The Pipeline: October 2004



It’s getting darker just a bit earlier this days, so it must be fall. Here in SoCal it is a bit hard to tell sometimes. Unless you count that big five degree drop in temperature that has half the people here at least considering long pants at night to be a change of season. It’s also time for playoff baseball and that means we have to take a look at those predictions I made back in May. You will notice that I didn’t make any for the upcoming football season. Some things are just hopeless. In addition to the usual porn, fun and dash of commentary, I want to extend my sympathy and best wishes for those who have lost property and loved ones to the series of hurricanes that have ravaged Florida and other parts of the southeastern United States. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and I’d like to encourage everyone reading to take a few minutes to donate whatever you can to the relief effort.

A rather huge storm has hit Porn Valley as well and it could be as devastating to the porn industry as all of the Florida hurricanes combined. With everyone’s eyes fixed on John Ashcroft and the November election, the porn world was rocked by an even more insidious threat last month. It started with the announcement that both of TT Boy’s production companies, TTB Productions and Evasive Angels has been fined by Cal/OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for violations of health and safety regulations. The fines total over thirty thousand dollars and stem from the HIV breakout earlier this year. The ruling is significant on several levels. It is the first ruling that establishes performers in adult productions as “employees” rather than independent contractors. This puts adult performers under the jurisdiction of Cal/OSHA and forces adult production companies to follow the regulations or face stiff fines or even closure. In a statement released to the media, Cal/OSHA’s deputy chief of enforcement stated. “Employers in the adult film industry must know how to protect their employees from health and safety hazards and understand the consequences of failing to comply with state regulations.” These words are more ominous when you take a look at the Cal/OSHA web site regarding the adult film industry.

(Taken from OSHA: Adult Film Industry )

“The kind of contact prohibited by the standard is contact between skin or mucous membranes and blood or OPIM.

The methods an employer will use to protect employees from contact with blood or OPIM must be spelled out in detail in a written exposure control plan, which is described in the bloodborne pathogens standard.

The bloodborne pathogens standard is built on the rule of universal precautions. This means blood or OPIM is always treated as hazardous, no matter who the source is. This is important because the available testing methods do not always guarantee that disease will be detected. If, after using all practical engineering and work practice controls, workers are still exposed to hazards, employers must provide, and ensure employees use, appropriate personal protective equipment. Personal protective equipment can include:

” Condoms

” Dental dams

” Gloves

” Eye protection.


Note: Cal/OSHA regulations do not require these barriers or personal protective equipment to be visible in the final product, and producers are free to use production and post-production editing techniques to remove them from the image.”

So what does all of this mean? That depends on how paranoid you want to be I suppose. It could mean very little in the long run or it could mean a complete crackdown on the adult film industry. If Cal/OSHA decides that the testing procedures used to keep performers safe does not live up to their standards for an “exposure control plan” then they could force companies to use condoms, dental dams and gloves for all potentially dangerous acts. The worse case scenario could have Cal/OSHA ordering all adult productions to require condoms not only for intercourse, but also for oral sex. Porn without contact, facials or bareback blowjobs? Yeah, that ain’t gonna fly. While everyone has been watching Bush and Ashcroft, the OSHA folks may effectively shut down porn production in the state of California. For now we will have to wait and see what happens next. In the meantime if anyone wants to invest in a little studio just across the NV border, drop me a line.

When Teagan inked her deal with Digital Playground, fans on the net openly speculated about how long she would maintain her natural figure. Some of us even took bets on the over/under. Well folks if you bet the under then you probably cleaned up in your office pool. The gorgeous young girl and new contract babe has gone under the knife. Though she clearly didn’t need any help from the doctors I will reserve final judgment until I have seen the results. Who knows, she might look even more incredible. A busty Teagan rubbing her rack against Jesse Jane’s fine set would certainly be a good thing. And just think of how well she is going to fill out the new Rog Rules T-Shirt I just sent her.

Mercenary Pictures is really getting behind Domina X as a director. She is already working on their “Black Reign” line, brining her unique style to a series of videos featuring beautiful ethnic women. Now that she has proven herself with those movies, they have turned over “Superwhores” to her as well. We will see if sexy white girls can handle Domina’s demanding sexual regimen. “I’m interested in videos where a woman – real women with curves and big breasts – can show what she’s going to do with a dick,” she said. “What I strive to do when I direct is to empower the female performers in my scenes to take control and do what turns them on. You don’t need to be a man to know what makes a cock hard.” That is certainly the case with Domina. She knows what it takes to make a cock hard and if she can do for Superwhores what she has done for Black Reign then we are all in for a treat.

After performing in only one adult movie in the past three years, Serenity finally made it official this month by announcing her retirement. Discovered in 1992, Serenity’s career spanned a decade and took her from a girls-only performer in her debut film, “Jennifer Ate” to one of the biggest stars the industry has ever seen. She has been mostly absent from the video world since leaving Wicked Pictures a few years ago but has been very active with her toy company, Las Vegas Novelties ( and her web site She was kind enough to take a few moments out of her very busy day to talk with me about the retirement and a few things on her plate.

I am sure most of you have also read that Serenity is pregnant. That much is true my friends. I congratulation both Serenity and her husband Steve on this wonderful blessing.

During her decade or so in adult films, Serenity accomplished a number of things. She is the only woman to ever win back-to-back “Best Actress” awards from AVN and starred in the then record-breaking movie “Double Feature.” She also remains the only female performer in the six-year history of the Rog Reviews Fan Faves to win the award twice. Despite being a big contract star, a fan favorite and a decorated actress, the Performer of the Year award from both AVN and XRCO somehow managed to elude the beautiful blonde with the fantastic butt. I asked her if there were any regrets about these awards snubs, but Serenity focused mostly on the positive. When I reminded her about her status as the sole RRFF winner she said “Really? I’m flattered by that and honored.” When I pressed her a bit she did come up with one award she might have enjoyed winning. “I think I should have won a best anal award along the way.” (In case anyone doesn’t get the joke, Serenity had perhaps the finest untouched ass in all of porn.) I suggested to her that perhaps AVN needs to come up with an award for Best Non-Anal Ass.

