Jonathan Morgan

THEMES: Cops, Hookers




STARS: Julia Ann, Stormy Daniels, Venus, Brooke Haven, Tommy Gunn, Alana Evans, Kelli Tyler, Randy Spears, Steven St. Croix, Jack Lawrence, Lee Stone,


It’s been a while since we have taken a look at the files of the Valley PD. In Valley 911, the folks at Wicked gave us another hit sexy comedy and now it’s time for round two. With the usual cast of actors taking care of the comedy and Wicked’s fine stable of babes (Some of them anyway) handling the sex, we should be in for a lot of fun. This time around the internal affairs division is looking into some of the problems. They have sent Alana Evans to get to the bottom of things. Everyone should be on their best behavior, but you know that isn’t going to happen. (Where would the fun be?)

Lisa Ann & Randy Spears

Somehow a busty blonde in a cop uniform detailing exactly how much cash Randy should give her for sex should set off red flags. Apparently he doesn’t care and when she has enough money in her hand she gets the motor running. She gets his cock out and works the head with her mouth while stroking the shaft. When he is nice and slicked up she mounts his lap, shaking her tits for the camera. I enjoyed the partially dressed sex, but she is totally naked now and riding like she’s trying to knock something loose inside of her pussy. After fucking him raw, she works a load out onto her face. I’d call that money well spent.

Stormy, Brook Haven, Lee Stone & Steven St. Croix

When Stormy and Steven show up to investigate a noise complaint, they run into some horny swingers. Lee and Brooke think that the officers are just role playing and quickly get them onto the couch. Brooke is quick to work Steven’s service revolver while Stormy has her legs spread wide and is assuming the position for some serious pussy licking. They do some hot side by side reverse cowgirl, but it takes Stormy forever to actually put Lee’s dick in her mouth. When she does we miss some of the heat because she is sharing the screen with Brooke. Lee manages to pick Stormy up for some very hot face to face fucking that really drives his dick in deep. Everyone switches back one more time for a nice facial dismount from Stormy and Lee busting his nut all over Brooke’s tongue.

Venus & Jack Lawrence and Tommy Gunn

Jack is on a sting, but Venus recognizes him right away. His partner comes rushing in from the truck and joins the party. They are quick to work the pretty hooker over and she gives head like she’s in love with both of them. There is some great eye candy as she gets poked at both ends and Venus gives us her usual stellar performance. This girl can work up a sweat from her hard core fucking and ends up with cop cock right up her ass. The boys in blue pump her browneye for all its worth and she sucks balls like they’re gumdrops. The facial shots could be captured better (from an angle that shows more of her eyes and less of her chin) but they close out the action quite well anyway.

In between sex scenes we get to watch Julia and Stormy pull over a drunk driver. Wankus plays the poor guy who is put through the worst field sobriety test in history. In the end though the joke is on us. Trust me, you’ll see what I mean.

Kelli Tyler & Chris Cannon

Kelli and her man get comfortable in a dark alley. Steven watches and even when IA offers Alana objects, he is ready to lower the boom on this public display of oral sex. He lets them continue to nab them on bigger offenses later. Chris bends his girl over and starts fucking her. Even in a semi-lit alley, Kelli’s body looks great. I love the standing action when she hooks one leg over his shoulder. There is something desperate and highly passionate about that kind of fucking and they pull it off well. Of course he also pulls his pud until it explodes all over her shoulder and breasts, closing out their criminal carnality.

Julia Ann & Alana

The squad needs to get IA off their backs and after Tommy strikes out, Julia does her best to get Alana to loosen up. The two blondes kiss for a long time and I happen to find that pretty sexy. Alan doesn’t waste much time though because she wants to taste a little officer orifice. She does a great job with her finger inside of Julia’s hot slit. If you like girl on girl action then you will appreciate the passion these two show as they eat each other on the desk. Alana should certainly be more relaxed after being bent over the desk until she creams all over the other officer’s face.


There is a bonus scene as well as the usual stuff here. I like the star galleries because you can choose your favorite girl for some still photo fun. We also get trailers, a behind the scenes featurette and the Wicked bonus stuff.

This is a very solid sex comedy with some decent action. As we would expect, St. Croix is worth a few laughs in the lead. Alana plays the straight man perfectly, observing this dysfunctional officers until she finally gives in at the end. Julia Ann, Stormy and Venus provide most of the sexual support and that is a good thing. For feature scenes, most of these are pretty good. Stormy really seems to have good energy during her four-way, but the heat is cooled a bit because there is so much going on. No such problem for Venus who handles two cocks so easily one could easily believe she could shoot ten of these a day. The Kelli Tyler scene in the alley isn’t perfect jerk off material, but it is beautifully shot and the semi-public nature makes it hot. I love a good sex comedy and this one is quite good as both a comedy and a couples-friendly sex flick. Nice work from the company that does humorous smut better than anyone.

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