110 Mins.



DIRECTOR: Michael Raven

THEMES: Young Girls

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Cherry Rain, Anger Page, Anna Belle, Avena Lee, Sabrine Maui, Kaylani Lei, Pat Myne, Steven French, Tyler Woods & Steven St. Croix.



How many porn movies have the word “Eighteen” in the title these days? Usually it’s attached to a random all-sex line starring the latest teen dreams to hit Porn Valley. This time it’s the title of a Michael Raven feature. That means that it’s beyond the parade of teen scenes, but at least he has cast a number of the hottest PYT’s in the business. Cherry Rain, Sabrine Maui, Avena Lee and Kaylani Lei are bound to look great in one of Raven’s high-gloss features. Hopefully he will stay out of their way when the sex starts. As for a story, this one is lifted not too subtly from “Lolita” with Steven St. Croix as the author with an eye for sweet young meat.

Steven St. Croix is a tortured soul sleeping with a drunken shrew. His life isn’t all bad because he has a hot little teenager living under his roof. He stands back and watches as Cherry, Avena, Sabrine and Ander turn an innocent game of truth or dare into a full-fledged veggie party. With Steven whacking away on the stairs, the girls become one beautiful pile of female flesh. I’m not wild about starting things out with a lesbian scene, but at least this one is hot.

With visions of teen babes in his head, Steven goes to see a professional, Kaylani Lei. Looking every bit as fresh as the teens under his own roof, she services him in a hot little schoolgirl uniform. Staying dressed, she slips off his pants and takes his cock into her mouth. Kaylani is stunning to look at and gives great tongue. As he gets blown, Steve keeps seeing Cherry’s face which isn’t half bad either. Lifting her skirt, Kaylani straddles Steven and pushes her pussy down around his rod. This cute little babe has a great ass that is on display even more perfectly during doggy. Getting his money’s worth, Steven hooks one of her feet onto his shoulder and drills that precious little pussy until every inch is gone. He works up a good load and then jerks it al over her perfect body. Going the extra mile, Kaylani cleans his throbbing cock with her mouth as the scene closes.

This is where the story kicks in. With voice over dialog pulled from the source. If Nabokov is wordy and somewhat annoying, imagine a ten minute porn version of the same pretentious material. Like the novel, this one goes from untimely death to roadtrip rather quickly. While Cherry is riding up the coast with her new step-dad, she keeps in touch with her friends via cell phone. They kindly let her listen to a hot little orgy they are having. The highlight here is Sabrine Maui showing off her beautiful eyes as she sucks off Pat Myne. Even though she has to share the scene with two other girls, Sabrine outshines them both. After doubling up with another girl for a while, she pulls her legs back and gets pounded. Both guys shoot loads on flat little tummies to finish off the scene.

Steven and Cherry have a short little fantasy scene where the young girl does her best to lick his meat like lollipop. After a fairly low energy blowjob, things pick up near the end. Cherry starts moaning and power stroking his dick until explodes in her hand and gets her lips all coated with his broth.

Fantasy aside, Steven is losing control of the willful young thing. She knows all about his not-so-secret desires and isn’t about to put up with much shit from him. It also means that she is strong enough to go find someone else to fuck. While Steven watches from nearby, she goes a little back seat banging with a lucky dude. Sweet little Cherry gives him access to her pussy and then turns her mouth loose on him. Though she can only use her hand on the shaft and shower the head with oral attention, the young babe gives a very energetic blowjob. He sides a condom on, puts his hands on her hips and pulls Cherry back as if he were using her whole body to jerk himself off. There is just enough room in the back of the car for some nice looking spoon. Cherry goes back to her super hard stroking and waits until he blows a big nut right in her pretty face.

This Lolita-inspired feature is nicely shot with St. Croix carrying the dialog and young cuties handling the sex. The plot doesn’t offer a whole lot of twists, but it isn’t horrible either. Sexually, there is a lot of wasted potential. With this many super hot young girls, we should expect more. Cherry isn’t bad, but she doesn’t add much to her dialog and her sex scene is pretty average. On the other hand, Kaylani Lei is beautiful and gives us reason enough to have a serious stroke fest. The other young girls are under used and that hurts the overall heat of this movie. More from Avena and Sabrine would have helped this one a lot. As it stands, “Eighteen” is a decent movie with some good scenes and a credible nod towards everyone’s favorite pedo-friendly novel.

The bonus material is made up a blooper reel, photo gallery, behind the scenes and a full running director commentary by Raven. There are also some trailers to enjoy. The commentary is worth listening to if you are at all interested in movie making.


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