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Wong Way Home

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MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

213 Mins.



DIRECTOR: Compilation

THEMES: Asian Women,




STARS: Kaylani Lei, Stephanie Swift, Asia Carrera, Miko Lee, Fujiko Kano, Mia Smiles, Charmane, Leanni Lei, Gina Ryder, Mai Tran, Bamboo, Anna Belle, Mariah, Teanna Kai, Cheyenne Wyoming, Jonathan Morgan, Brad Armstrong, Randy Spears, Steven St. Croix, Evan Stone, Billy Glide, Pat Myne, Steve Hatcher, Joel Lawrence, Valentino, Byron Long, Dillon Day


A lot of you have written in asking me what I think of these four-hour Wicked comps. They don’t send these out for review so I finally decided to pick one up and check it out. I took a trip over to Fry’s and found a number of the “Fast & Furious 4 Hour” titles. Since this one features some of my all-time favorite Asian babes it probably shocks no one that this is the one that ended up in my basket. (Along with seasons 1 and 2 of Penn & Teller’s “Bullshit” if anyone cares.) It’s four hours long and was pretty damn cheap so let’s see if there is enough quality to match the quantity and give us enough bang for the buck.

Fujiko Kano, Pat Myne & Steve Hatcher from Hercules

Even teamed with two of porn’s least charismatic meat puppets, Fujiko drops to her knees and gets busy. She is in a silk kimono with her hair up so the Asian flavor is strong in this scene. Pat slams her from behind while she keeps her mouth busy on Steve’ stick. There is some anal for the sexy Japanese girl during a pretty average feature sex scene. It does end with a nice double dose of cream all over her pretty face.

Miko Lee & Evan Stone from Mrs. Right

Miko has been one of my favorite Asian hotties for years. She has a body that is nothing short of amazing, fantastic skin and seems to love sex. Evan and Miko are together in a bar and they can’t wait to get home. He puts her up on the counter and starts licking her pussy. Miko responds well and plays with her nipples while he gets her all juicy down there. Her ass gets a little finger play as well before she gets her thick lips around his shaft. Miko’s mouth was made for blowjobs, but the scene is cut way too short. (Such is the nature of feature scenes.) Evan gets her bent over and goes deep into her slit until his balls are smacking against her pussy. Since he got her ass warmed up with his fingers it makes sense that he would slide his rubber-covered pole right between her cheeks. After a few deep strokes he pulls out and gives her his ball batter. Evan has a nice load saved up and leaves it right on her pretty face. Oh Miko where have you gone?

Stephanie Swift, Mia Smiles, Nikita Denise & Steven St. Croix from Phantom Love

Steph and Steven are sleeping in separate beds when Mia and Nikita visit them in the dead of night. Steven looks pretty happy when he looks down and sees Mia’s pretty mouth working over his cock. Nikita sticks her tongue out and fucks Stephanie’s pretty box. The action jumps back and forth a lot more than I like, but everywhere you look there is a hot girl doing something. It seems as if both Steven and Stephanie are enjoying something new. As he takes Mia in piledriver, Steph is shoving a toy up Nikita’s ass. The scene ends abruptly with a cut and a barely captured pop onto Mia’s tummy. A bit of a let down at the end, but a nice piece of eye candy anyway.

Kaylani Lei & Steve Hatcher from The Assignment

Not only is Kaylani one of the Wicked’s contract babes, but she is also one of the prettiest girls in all of porn. She gets busy with Steve, sucking his prick until it throbs in her gorgeous mouth. They cut that way too short and the whole scene feels horribly rushed. Steve gets to fuck her quickly from behind and then drops a big load on her gorgeous face. The only thing that would make this scene better is more of it.

Asia Carrera & Steven St. Croix from Sweat Shop

This couple starts out in bed. What a novel concept. He gets her out of her nightie and goes right after one of the prettiest pussies in the history of porn. The close shots are nice, but we also get some longer angles to drink in Asia’s legs, tits and face. Do I seem impressed? How could I be anything but in total lust with this lovely lady? She keeps things easy on the eyes as she starts sucking his cock. I caught some hell for calling some of Asia’s early scenes “boring” but over the years she really picked up the intensity. When you combine that with her great looks, you get fantastic blowjobs. It’s a short oral sequence that gives way to nice looking doggy and spoon. I love the way she points her toes and uses her legs to help the eye candy of the scene. He ends up shooting all over her belly which isn’t as hot as a facial, but oh well. (Asia is also in the next scene, taking on Joel Lawrence in a scene with a blowjob so short that it’s almost criminal. At least this one ends with a facial.)

Charmane Starr & Stephanie Swift from Red Dragon

There aren’t a lot of veggie scenes in the movie and this one is certainly easy on the eyes. These two women have flawless skin and delicious bodies. They are both heavily made up and use a set of nun-chucks in a very intimate manner. Steph sticks her little ass up in the air for a little double penetration from her pretty friend. They finish things up with some mutual masturbation that is pretty damn sexy.

Leanni Lei & Jonathan Morgan from Swingers

Any time I get to watch Leanni fuck I am going to pay a whole lot of attention. Jonathan wants to get in a little bit of loving before their guests arrive. This cute little babe gets right down and grabs his balls while she slobbers all over his dick. The camera moves around way too much, but the action is first rate. Jon gets between her legs and gets her pussy ready for some serious action. Leanni squats over his dick, holds it still and drops her pussy down on him. The action really picks up when he gets her from behind. Jonathan works her hard and then dribbles a load right into her open mouth.

Kaylani Lei & Steve Hatcher from Wicked Auditions 2

We get a chance to see an early scene with Kaylani here. She is beautiful as ever, fresh as can be and happy to kneel and suck some cock. Even during a short BJ, she shows the kind of eye candy that has made her a star. Steve bends her over the table and fucks her hard from behind. She can take a pounding and makes sure that the energy level is outstanding. I love the way she parks her feet on his shoulders and then drops to the floor to take his load on that pretty face.

Asia Carrera & Dillon Day from Angel X

Asia is back and ready to impress us again. She shares a tea ceremony with Dillon Day and then they get naked for some dessert. Nothing could be sweeter than the treasure between her thighs. She returns the favor and though there are some artsy shots from across the room, we get some great close shots as she swallows and strokes his hard cock. Most of the action is shot from a distance which isn’t too bad since it gives us really nice shots of her body. It’s a softer scene, but still hot.

Mai Tran, Bamboo, Anna Belle, Mariah, Teanna Kai, Cheyenne Wyoming and Gina Ryder are also in the collection. We also get additional scenes from Asia, Miko, Kaylani & Charmane. For bonus materials we get a full popshot recap reel and some DVD Rom material. If you are a fan of Wicked movies and love Asian women then this is a great compilation. The sex is typical of their features so it’s not exactly going to please the raincoater crowd, but it’s better than a lot of other feature scenes. Asia and Kaylani appear the most often and that’s a good thing. They are two of the reasons I picked this disc up. They look as beautiful as ever and prove that some feature girls can give great scenes. For the price, this is a lot of porn and it’s really good, couples-friendly sex starring gorgeous Asian women. Hey, it works for me. Now I have to go find the other Asian-themed four hour Wicked DVD and see if it’s as good.


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