Asian Fever 14


Asian Fever 14


82 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Ray Anderson


THEMES: Asian Women



STARS: Dai, Tokta, Fon, Polly, Macha, Carlos, Nick Lang & Leslie Taylor.


As someone who really likes Asian women, I love the fact that Hustler is going to great lengths to shoot most of their Asian Fever scenes overseas. Best of all, they bring along some good male talent to pair with these cuties. Some of the sex is a little on the low energy side of the scale, but the girls are cute and often give performances that make me want to hop the soonest flight to the Orient. The scenes has minimal set ups that often have no dialog at all. It really doesn’t matter because we can watch the women stroll around fully dressed knowing that they will get naked and fuck soon enough.

Dai and her man are out seeing the sights. They check out a cobra show, but she is more interested in the python he’s got in his pants. He strips off her top and sucks on her firm young tits. Dai is quite nice looking with a sweet little ass and an innocent face. The guy spends several minutes working his tongue over her clit and getting his fingers into her tight folds. Without tasting his meat, she crawls on top and lets him slide his thick prick right into her hole. When it doesn’t quite fit all the way in, she gets off and makes it wet with her mouth. That seems to help him slide in deeper from behind. I like her energy and love the way she waits with a wide open mouth while he strokes a big load all over her face. Dai gets messy and looks lovely.

Tokta is out with her man when they run into one of his old friends. They strike up a conversation and head back to the hotel. It doesn’t take very long for the three of them to get comfortable on the couch. Tokta’s body is pretty good, with some minor ink and a nice set of tits. She’s quite happy to have one mouth on her pussy while the other guy feeds her hard meat. When the guys switch positions, we get some really good blowjob action as she bobs her pretty little head in the first guy’s lap. I’m not wild about that tattoo on her hip, but that body looks great in spoon as she gets pummeled. After a high-energy fuck, she sits back like a Princess, staring into the camera as the guys spend a long time whacking off onto her tits.

Fon watches her man as he tosses a ball against a rock. She’s quite lovely and bursting out of her tight bikini top so the guy finally gets a clue and joins her. He pushes her gently onto her back, sucks her nipples and gets her hand down the front of her skirt. Fon is a cute girl with a rather thick pelt of hair between her legs, but he manages to find her pleasure button and get her going. She has no problem finding out where he wants her mouth. We get some nice shots of her ass while the blows him, but there is a decided lack of eye contact and minimal energy on her part. She continues to just kind of sit there as se pushes into her pussy from behind. There are good penetration shots, and her expressions don’t seem flat, but Fon just isn’t a mover. She rides pretty well and then smiles as he shoots onto her face. She even rubs it into her neck, but isn’t going to set anyone on fire with her enthusiasm.

Polly and her man are out having fun when his friend calls them up. This leads to a happy little three way between the two friends and lovely little Asian princess. They give her a lot of attention, kissing and licking her from mouth to pussy. Polly seems to enjoy having a big cock in her mouth. It won’t all fit down her throat, but she seems to be giving with as much enthusiasm as she’s getting. They push her panties aside to slip a cock up into that pussy. Though she is a bit dainty, Polly can take it hard in the twat and never stops sucking or caressing the prick in her face. Her slit opens up for their wide cocks and she sucks each of them like she’s in love. When Polly is warmed up enough, her boyfriend even works some fingers up her ass. This isn’t an anal-themed series, but the tight-assed little cutie gets plugged in the back door just the same. There is enough room for two in her hot body and Polly still manages to work her hips in time with theirs as they pound away on her. Both men work up big loads and hit her right on the mouth. Polly doesn’t back away, smearing their dicks onto her lips and savoring their hot cream as the camera lingers.

Macha is the final babe in this collection. She and her man find a beautiful secluded spot on the beach and get playful. He gives her a quick rub between the legs before putting her on her knees. Macha gets her whole body rocking back and forth as his meat slips between her lips. I like the way this girl works a dick and she even seems willing to moan encouragement as he moves down to penetrate her lower lips. She shows a lot of energy when she gets on top, bouncing hard enough to make her titties bound and her soft belly to jiggle. There is some nice footage of the doggy as the camera works up the beach and gets closer. After some genuine heat during the sex, she sort of sits there staring blankly at the camera as he drips his load on her cheek. Her lips slam shut as the cum nears her mouth, but this is still a hot scene.

This is a really strong edition of Asian Fever. All of the girls are cute to very cute and the sexual energy is solid. The scenes on the beach are pretty hot and there is a good variety to the action. There isn’t a lot of anal in any of the AF movies, but this one has a really good DP in it. Every scene ends with a facial and a few of the girls actually seem to be really into their scenes. It’s great to see these pretty Asian girls working with quality male talent. Now if we can just convince someone other than Hustler to give this a try with the deep Japanese talent pool, we can all stand up and cheer.

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