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“I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do.”
Consider this little rambling bit of me as my first attempt at weekly newsletter. A few notes, some random thoughts and a recap of some of the things going on this week.
It looks like we’ve entered into TV Hell so I kind of zoned out after the ballgame and watched the Eagles Farewell Concert on NBC. Didn’t these guys break up when I was in high school, get back together for a “once in lifetime” concert. That was what, six years ago? I know, they’re doing the good-bye thing this summer. I might even go, but I can’t help but think of the number of “farewell” T-shirts I have from Rolling Stone and Who shows.
Is it just me or does Joe Walsh sound like hell and look like Randy Quaid these days?
I can’t really complain though. The Eagles have always been pretty good live and it beats trying to put 60 Minutes through the Dan Rather crap-o-meter to figure out if he’s actually telling us the truth about that old country singer he’s been talking about tonight.
Quick fun poll. Best California bands of all time?

Off the top of my head….The Eagles, Van Halen, Beach Boys, Sprung Monkey and The Doors.
Thoughts? Email em over.
“Put me on a highway/show me a sign & take it to the limit one more time”
In the last few days I have reviewed flicks that featured two women who have (fairly) recently had their chests ‘enhanced.’ Reign of Tear from Vivid features Tera Patrick and her medically assisted rack. She looks beautiful as ever and I have to admit that her tits look pretty fucking great as well. Teen America 5 gave us a look at Teagan’s new set. Her are smaller and they fit her frame, but this girl was perfect before and really didn’t need any bolt-ons. I still vote for natural, but what do you guys think?
I’m in the middle of reviewing “I Can’t Believe I Took the Whole Thing” from Digital Sin. It stars Shane Diesel who is properly billed as the next BIG thing. I’m not sold on the flick yet, but damn this guy has got a seriously big dick. Anyone who likes watching big dicks stuff hot little white chicks may want grab this one or at least stay tuned for the review.
It was a busy week on the site, with the The XRCO Awards Show. Follow that link to a late-night recap and photo gallery. Next week is Erotica L.A. and I hope to have new interviews up with Lucy Thai and Seymore Butts.
“The Bases are loaded & Casey’s at bat”
Some of you might have seen the news story about how George Soros has joined a group trying to buy the Washington Nationals. So major league baseball is OK with a convicted criminal and general scumbag own a team, but Pete Rose can’t be in the hall of fame?
I got my copy of “Michael Moore Hates America.” on DVD this week and watched it again. It’s a great documentary with a tragic title. The movie isn’t filled with as much venom as the title would indicate. (Or nearly as much as its subject spews on a given day.) If you like documentary film making, check it out. Penn Jillette is great and don’t you want to see a movie that Michael Moore swore up and down didn’t exist? I was so impressed with Penn’s contribution to the movie that I picked up seasons 1 & 2 of Penn & Teller’s “Bullshit” show from Showtime. That should make for some good viewing this week.
I watched some sports over the weekend and have one question. I’m not sure what was ugliest. The Angles’ bullpen meltdown on Friday, the Sox meltdown on Saturday or Mary Pierce. Dude, someone beat that girl nearly to death with the ugly stick.
Just an interesting political quote from the weekend.
“Many Republicans have never made an honest living in their lives.”
That’s DNC Chairman Howard Dean. So Howard, what are you saying? That this is something unique to one party? What exactly is an “honest living” Howard? Does porn count? How about teaching for fifty years? Being a small business owner? Honest living? Like Ted Kennedy maybe? Or George Soros? Or John Kerry? How about this Howard. Many people in power on both sides of the aisle have never made what many of us would call an “honest” living in their lives. It’s nice to see that Howard is taking the political debate in this country down the same road as his campaign. Jackass. Leave the stupid hatred to Michael Moore and come up with something we can actually vote for. Please.
That’s about it for now. Watch for those interviews and plenty of new reviews. I’m also following this whole Jessica Darlin thing rather closely. If I find anything out or actually get in touch with Jessica or Bobby I’ll be sure to write about that.
If any of you have any questions or comments about these stories or anything else, drop me an email.

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