Tight & Round


Tight & Round


121 Mins.

Fatt Entertainment







STARS: Jenaveve Jolie, Melodi Bliss, Nikki Hilton. Exotica,


I suppose that a title like Tight & Round could refer to a lot of things. This could be about sexy round asses and the tight treasures that lie at their center. It could also mean that the ladies in the flick are a little bit on the hefty side and yet still have snug little slits. Somehow I doubt that is what it is, but there are other possibilities as well. Based on the cover shot we could even wonder if it refers to the fake boobs featured on the cover. They are certainly round and look almost painfully tight. I’m guessing that they mean the asses and Jenaveve Jolie certainly has a nice one. I just saw her in another movie and she can seriously bring the heat. In addition to this always hot young girl, we get the first scene ever from Nikki Hilton. (No, not THAT N. Hilton) I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing, but I am sure she has something tight and round for us to enjoy.

They waste no time bringing us the video debut of Nikki Hilton. (The man behind the camera sounds an awful lot like Tony T.) Nikki is a young blonde with a pierce pussy, tiny boobies and hair that looks a little fried today. We don’t really find out anything at all about her, but do get to watch her strip. It’s a bit of a hacky opening, more like Ed Powers than any scene should be, but eventually we get to watch Nikki open up for Brett Rockman’s dick. It’s too big for little Nikki, but she knows how to work her hands all over it as she blows him. I like the way the blowjob is shot, but we cut at an awkward time to Nikki riding his meat. It just seems a little anti-climactic given the fact that she is supposed to be a video virgin. There is some barking from behind the camera that isn’t exactly in the way, but certainly should be cut out of a movie that is trying to be more than an amateur effort. Brett tosses Nikki around and she fucks with about as much life as the real-life sister of her namesake. She is a cute enough girl with a nice body, but it takes a while for the scene to warm up. Nikki ends her first scene by taking cum all over her face. There is a short post-pop interview, but she doesn’t really say anything at all. I would call this a mediocre debut at best.

The last time I saw Jenaveve she was playing a cheating housewife in a Latin-themed movie. This time she is on a couch with a pink dildo in her mouth. As she stuffs her pussy with it, the pretty girl tells us that she really wants to be fucked. The cut to the action is rough again, but it’s worth it. Jen knows how to work her mouth and she does the talking in this scene. Instead of a director barking orders, there is music and the sweet sounds of a hot girl drooling all over a throbbing prick. We could use more blowjob footage, but she makes up for that with some great doggy and even better reverse cowgirl. Her body looks good from every angle and when he has fucked that pussy thoroughly he shoots all over her face. We need to add this scene to a growing list of impressive efforts from this girl.

Melodi Bliss is waiting for the guy to show up. Her fingers are hard at work on her clit when Mr. Marcus shows up and stuffs his dick into her mouth. I like her lips, but before the scene is five minutes old, he has moved past oral and is stuffing her slit with his rod. Cowgirl isn’t the most flattering position for her because her face and tits are her best features. She doesn’t have a bad ass, but it just isn’t her biggest asset. (OK, it may be her biggest, but it isn’t her best.) Marcus gives her what he’s got, but this girl just isn’t really producing a whole lot of heat. She isn’t bad, but seems mostly flat for the first several minutes. They lock up in some hot spoon, but right in the middle she looks at the camera like she needs directions. Melodi has some potential, but this scene just doesn’t do much for me.

Exotica is the babe with the big hard tits and a thick mane of black hair. She starts out with a big black dildo that begins in her mouth and ends up between her legs. In comes the guy and she starts sucking his meat with the same enthusiasm she had for her plastic friend. The blowjob would be pretty good but it is shot from below so we end up watching her chin and the underside of her bolt-ons. The fucking is a little better and she add some heat by talking dirty as he bangs away on her hole. Right in the middle of some decent footage she shows some pussy gape shots that just make me wonder. Is it really good to have a pussy that does that? Her legs look pretty good and there is a decent facial, but this is another forgettable scene.

There are two bonus scenes on this disc. Avy Lee Roth fucks Byron Long and Stacy Thorn takes on Mr. Marcus. I’m not sure why these two are bonus scenes because they are both better than anything in the actual movie. I can’t quite figure out how they chose these as bonus scenes, but if you are looking for something good to watch, these two will do.

I still have no idea what the title of the flick is supposed to mean. At least we know that the girls aren’t fat so I guess we can do with the ass angle. There really aren’t any great scenes in the movie and nothing that will be remembered five seconds after the flick ends. Nikki Hilton’s debut falls flat. Jenaveve gives the only scene that is as good as the bonus material and the other girls just don’t impress. The action isn’t horrible, there are no real freak show act, but it’s just not any good. It’s not bad, but in porn there are worse things than being bad. It’s just boring and that’s perhaps the worst thing a smut flick can be.

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