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Edwin Writes:

Hey Rog. What, no response to Tod Hunter’s “critique” of the debates? I would expect you to be all over him on that.”

Hey Edwin:

To be honest I haven’t read Tod’s site so why would I comment on it? I can tell you without even reading what he thinks. Look man the guy hates George Bush, thinks that all Republicans are beneath him and has nothing but contempt for anyone who doesn’t agree with his political views. Why would expect a pig to do anything but grunt? (And for those of you who don’t know that is an old cliché I’m not calling Tod a pig I rather like him.)
As for the debates I didn’t even watch most of them. I generally prefer to listen to debates on the radio instead of watching them. It makes it easier to focus on the words. On top of that I only listened to about half of them. The topic wasn’t that interesting to me. Iraq and Homeland Security? Important yes, but why listen to these two speak on them? Before Howard Dean, Kerry was an on-board supporter of the remove-Saddam bandwagon so why would I believe his anti-war rhetoric now? On the other side, no one is going to admit that mistakes have been made because it is not politically allowable. Frankly both positions make me sick. We ARE in Iraq and pulling out would be a grave mistake. The world IS safer with Saddam rotting in a cell. Anyone who thinks differently is blinded by politics and just plain wrong.
Homeland Security? Why listen to either of them on this one? The Bush Administration has not done enough to keep us safe from terrorists, period. On the other side, John Kerry’s stated policies would only weaken what is already not enough. So on both issues you want me to listen to and vote for “bad” or “worse”? No thanks.
I will stick around for a debate on the issues that really matter to me. What are they? The economy for one. I want to know what sort of taxes I am in store for. How much will the Kerry plan cost me? How much will the small business tax hikes cost me? Why should I support higher taxes when tax cuts are what I believe in? Beyond that I would like to know what both men have in store for adult material, internet businesses and most importantly….spending cuts!!!!
So whatever Tod said about them is up to him. I’m not quite as partisan or pedestrian in my thinking and am not as quick to throw my vote behind someone just because he’s not “the other guy.”
And as an aside…from what I heard of the debate I would score it as a win for Sen. Kerry. He stated his positions very clearly and established how he feels now. Anyone scoring at home on the facts would have given Bush the debate because the Senator contradicted himself so often that I lost track. I’m betting my brand new Star Wars box set that Tod gave the Senator a pass on that and I’ll go double or nothing that he used his puerile, impertinent nickname to remind us all that when you can’t speak about issues, sticking your tongue out and spouting bumper-sticker rhetoric will do just fine.
So any takers? Did I lose my Star Wars DVDs?

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