When asked what she was most proud of, Serenity had lots of good things to say. “It would be hard to pick on thing, but I am quite proud of the work I have done with PETA. I am also very happy with the work I did with the C-Channel. The awards have been nice and I loved getting to travel the world and meet people from around the globe.” Everyone knows that Serenity teamed with director Jonathan Morgan and script-writer Martin Brimmer for classics like “Double Feature”, but there was another movie she did for Wicked that was directed by Michael Zen and penned by yours truly. “Guilty Pleasures” is one of about fifteen scripts I’ve written and is easily the best finished product of the bunch. I am quite proud of that movie and have Serenity to thank for it. She went to bat for the script and finally got it approved. “That was a lot of fun to do.” She said. “I still hear from people who loved that movie.” Personally I loved being on set that day to watch how Zen was able to turn my words into something on film. (Getting to watch Serenity masturbate was just perk.) Serenity’s retirement from videos means that the sequel to “Guilty Pleasures” will not be done. I’m sure the world will get over that part though.

I noticed in the press release that the wording was rather careful. It said that she was retiring from “professional adult video.” When asked about that Serenity assured me that her decision does not rule out any mainstream work or the possibility of some more adult modeling or even more. “If I do any nude modeling or video work it will be for my web site” she said. With great hope I asked if that meant we could possibly still do a scene together, she laughed politely and added “sure, you never know.” As Serenity closes this chapter on her life and begins a number of new ones I wish her the best of luck. In my ten years in this business, few performers have been so kind and open to me. She is a beautiful woman, a great performer and I am proud to consider her a friend. Her on screen performances will be missed, but we can all be thankful that she’s still around to bring her positive energy to everything she does. Now we can just count the days until she enters the AVN and XRCO hall of fame. Whatever she does, we wish Serenity luck and will always remember her as one of the most beautiful and sweetest women to grace this industry.

Metro hasn’t always had the best of luck keeping contract girls for a long period of time. (By the way, where is Gauge these days?) One girl they have managed to keep under wraps is Kelly Erickson. The busty blonde has been with the company practically since day one and is now inked to another year. In addition to starring in both features and gonzo for Metro, Kelly stays very busy with a dance and signing schedule that takes her all over the country. Fans can keep track of Kelly’s appearances on her website,

Fans of super sized sex toys have been clamoring for a Lexington Steele cock mold for years. (Yes Indigo, that means you.) Your wait is finally over size queens (and kings) as Topco Sales is set to unveil a line of toys in conjunction with Mercenary Pictures. Lexington Steele and Vanessa Blue will both have toy lines out later this month. The Lex toys will be molded from his cock and made from Topco’s “Pleasureskin” material. They will be releasing two of these “Lex Caliber” toys, one that vibrates and one that doesn’t. Vanessa’s toys will be made from the Cyberskin material and will feature a pocket pussy as well as a mold of her voluptuous booty.

British porn stud Ben English just keeps adding to his resume. He is already a performer and agent and the husband of Sin City contract babe Hannah Harper. Ben took home best new male honors at both the AVN Awards and the XRCOs and now he is a contract performer as well. New Sensation signed Ben to an exclusive performing deal, locking him up for their productions. English has also spent time behind the camera and New Sensations plans to use his directorial skills as well.

Platinum X Pictures has had a really busy month. First they released Jewel De’Nyle’s last movie, brilliantly titled “Jewel De’Nyle’s Last Movie.” Fans get to say good-bye to Jewel in a very big way as she is joined by some of her favorite performers for a final farewell fuck-a-thon. As Jewel says good-bye, Kylie Ireland is breaking new ground in her latest PXP flick. On September 11th, Kylie gathered several of her best friends over to star in her very first gang bang. “The Whore Next Door” will also feature Kylie’s first DP, double vag and double anal. It is designed to shatter the image people have of her as a good-girl. “People have this idea that I’m the innocent girl next door,” explains Ireland. “But in the last few years I’ve embraced my inner whore. That’s why I went to Jewel De Nyle and Platinum X when I wanted to direct… I want to acquaint the fans with the filthy little slut I really am. This movie should do the trick.” Kylie had a few choice words to say about the typical gang bang flick. “I’ve seen those ‘take-a-number-and-wait’ gangbangs, and they’re boring,” says Ireland. “They’re like gay porn… two hours of men’s asses and guys jerking. I’ve hand-picked performers who are strong, guys who can – and will – tear me apart, and that’s exactly what I want them to do.” As a final move, Platinum officially said good-by to Mike Stefano when he sold is 25% stake in PXP to move across the aisle to Red Light District. He will be replaced by Toni Ribas who comes over from RLD. (Is it me or do these two companies trade talent like one guy playing two fantasy teams in the same league?)

Before we go I guess I should ‘fess up on those baseball picks I talked about at the start of the column. In a March 30th post on, I picked the Yankees, Royals, Angels, Phillies, Cubs and Giants to win their divisions with the Red Sox and Astros as the Wild Card teams. With three games to play this season I was right on the Yanks and possibly the Angels, but way off on the Cubs, Royals and Phillies. The Sox and Astros might prove me right on the WC, but it was still a mixed bag. I had the Yanks over the Cubs in the World Series so maybe I will be half right. I guess we’ll know the final answer the next time I talk to you. In the mean time, take care of yourselves, enjoy the last little bit of warmth and get ready for the fun and games and porn’s busy season kicks in.

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